Charlie Mole


I heard this soundtrack while watching the movie and immediately fell in love with it. After two weeks of desperate searching I finally got my hands on a copy and feel in love with the score all over again. I haven't heard anything else of Charlie Mole's, but if the rest of his work is of the same standard he should stand with Williams, Horner, Elfman and company.

The score to Othello has a few distinct themes which are skilfully intermingled into the whole score. There is a dark, brooding quality to the music which, though not as chilling as Goldenthal's score for Interview with the Vampire, can create a beautiful atmosphere of tension and danger.

Each of the tracks are small enough to allow them to be easily interspersed in any adventure to heighten the character's fear and dread, but there are enough tracks that you get your money's worth. The ethic instruments used add to the music, and shouldn't make using it in most fantasy adventures a problem. The music is versatile enough that science fiction adventures could be considered as well, though not all tracks.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title (3:14) - openings in the darkness
  2. The Garden (1:23) - longings in the night, something is in the air
  3. The Arrival (3:38) - loss ~ grandeur ~ arrival in an exotic city
  4. Torch Dance (2:39) - traditional folk music
  5. Revelry (4:17) - moving through the market place ~ longing
  6. The Fight (4:26) - hunted in the night
  7. Divinity of Hell (3:37) - danger and tension
  8. Flashback (3:09) - loss, remembrances and dreams
  9. The Beach (1:03) - fight and preparation for battle
  10. The Fit (2:18) - danger (and it is upon us)
  11. Behind Bars (2:08) - tension in the air
  12. The Turret (2:05) - stalked in the night
  13. Go! (2:17) - accusations ~ sadness
  14. The Prayer (1:54) - lament
  15. The Well (1:12) - darkness
  16. The Willow Song (2:06) - inappropriate
  17. It Is The Cause (3:30) -
  18. Desdemona's Death (3:32) - danger
  19. Iago's Stabbing (1:37) - of death and dying
  20. Burial (3:46) - a terrible loss
  21. End Credits (4:35) - and out of the darkness

Total Running Time: 58:36

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