Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Michael Kamen

  • Original Score Composed by: Michael Kamen
  • Label: Morgan Creek
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This was one of the first soundtracks I used in roleplaying. It was a big mistake, because a friend of mine was also a big fan of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and recognised the main theme easily. The same may be true of people in your group as well. Which is a shame as the first tracks has to be the best -- an excellent opening to any fantasy adventure. Which is where I always used it.

As Christian Clemmensen says in his review of the score: "the Bryan Adams song ultimately overshadowed the score". This is true of other scores that Michael Kamen has written including The Three Musketeers and Don Juan DeMarco. In the end Kamen provides a nice score, but is by no means very impressive. In fact I would have to say it is pretty bland in places, though that might be a bit harsh. Though this may sound as a put down in terms of its ability to stand alone, it is a good thing for its use as a background for adventures as it isn't going to distract players.

In the end it serves as a good "standard fantasy" soundtrack -- I would find it difficult to recommend it used for Science Fiction adventures, though I can't but my finger on why that is. It will happily find an easy place just about anywhere. Your biggest problem is that the tracks are fairly long, and change "mood" quite frequently. This would make difficult to time correctly to events. Thus I would suggest it would be best used as background music for action or journey sequences as the adventure dictates.

Please don't use the ninth track, as I won't be held responsible for the consequences. Otherwise you have quite a serviceable score.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Overture and Prisoner of the Crusades (From Chains to Freedom) (8:27) - opening ~ strange places ~ returning home
  2. Sir Guy of Gisborne and the Escape to Sherwood (7:27) - happy ~ fight ~ quietens
  3. Little John and the Band in the Forest (4:52) - happy ~ fight
  4. The Sheriff and his Witch (6:03) - happy ~ scary
  5. Maid Marian (2:57) - romantic
  6. Training - Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (5:15) - loss ~ honour
  7. Marian at the Waterfall (5:34) - more romantic music
  8. The Abduction and the Final Battle at the Gallows (9:54) - danger ~ fight ~ ending
  9. (Everything I do) I do it for you * - Bryan Adams (6:37)
  10. Wild Times * - Jeff Lynne (3:14) - with care . . .

* songs

Total Running Time: 60:25

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