Superman: The Movie
John Williams


Superman has one of those recognisable themes that are so easy to hum but like most movies the "average" audience member does not often remember the rest of the music. This is certainly true of the two CDs presented in this re-recording of a classic movie. Some of the tracks have to be avoided because they contain the Superman or "Love" theme (which is also fairly recognisable). The rest, however, could be easily used in any science fiction or fantasy campaign. The cue lengths are a little long which would suggest they could be better used as background music. There seems to be an action slant in most of the cues, but as always I would suggest having a listen before committing a tracks. Well worth looking at.

Track Listing and Notes

CD One

  1. Prologue and Main Title (5:36)
  2. The Planet Krypton (4:37) - grandeur ~ undercurrent
  3. The Destruction of Krypton (5:30) - sad ~ destruction ~ sad ~ danger
  4. Trip to Earth (2:41) - chase/hurried journey
  5. Growing Up (2:07)
  6. Jonathan's Death (4:03) - sad
  7. Leaving Home (4:49) - tension ~ resolution
  8. The Fortress of Solitude (8:22)

Total Running Time: 37:48

CD Two

  1. The Helicopter Sequence (6:15) - tension
  2. The Penthouse (1:49) - happy
  3. The Flying Sequence (4:16)
  4. The Truck Convoy (1:54) - quirky
  5. To The Lair (2:20)
  6. March of the Villains (3:56) - quirky
  7. Chasing Rockets (5:11)
  8. Pushing Boulders (2:16)
  9. Flying to Lois (2:58) - sad
  10. Turning Back the World (2:01)
  11. The Prison Yard and End Title (6:24)
  12. Love Theme from Superman (5:05)

Total Running Time: 44:31

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