Toy Story
Randy Newman

  • Original Score Composed by: Randy Newman
  • Label: Disney Records
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Toy Story was the first all computer generated movie ever made but was more enjoyable because of the characters than the graphics (which were stunning). The score to this Disney sponsored film is a different matter -- it sounds very much like a Disney score.

Listening to the music I can't help remember the music to Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast. It isn't "serious" as the scores for "regular" movies but seems to be more quirky and comical. Of course this fits the movie quite well but how does this affect the score's usefulness as a roleplaying score?

Not hugely. Even though there are a number of songs -- typical of a Disney film -- there is quite a bit of score music. It is all quite good, but isn't as dramatic or "big" as other cues from some of the other movie scores reviewed. I see this score as being useful for those "little" moments when you need a track that isn't too demanding and won't overwhelm the action or a description. These are tracks for stitching your adventure together -- science fiction or fantasy.

Track Listing and Notes

  1. You've Got A Friend In Me (2:04)
  2. Strange Things (3:18)
  3. I Will Go Sailing No More (2:57)
  4. Andy's Birthday (5:57) - fanfare ~ western
  5. Soldier's Mission (1:29) - tension
  6. Presents (1:09) - resolution
  7. Buzz (1:40) - discovery
  8. Sid (1:21) - danger
  9. Woody And Buzz (4:29) - escape
  10. Mutants (6:05) - danger
  11. Woody's Gone (2:13) - fight
  12. The Big One (2:50) - chase
  13. Hang Together (6:02) - sad ~ fight
  14. On The Move (6:18) - danger
  15. Infinity And Beyond (3:09) - ending
  16. You've Got A Friend In Me (2:41)

Total Running Time: 53:50

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