Seven Years in Tibet
John Williams


Its good to see Williams stretching his wings, and scoring for movies which aren't influenced by Stephen Spielberg. In this film about an Austrian mountaineers life changing trip to Tibet, Williams comes up with another winner which was nominated for a Golden Globe (it was beaten by that movie). Unlike Glass' score for Kundun, Seven Years in Tibet is a much more standard orchestral score, with cellos provided by Yo-Yo Ma.

As such, this makes the score a lot more versatile and can find applications for most science fiction or fantasy adventures. Its just a matter of fitting the music to the particular mood or tone of the scene. With a wide range of track times, some pieces can be used as background music while others can be used for backdrops for events or descriptions.

The score has a quiet grandeur about it which suggests it is better suited to epic adventures, yet there is a personal quality to it as well. I would suggest that the score be used for character driven adventures, where the characters exploration of themeselves is the most important.

Once again, Williams comes up with the goods. A very useful score.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Seven Years in Tibet (7:08) - opening
  2. Young Dalai Lama and Cermonial Chant (2:16) - meditation
  3. Leaving Ingrid (3:43) - grandeur
  4. Peter's Rescue (3:46) - danger
  5. Harrer's Journey (4:02) - adventure
  6. The Invasion (5:07) - danger
  7. Reflections (4:41) - magic
  8. Premonitions (2:56) - tension
  9. Approaching the Summit (5:46) - discovery
  10. Palace Invitation (4:46) - travel
  11. Heinrich's Odyssey (8:03) - discovery ~ quiet ~ sad
  12. Quiet Moments (4:23) - sad
  13. Regaining a Son (1:49) - reflective
  14. Seven Years in Tibet (Reprise) (7:10) - closing

Total Running Time: 65:44

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