Red Corner
Thomas Newman

  • Original Score Composed by: Thomas Newman
  • Label: Edel America Records
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Quite a remarkable score for a very decent movie. Thomas Newman doesn't seem to produce scores in the numbers of say James Horner or Jerry Goldsmith, but every one seems to be a treat. The Shawshank Redemption and Scent of a Woman are two that spring to mind. Red Corner is no exception.

What is so good about the score is that it has two excellent themes running through the entire score: the Red Corner theme (for lack of a better description) and the action theme. Both of them can be heard in Red Corner (Main Title) and sets the scene for what is to be both an action movie as well as the meeting of two cultures. The Red Corner theme can also be heard in Remarkable Things and She Yuelin (in which there is the "traditional" version as well as the "orchestral" version).

Of course there is a Chinese theme running through the entire score, due to the subject matter. This makes it most suitable for any kind of oriental adventures in either fantasy or science fiction settings. The short track lengths suggest that the score would be best used with pre-made descriptions or events.

A wonderful score that should not be over looked.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Red Corner (Main Title) (3:19) - opening ~ tension
  2. Communism (1:08) - danger
  3. Da Bi Zi (Big Nose) (1:23) - mystical
  4. Dead Girl (2:00) - tension
  5. The Beijing Hotel (1:55) - sorrow
  6. Night Deeply Sunk (Chinese Traditional) (1:04) - traditional
  7. Severity (1:03) - tension
  8. The People's Assessors (1:13) - quiet
  9. Capitalism (1:17) - danger ~ quiet
  10. The Price of a Bullet (1:26) - quiet
  11. Tianamen Square (1:48) - tension
  12. Embroiding (Chinese Traditional) (2:16) - traditional
  13. Dazhalan Chase (2:43) - danger
  14. Leniency (1:54) - quiet
  15. House Rules (3:20) - quiet
  16. Full Scale Incident (4:54) - sad ~ brewing
  17. Shen Yuelin (2:56) - resignation ~ hope
  18. Silence (1:48) - undercurrent
  19. Two Trials (1:44) - quiet
  20. The Purple Bamboo Melody (Chinese Traditional) (3:30) - traditional
  21. Detention Center 1 (1:33) - tension
  22. Offer to Resign (1:24) - quiet
  23. Da Guan Lin Dan (Big Shot) (2:43) - brooding
  24. Verdict (1:00) - bitter
  25. Remarkable Things (5:03) - ending
  26. Black (End Title) (4:51) - in the city

Total Running Time: 59:28

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