Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Joel McNeely


This soundtrack isn't a patch on the three John Williams composed for The Star Wars Trilogy which have been recently re-released for the Special Edition versions of the films. John Williams was the first choice to do the score and its a shame he was 'unavailable'.

Why the preamble? This score's difference from those of the trilogy is what makes it suitable for using in roleplaying. As is mentioned in "Atmosphere", recognisable themes should not be used. This score only has two tracks that use material from the trilogy (but go a little further than 'The Imperial March' as mentioned on the CD).

McNeely has come up with a good score which is very suitable for science fiction campaigns. The tracks are longish so they are more useful for background music than event music.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. Main Theme from Star Wars and Leia's Nightmare * (3:47) - Star Wars theme ~ dread (very Star Wars-like)
  2. The Battle of Gall (8:03) - danger ~ chase ~ sad ~ march/fight
  3. Imperial City (8:08) - arrival
  4. Beggar's Canyon Chase (3:01) - attack/flight
  5. The Southern Underground (1:53) - weirdness
  6. Xizor's Theme (4:40) - a dark, strange force
  7. The Seduction of Princess Leia (3:43) - ball music
  8. Night Skies * (4:23) - contemplation
  9. Into the Sewers (3:00) - creeping
  10. The Destruction of Xizor's Palace (10:44) - tension builds ~ confrontation ~ flight ~ confrontation ~ and ending

* contains material from The Star Wars Trilogy

Total Running Time: 51:26

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