Planetary Traveler
Paul Haslinger


Planetary Traveler first came to my attention when I was poking around the contents of the Bryce 2 CD-ROM. On the CD-ROM was a folder with some demonstrations of animation using the program (Bryce 2). One of these was a trailer for a movie called Planetary Traveler. The trailer looked excellent, but when I did a search on the net I couldn't find any more information.

A while ago I came across a report that Planetary Traveler had been released. I found the company's web site and ordered a copy on laserdisc. I also ordered a copy of the supplemental CD/CD-ROM. The alternative is to order the DVD-ROM which as the video and supplemental sections together (though not the soundtrack). I was very impressed by the movie.

I would suggest that you buy a copy of the video first before listening to the music, as it wouldn't quite be the same if you listened to the music on its own. It would be like listening to Babylon 5 music without having watched the series. A little disconcerting. The music holds up on its own quite well. In fact it sounds very similar to Babylon 5 in a lot of respects, lots of electronic twangs and eerie melodies. Paul Haslinger is a former member of Tangerine Dream, of whom I have heard a lot but have never listened to any of their music. As mentioned before the music sounds a lot like the music to Babylon 5, which was written by another ex-member, Christopher Franke. The undercurrents of Babylon 5 that I heard could be attributed to Franke's involvement or could be the "sound of Tangerine Dream". Either way this is excellent music.

Both because of the electronic music used, and because of the content of the program for which the music was written, I would suggest this music only for Science Fiction campaigns or adventures. Most of it is heart pounding stuff, but there are a few quiet, contemplative moments interspersed here and there. Thus I would say it would be best to use the music in action scenes, or as background music.

Great stuff. I can only wait in baited breath for Third Planet Entertainment's next release (Infinity's Child).

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Traces of Infinity * (4:01) - opening
  2. Spacedrift 60-23 * (4:35) - chase
  3. Extropy * (4:14) - cityscape
  4. Idhourin: The Companions (3:20) - warriors
  5. E'iah: Foster Nest (4:13) - reflections into madness
  6. Lhodwi: Frozen Chaos (2:34) - quiet
  7. Glaren: Desert Motion (2:21) - cityscape
  8. Infinity's Child (3:50) - discovery
  9. Dilgan: Burning Life (1:13) - quiet
  10. Ouwurkappa: Mother Ocean (3:17) - success
  11. Dharmok: Bridging the Gap (6:55) - hope
  12. The Remains of Time * (4:06) - endings

* Bonus Tracks

Total Running Time: 44:43

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