The Three Musketeers
Michael Kamen

  • Original Score Composed by: Michael Kamen
  • Label: A & M Records
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A similar to soundtrack to The Last of the Mohicans, this has a dark streak that sets it apart. The first track should not be used as it is a very popular song with words, and the second only for a darker adventure. The rest are light hearted, fast and heroic sequences.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. All For Love (4:45) - song
  2. The Cavern of Cardinal Richelieu (Overture ~ Passacaille) (2:58) - opening title/into darkness
  3. D'Artagnan (Galliard & Air) (3:19) - majestic
  4. Athos, Porthos and Aramis (Courante) (5:24) - honour and courage
  5. Sword Fight (Bransle) (3:20) - fight
  6. King Louis XIII, Queen Anna and Constance - Lady in Waiting (Gavotte) (5:05) - death comes to those who wait ~ into romantic mash
  7. The Cardinal's Coach (Estampie) (4:45) - fight/flight/case
  8. Cannonballs (Rigadoon) (3:29) - attack
  9. M'Lady DeWinter (Lament) (4:16) - lament
  10. The Fourth Musketeer (Concert Royaux) (5:20) - mix

Total Running Time: 42:45

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The Three Musketeers © 1993 A & M Records.