The Saint
Graeme Revell

  • Original Score Composed by: Graeme Revell
  • Label: Angel Records
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This was the first score of Graeme Revell's that I have and I must say that I am not disappointed. What disappointed me was I had to resort to importing this score from America because none of the local stores carried it. They had that version but not the proper soundtrack.

It was worth the wait, but isn't the best score I have ever heard. It is, however, a great action score that could be well used in roleplaying adventures. Some of the tracks are a little soppy (like the two love themes and the opening track) but on the whole this is an action-orientated score. It is a little too bass heavy for my liking (much like most music these days) and would work best in a Science Fiction setting.

The score is of a good length, and most of the tracks aren't too long. This means that you can use the music for specific events or descriptions but I think it would be best used as background music for fights, chases and any other physical activity the characters get into.

Well recommended.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Title (6:27) - religious ~ sad ~ main titles ~ sad
  2. Break-In * (3:47) - tension
  3. Shelley Monument (2:18) - sad
  4. Searching Apartment (3:39) - tension
  5. Love Theme (2:55) - love
  6. The River Chase (3:18) - ambush
  7. The Tunnels (2:38) - tension
  8. Race to Embassy (2:23) - danger
  9. Tempelhof (2:43) - tension
  10. Love Theme (2nd Version) * (2:56) - love
  11. Kremlin Riot/Karpov's Room (4:42) - fight ~ tension
  12. Red Square (3:10) - victory
  13. The Fight (5:43) - attack
  14. Love Theme/Finale (5:27) - ending

* Different version contained in the film

Total Running Time: 52:11

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