The Secret of Roan Inish
Mason Daring

  • Original Score Composed by: Mason Daring
  • Label: Daring Records
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Overall, this is a great album. It is heavily Celtic but contains a good range of music for all occasions. The majority of tracks are very melancholy and are sweeping, dreamy airs played out on the Uillean Pipes. There are several rousing jigs starting off slowly and rising to a joyous crescendo. The talented Maire Breatnach has loaned her considerable fiddling talents to several tracks (as well as singing on the introduction) whilst the angelic voice of Eileen Loughanne has resulted in several breezy vocal tracks such as Fiona's Lullaby and Selke Song. Although not high on drama, there are many peaceful, inspirational tracks on this album which would easily find a place in many roleplaying adventures. I can also highly recommend seeing the film of the same name!

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Return to Roan Inish 1 (x:xx) - A breezy, uplifting Irish air. Perfect for travel at sea, long journeys or homecomings.
  2. Fiona (x:xx) - Another light, breezy piece. Similar to above.
  3. The Roan Inish Theme (x:xx) - The start of this is a haunting melancholy pipe piece. One can almost feel the damp, dark mist swirling across the dark sea . . . Perfect for haunted houses, or for tense atmospheres. The end of the track tends to become more uplifting turning this into more of an "epic voyage" type piece.
  4. Fiona's Walk (x:xx) - Great background music for towns, travels and so on. Slightly melancholy. Uillean pipes add a feeling of sadness.
  5. Crab Dream (x:xx) - A short track, but a change of pace. This track is gritty and earthy. Ideal for impending battles or fight scenes.
  6. Scampering Away (x:xx) - A complex piece, blending a jig-like beginning, followed by a melancholy air. Perhaps suitable for a character who has found out some grave news or secret.
  7. Selke Song (x:xx) - A beautiful Irish lullaby. Almost holy and suitable for cathedrals, holy places or meetings with sacred earth spirits. Very reminiscent of magical chantings.
  8. Fiona Explores (x:xx) - Another moody piece. Great for characters exploring a town or an area. Generally uplifting with a hint of mellowness.
  9. Liam and Nuala (x:xx) - Stirring and beautiful. This track would be ideal for the death of a character or an NPC with whom the characters have a bond of some sort. A very good reflective piece. Also good for feelings of wonder or awe, such as entering large castles, holy places, etc.
  10. Piper's Lullaby (x:xx) - Another mellow pipe piece.
  11. Return to Roan Inish (x:xx) - A superb, uplifting jig. Starting slowly and building to a joyous crescendo.
  12. Fiona's Lullaby (x:xx) - A dreamy vocal piece. Similar to Selke Song.
  13. Hugh Greets Fiona (x:xx) - Another mellow piece
  14. Evacuation (x:xx) - A change of pace. Starting as a slow air and building in tension and intensity, into a battle piece. The slow beats of the Celtic drum add a great primeval background rhythm to this track.
  15. Fiona meets Tadgh (x:xx) - Another slow piece.
  16. Family Rows (x:xx) - A great, uplifting piece. Good for completing tasks/adventures and bonding.
  17. Fiona in the Fog (x:xx) - A great haunting piece. Good for scaring characters subtly!
  18. Eedjit (x:xx) - A short, snappy drum piece. Rather reminiscent of Yankee trooper music.
  19. Jamie (x:xx) - Another sweeping melancholy piece, rapidly increasing in pace.
  20. Closing Credits (x:xx) - A great rousing jig.

Total Running Time: ?:??

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