Moll Flanders
Mark Mancina

  • Original Score Composed by: Mark Mancina
  • Label: London
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Quite an unusual soundtrack really, though I don't know what I was expecting as I have never seen the movie. The use of a didgeridoo was interesting.

On the whole, it is an excellent score, which move from the wonderfully eerie choral pieces at the start to the hope laden main theme which is Moll's theme. The richness of material is what makes this score so suitable for roleplaying, especially for enhancing descriptive scenes and evoking a sense of being when characters are travelling through cities or countryside.

The twelfth track should be avoided (for good reason, and highlighted in the main article) though the classical pieces would be useful both as court music as well as background music if well placed. I have avoided suggestion emotions evoked by the classical pieces, as I tend to steer clear of classical music as it is often too well recognised.

The rest of the score has a sort of haunted quality about it. I would only recommend it for fantasy campaigns, but the short length of the tracks (and the long length of the CD itself) makes it suitable for descriptions and events. Well worth listening to . . .

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Moll of Flanders (4:18) - eerie ~ hope ~ danger
  2. Moll's Jig (2:10) - jig
  3. Flesh and Blood (3:32) - sad ~ happy
  4. A New World (3:27) - grim ~ hope

  5. Mrs. Allworthy
  6. Devil Woman (4:48) - fight ~ aftermath

  7. The Artist
  8. We Were One (1:25) - sad
  9. Voyage (1:51) - happy

  10. Hibble
  11. Hibble's Tale (1:48) - happy/sad

  12. Flora
  13. Life Begins (3:32) - loss
  14. Sparrows (3:25) - revelation ~ jig
  15. Flora's Choice (1:36) - hope
  16. Full of Grace (3:41) - unsuitable

  17. Offenbach: The Tales of Hoffman
  18. Belle Nuit, O Nuit D'Amour (4:09)

  19. Bach: Suite #3 in D Major, BWV 1068
  20. Air (5:13)

  21. Vivaldi: Concerto in C, RV 425
  22. Allegro (2:36)
  23. Largo (3:35)

  24. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #3 in G Major, BWV 1048
  25. Allegro (6:49)
    Handel: Water Music, Suite #1 in F Major
  26. Hornpipe and Andante (8:05)

  27. Moll
  28. Moll Reprise (3:03) - sad ~ hope

Total Running Time: 69:09

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