The Rocketeer
James Horner

  • Original Score Composed by: James Horner
  • Label: Hollwood Records
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James Horner has achieved recent fame and success for his score to the lumbering epic Titanic. Yet his best work was written when he was a lot fresher and more inventive, Willow being the best example. The score to The Rocketeer highlights his "self-borrow" techniques as their are melodies in this score that I could have sworn were in Titanic.

Criticism aside, The Rocketeer surely must be one of Horner's best works, as can be seen by its use in other scores. It is a great action score which varies from quite, tense moments to that wonderful theme that Horner weaves through the score. This makes is better suited for action orientated advenutres, or epic adventures.

The ong length of each track is a bit of a downer, but the score is still useful as background for fights and long action sequences. So next time the characters are in a car case, pull out a copy of this score.

One of Horner's better scores, and gets a good recomendation.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title/Take Off (4:44) - happy
  2. The Flying Circus (6:26) - case ~ happy
  3. Jenny (5:14) - bittersweet
  4. Begin The Beguine (3:46)
  5. Neville Sinclair's House (7:24) - quiet ~ tension ~ danger
  6. Jenny's Rescue (3:24) - chase
  7. Rendezvous At Griffith Park Observatory (8:14) - quiet ~ tension ~ danger ~ courage
  8. When You Lover Has Gone (3:29)
  9. The Zeppelin (7:58) - fight
  10. Rocketeer To The Rescue/End Title (6:36)

Total Running Time: 57:18

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