From 9 May 2009 to 11 July 2009 -  I participated in the Power Animals Group Adventures with Carrie Hart & Valerie Draves.  Below are my writings on the group adventures, with the last Adventure being on 11th July 2009.   Feedback on these messages from the animals is welcome.



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9 May 2009


We went through a very nice guided meditation where we travelled inter-dimensionally.   We were in a meadow then saw a cave, and I could sense a beautiful, sleek glossy black panther running gracefully beside me to accompany me to the cave!!   There was a Unicorn waiting for us at the cave.  I could see her quite clearly and got a sense of a name or a word, something like Angea or Pangea.


The Unicorn took us to a wall and a dolphin popped up its head to invite us in.  We went through an opening in the wall and saw a deep “water-hole”.   Animals were all around and eager for us to visit.   Dolphins appeared and each of us hopped onto a dolphin.  The water was supposed to be turqoise but all I could see was a beautiful golden light everywhere.


The Dolphins took us to the deep blue water where we met the ancient, wise Sperm Whale.   The Whale was very kind and showed us quite strongly that the animals do not blame human beings for the state of the Earth nor are they judgmental.  I could hear or sense “Look after the Earth” and that is what the Sperm Whale wanted to tell us.


Also he advised us to use the mind as an ocean and let our worries and concerns be like soot that settles on the bottom.  We are to open our Hearts or act from our Hearts.  We can actually expand our love or our Hearts to embrace all in each moment.  This was a very nice and delightful feeling, and I felt relaxed and energised.  The Animals only had Joy and Love for us human beings but TRUST also, despite what we have done to the Earth.   They respect and trust us to be custodians of the Earth !!


The Whale said we could go to the place as a group or individuals and ask whatever we liked.   I explained to the Whale that I was trying to learn animal communication, and I asked the Whale how would I go with this (as I had my doubts) and I thought he replied “you will do very well.”   The Sperm Whale is the Earth and also advised us we could go to the top of a mountain (in a visualisation) and call for the Whale and he would respond to us.


Then we started to come up to the top of the pool and a Dolphin threw Carrie out and a Bear caught her.  The bear put its paw on her heart and wanted her to expand her heart even more.   Then the Black Panther (whom it turns out had arrived before I joined in the teleconference, so I did not literally know that he was around when I felt him) said he wanted to give us a gift.


That gift is PATIENCE, however it is NOT the patience that we usually think it is.  It is not about waiting, but it is about “allowing Life to be” and is about being with the rhythm of Life, knowing everything has its own timing.  The Panther gave us a beautiful analogy by saying to imagine every moment is a drop exploding with the potential of life.  Thus every moment is a drop in the ocean of life connected with each other drop.  I see it as every drop has the potential of creating something …. something new and alive … so I can cherish every moment and see that it is perfect in its ability to create (and I can choose the direction I will move in from that moment).


All the animals said that each one of them would like to talk to all of us and give us a gift.  Hurrah !!   At the pool, I think I saw a lovely monkey whom I think wants to talk to me, it may have been a Macaque Monkey.  I think the animals suggested to me to do some more writing, as a special or particular task for me.   The Pangea reference may be to the supercontinent of Pangea which existed from 250 million to 100 million years ago, i.e. the animal world was alive and flourishing in Pangea, and then the super-continent broke up into the continents.   Perhaps it is a reminder to me of how “old” the Animal kingdom is and thus a reminder of the wisdom and experiences stored up by our Animal friends (other than human beings).  Perhaps also, Angea is an “old world” word for Angel.


One of the things the animals want to impart to us is THE JOY OF BEING ALIVE.  The moment is now and the animals do not have worries and concerns, or blame or judgment.  They want us to watch them and to learn from them through analogies, for example, birds build nests, as humans build their homes, but the birds make their nests in alignment with respect for the natural world.  We can learn so much from our wonderful animal friends.  Thank you!




Human Treasures – Breath and Life.   23 May 2009


We met the sperm whale, the Ancient One.  He is in charge of “time” but time is not rigid as we think it to be.  Time does not exist in the higher realms, just on Earth.  We are released from the experience of time when our Earthly incarnations are over.   While in the field of Earth, time has a dominion here.  Although it rules a lot of what happens in our lives on Earth, “time” is only confined to our Earth experience.


Time is like waves.  It is fluid.  All moments exist in the same moment inside a fluid clock.  We can play with time and enjoy ourselves.  It is like finger painting where we can dip our fingers into certain moments of time and even move around the moments and re-colour our Lives or experiences.  We are shifting around waves of time and can reach into fluid, flowing time and grab a moment.  You can look at any moment in your hand and see within it a drop of time.  Go deeply into that drop and you see all experiences on Earth throughout the entire Earth experience – moments within moments.  Any moment can be suspended within a vast sea of moments which make up what we view as “time”.  Thus each moment in time can take on the form of any moment that we desire, through our will-power and creative ability.  We can see all of Life in every drop, such as the Man from Ur.


Carrie saw the Man from Ur as a baby, being raised by Earth and the animals.  Earth is part of his whole Be-ing.  He was chosen to be raised by Earth, and everything on Earth wanted him to be there.


Every moment is always there.  It does not matter if you are present in a moment or not, i.e. your personal identity or individual essence does not need to be a part of every moment, but you can still capture any moment and know what is in that moment.  Everything – the Universe – exists in every cell and we can be consciously aware of this or not.


In the sea or ocean of time, all the moments across time blend so there is no space or time, just movement or fluid moments.  Each moment can expand to be one with the Earth and with the Stars also.  We can take the vast expanded Be-ing of Light that we are, our Star presence, and bring it to Earth.  We have the ability to totally connect with our Star selves. 


We are Breath and Life.  We take in Breath and Life which is Divine Knowledge and Love and bring it to the present moment – to all moments through a conscious bridging from the Divine.  Our Star glow is so bright that it can cut through all negativity and darkness.


Every cell contains the whole universe.  We are holograms – particles of light which appear dense when we choose it to be so.  We can release the particles of our body to light and even change our shapes or forms if we desire. 


Earth showed us the birthing of living things and the beauty and wonder of this is captured in every moment.  This creation is the potential of each and every one of us.  Every person can bring reality into form.  Each grain of sparkling sand contains the whole universe and there are thousands of grains of sand or thousands of parallel universes, which each can be accessed because all grains are made from Star dust.  From the Stars everything comes.  Expanding your awareness of Love and Divine Connection will ensure that you see the infinite possibilities and choose the beautiful ones in every breath you take, every moment of Earth time, because you will truly feel that you are a part of every grain of sand and every star – you are timeless – choosing to have an experience of incarnation on Earth. 


The Animals honour and treasure the uniqueness of Life on Earth.  We are part of the treasure on Earth – human treasures of Breath and Life.




Endless Love – Shine On.  30 May 2009



Carrie got tossed out of the pond onto a mother elephant whom had her baby by her side.  Valerie was lifted up onto the Elephant’s back and the Elephant began walking.  Carrie could feel the sacred heart and the love of the Elephant. The Man from Ur was with us, and we experienced a pulsating violet – lavender light.  It was coming from a Planet that wanted to acknowledge Earth for its uniqueness.    It was like both day and night at the same time on the planet.  The Planet was alive with streaky blues and violets, and the energy wanted to show us that everyone matters – that there is an endless love for all, that goes through to the core of one’s Be-ing and recognises a person or Be-ing for what they are.  The Planet was a friend with great wisdom and guidance, wishing us to recognise that we are both a tiny speck in the Universe yet are Unique.  The Planet acknowledges us both for being in form and for being our higher Be-ing and wishes us to know that we are known and recognised by many.



Endless love – you are always loved in endless ways – this was the message from the Indigo Planet.  We can each receive and give this love, because it is all a part of who we are.  This is a place of pure, unconditional love, where you are acknowledged for being exactly who you are.   The Planet knows us better than we have learned to know ourselves.  A Panda Bear was in the distance eating some leaves.  Love was filling the air and the Panda bear was full of joy.  He feels totally safe on this planet.  The Tiger appeared and nuzzled the Panda bear.  Love makes us safe and ensures all Be-ings can live together in peace.



In form we can have an endless experience.  The Elephant walked to a ledge and showed us a vast open space, embracing the entire world or all the possibilities in our lives.  The Eagle appeared and Carrie and Valerie rode the Eagle.  He showed us that we have each been given a great gift, the precious gift of the Spark of Life manifested into form.   We are pure Spirit transformed into form, to have amazing experiences, and one of the characteristics of being in form is duality.  Duality is a part of the circles within circles.  Duality exists so that we can experience being in form.  Taking this form of physical life is an honour.  Valerie was shown that her Higher Self is an aspect of a larger being, and her personality is an aspect of her Higher Self.



There was a great and wonderful feeling of fullness – so much to experience and to love and to hold – to hold each other.  What we are made up of is wonderful.  “To have and to hold” - we are being held on the inside and the outside by love.  Be centred in your body, experiencing your physical form, and know that everything is perfectly formed.  The Animals want us to honour and use our bodies and not just focus on using our minds. We are here in physical form to experience this physical form.



The Planet opened up a vortex so that we could see different aspects or manifestations of ourselves, and different forms of us.  Because we are in human form, there exists time which gives us a way to place ourselves.  Time gives us clarity when looking at our experiences and brings us deeper into our experiences.  Time spreads out your experiences, so you can be aware of them “one at a time” so to speak.   Time is “strung out” to make it possible for us to function on Earth, but is malleable, as the Ancient One spoke of.  Time is like a film-strip whereby we can either look at our experiences frame by frame as stills, or as a continuous smooth flowing time-less movie or picture. 



The sense of timelessness lets us extend and savour our experiences.  We have the ability to overcome “time” and not only to overcome “time restraints”, but to overcome or deal with anything if we choose to do so.



An Indian man now appeared to Valerie, dressed in a beautiful brocade jacket and holding a wonderful be-jewelled box.  Valerie took the box with great anticipation.  She opened the box and a beam of golden light emanated fom the box – to reveal a tiny seed – a mustard seed !!  What will you do with your mustard seed?  The man multiplied thousands of times, and each man held a jewelled box containing a mustard seed, one gift for each Spirit be-ing that takes form.  From the mustard seed all things grow.  Carrie thought “Do I have enough time .. [ to grow my mustard seed ]  ” and the man just laughed, and said “you [ people ] do hang onto things” – we hang onto old and pre-conceived thoughts and ways of being.  



A complete Universe can grow from a mustard seed – anything you choose.  This is your Life …. in a seed.   How will you live it??  Carrie could feel the presence of Jesus just before the box was presented to Valerie.  The knowledge of the mustard seed gift is from Jesus.  Time and worry does not rule us.  The seed can transform us into anything we choose.  The seed was given to us in a beautiful jewelled box, because it is so precious. 


Carrie was taken back to the Violet – Blue Planet and the acknowledgement of who we are.  The men giving us the boxes are so full of joy, and feel privileged to have that job, and they have their own mustard seeds.  Carrie could see the mountains move.   Every time Carrie had a thought of doubt, the man whom gave her her box started laughing.  He wanted us to know that our doubts and worries are wisps which can be blown away by laughter – they are not real. 


He asked us to invite the men with the mustard seed boxes into our Essences or core Be-ings to do this – to laugh away our cares and worries with ease.  The minute that a negative thought or a worry appears, they will be laughed away.   It is important not to fight the worry or negative thought or struggle with it – as it really is not a problem.  Relax your guard because we have become so used to “trying” to have faith in things or “trying” to be positive, the trying has actually become a struggle and an obligation to us.  Trying to be positive and have faith by doing what you think is right, and not actually following your heart or the path of least resistance, means your wishes or obligations can go un-fulfilled.


Trying to please others at the expense of not honouring yourself is the trite or the old way of doing.  Instead, go with the flow by laughing away nonsense or worries as a silly bit of old or stale dust or a bit of old cob-web.  Worries and fears are all in your mind – they are not real – so quickly identify and release them by sweeping them away with laughter.


Don’t take things too seriously.  You can choose this belief – that life is not to be taken too seriously.  You don’t even have to know what is being released, just feel the immediate heaviness of an un-wanted or disturbing thought or feeling and brush it away immediately with laughter, like cleaning out a dusty old closet.  The faster you laugh away your problems, the faster you will release – and your happiness will grow and the more confident you will become.  Doubt cannot exist in laughter.  Don’t talk about and languish over a worry.  Turn your “worries” into sparkling gold light – from the drops of golden light all around and within you.  Turn yourself inside out and use your 360 degree vision to see everything – all your choices – all the possibilities.  Let this bright golden glow from the mustard seed flow out and illuminate all the choices that you have.  Choose to live and breathe Life – to expand your communication with others and animals.


We are exactly who we are.   Love yourself exactly as you are – turn your mistakes and nonsense – your worries – into laughter.  Even the Lioness has joined in by saying “Purrr-fect”.  Valerie’s Higher Self has let her know that she, Valerie, is here to resonate and emanate joy.


Remember touch is important in melding our energies together.  Your skin is charged with light that shines – with the golden light that emanates from the mustard seed.  This light is in every cell.  Through touch we become super-charged with light and we shine brightly.  You can cover up your light or let your light shine – let God shine through you.  “Shine out” say the Angels.  Life is like a roller-coaster – it is all part of Life.  The Rainbow forms when the sun and rain are both present at the same time.  When you allow duality to exist and when you allow yourself just to be, you shine and your outer charge is revealed.  Shine on bright lights.





Flower of Love – Keep us Together.  6 June 2009



The flowers carry a different frequency – make us feel very relaxed.  There was a community of white flowers that had a special affinity within themselves, and were also a community of all flowers.  They had a very joyful energy, regardless of where they were in the cycle, i.e. blooming or not.  Happy and smiling – eternally happy, as it is all an experience – being seed, vine, leaf, bloom and pollen.


The flowers showed us a geometry of light and sound.  Every seed knows its full potential, as do the hummingbird and bees.  There is a pulsating vibration throughout all of Earth.


The woman from Ur appeared and showed us that being aware means being in love.  Her advice is to let down your edges or boundaries, which is your choice to do so, and is really the truly permanent state to be in.  No blocking and no protection – make yourself completely open to feel the grace of everything.  This is the true feminine state – of complete receptivity or lowered boundaries.


It is a case of being the other or being aware of the ONE – of the oneness or completeness of life.


Plants and animals breathe out what the other breathes in – they have an intimate relationship with each other.  This relationship and all of Life and all there is is the “Church” in which we worship ourselves, our Lives and the Life- force.  We are all beloved, and we are with our beloved every moment of our Lives.



My Beloved is all of Life.



Ask each morning “what shall we do today” - my beloved Life, my beloved Love”.  I can open my heart fully and drop my boundaries and be within this embrace of Life. 


Receive and give unconditional love.  Yes, we can express ourselves – our interests, wants, desires and needs, but we can do so with respect and care for Life.  Don’t focus on the small aggravations in Life but use your small moments, the seemingly routine or insignificant, even potentially boring moments in your personal Life, by pouring out the light of true love into the ethers, to be soaked up by the living, breathing forces and to energise the Planet.  Perhaps once you master these small, otherwise niggling moments, you can quickly move onto mastering your reactions or responses to people who greatly disturb or upset your equanimity for any reason.


You have a questing and analytical mind that categorises and judges others – that is partly what makes you human.  Instead of placing a person on the scales – looking at or weighing up his / her “bad” points or less desirable characteristics and his / her “good” points or more favourable traits, just focus on the immediate needs on hand and express what you need to function in physicality, whether that be to carry out your work in your paid job, or to relate to others or perform a task at home or for your children, etc. 


Do this quickly and from the point of view of your clear purpose of giving information to the other, from a centre of Love, i.e. speak politely and pleasantly and do not condemn the other for a perceived lack.  Do not compare yourself in the circle or sphere of fortune to the other you are relating with, or to anyone else, thus feeling sorry for yourself, and even perhaps feeling a diffuse anger at the other or at a vague object / subject because you feel “hard done by”.


Don’t allow yourself to feel hard done by, because how can that be possible when you are living the experience you created for yourself as a spirit in human form?  You are surrounded by love and if you allow yourself to feel loved and to love all else, then you will attract happiness to you and your numan needs, while anchoring Love and spreading it to all of Earth.




Circle of Life.    20 June 2009



The Unicorn had a baby with her and wanted to tell us that as she teaches her baby, we are to “teach” our young how to keep their power as strong as it naturally is.  We need to differentiate between the uses of our power.  It is a great gift and tool, and grows as one grows older.  We must learn to be responsible with our own power.  It is not for us to intrude upon another’s space and emotions, even though we have the power to sense everything.  We need integrity, balance and honouring others privacy and who they are.


Carrie and Valerie saw eternal wisdom in a large book, which was sitting on a crystal.  Humankind has got a specific frequency or pulsation of energy.  Energy can be very intense, even frightening – it is a huge gift which includes the energy or power of rainbows and stars.  The wise man from Ur told Valerie that the teaching of children along our path-ways allows us to embrace all of our own power, as we reinforce our own responsibilities.


If we choose to go to him at any time, he will always be there – we can learn how to feel or experience at whatever level of intensity that we wish to.  We can learn to hold the power in its fullest intensity with absolute awareness of its incredible power .  Knowing how to use it can be sweet and loving, yet still powerful.


Power can be gentle and flowing, and doesn’t have to be compressed or too strong.  We can move a mountain with our Universal mind, but gently.  At one time humankind was just “one of the animals” but our energies embrace a sense of responsibility which has become an integral part of who we are as a group.  But, the energy or frequency of humankind has become too predominant and has to be merged or blended with other energies.


Unlike the other animals, humankind collectively chose not to just let our energies BE.  Our different energies should be merged together to balance the energies.  The energies of the animals and plants and other are offered to bring balance back to Earth.   We are really supposed to balance or equalise our energies, not to make human beings dominant.  Every form comprises sacred geometry and wisdom. 


If we meditate with animals and nature, we can learn from them.  We can try new things but must do so with balance and integrity.


Humankind forgot that Life and the Planet is for everyone and tried to take it for ourselves.  We shut down our hearts.  Would we have chosen to do what we have done to the Earth and to our relationships, if we really knew what we were doing – that is, if our hearts were open?


We need to focus now on opening our hearts to our true power which is love and one-ness.  Be re-born as a child.  Don’t waste your energies on guilt and blame, but understand what is happening and move on, like the new plants growing through the cracked concrete, because we have paved Earth so much, yet the new life is waiting there to grow.


Don’t focus on the past.  Today is a new day.  We have a choice what to do with our raw energy, that is, to contain it within sage wisdom – we need to be a crucible of wisdom as in some “ancient” societies, that had certain people carrying out these roles.  Somehow these roles got lost – roles which are to connect humankind with earth and the animals, and to teach others to harness energy properly using “sage” wisdom or right wisdom, and to expand our awareness to One-ness. 


Somehow, along the way, these jobs got lost – but it could be why people nowadays are drawn toward shamanic energies and are trying to understand things and recapture their connection with One-ness. 


This job needs to be fulfilled within every community. Part of it is understanding the healing energies of plants and honouring the plants and the earth, but a huge part of the role is to show others how to balance the energies – to keep the Universe in total balance.


Stay acutely aware of every step you take, and aware of ancient wisdom.  Those who hold this awareness naturally, can emanate it through the “tribe” even without speaking words, i.e. through ceremonies or metaphors and symbolism.  But we have now lost those ceremonies – and some people feel a need to come together in community.


Our main job is not to take care of little aches and pains, but to create a circle of community.  There is a heart-beat and pulsation in each community, like taking raw quartz energy and a vortex to spin this energy out into the community through ceremony and grace.   No matter what people do in their individual jobs, they have this “heart” at their core, i.e. they belong to a circle of community and true power, but have to re-discover it.  It is time now for those who are attuned to the Circle of Life to emanate it to as many others as they can.  It is very important that humankind open up their Hearts and remember their responsibilities to balance the energies, so that ALL on Earth can live together in peace and happiness.  These Group meditations are helping to achieve this.





The Land of Om  -  Dreams and Star-dust Flow.  4 July 2009



The woman from Ur had a baby with her.  Valerie and Carrie were shown a fire surrounded by crystals.  We were in a magical land with flying dragons, fairies, unicorns and centaurs.   The trees here walked and talked.  There was a Fairy Queen with a wand with silver sparkles.


A huge book appeared in the sky and the book was 50% transparent. The pages turned and it became apparent that there is a relationship between the stories in the book and the magic in the land.  A yearning by the Magical Creatures for human beings to understanding this better filled the air, which we responded to.


Then there was a blank page and writing suddenly appeared on it as we watched.  The book was recording the birth of the new baby in the Land of Ur.  The book’s writer knew what was happening in the Land of Ur, the ancient lands of Earth.   The Magical Creatures have got free-will or choice, just like human beings, including the choice whether to travel between the dimensions or not.  The Book’s pages were made up of the colours of the fire.


There is free choice on all sides – in all dimensions, including Earth.  We human beings can step into symbols in the written form.   They are entry points for the Magical Creatures to enter Earth, and they appear now and then to sum something up, a desire and a dream, which calls or invites those from the Magical Land.


Carrie and Valerie could see themselves existing in the Magical Land in a semi-transparent state.  They could sort of float around, but it was not quite floating or flying, but just being in a light and un-burdened movement, flowing.  Valerie saw a crystal ball or snow-globe, but it was empty.  We create things, our own stories.  We are made up of tiny particles, fine enough to even pass through solid objects.  Some Be-ings can see us because our frequency matches theirs.  We keep our individual frequency but can merge with something like a wall.


A little blonde girl of about 10 to 12 years old was seen next to a Lizard, which was her symbol that she had created.  Each one of us can open a portal between Earth and the Magical Realms through symbols.  Children go to the Magical Realms all the time.  The Be-ings in Magic-land have the choice whether to respond to the opening of portals or not.  The Magical Land is the Land of Om, and the Be-ings there can travel to the Earth dimension if they so wish.  There were people meditating, they were the Dreamers, and had Symbols pouring off them.  A humming sound could be heard, whether they were humming or it came from some other source, we were not sure.


Om is a Hindu symbol for the Absolute.   The Land of Om is the Land of the Absolute.  Aum or Om means “to sound out loudly”.  It is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Indian religions.


From the Heart of human beings, symbols emerge and are seen and written in the Book which is held in the Land of Om.  These symbols create portals for the Magic Creatures to pass through.  The Land of Om has a benevolent energy.  We on Earth can’t always create a symbol in order to open a portal.  We sometimes choose particular Symbols to release from our Hearts.  Sometimes we are invited to go to the Magical Land and experience the wonder of possibilities we did not know existed.  We can choose to accept the invitation or not.


The Dragons in the Land of Om can feel the vibrations / frequencies of Human Beings and choose to invite particular people in.


People have tried to control the choices that human beings make, but cannot do so.  How people offer choices matters to what decision is made.


The Magical Creatures interact with human beings to create tiny but real opportunities, like whispers in a person’s ear, i.e. suggestions.  Often people who hold a symbol in their Heart but do not release it, will ignore the whispers from the Be-ings of the Land of Om.  Fear is the loudest emotion knocking on their hearts and is often what a person chooses to focus on.


The Be-ings from Om give us possibilities.  Listen to their whispers.  Something might not seem to happen as a result, but that is because we are so much inter-connected, and either someone else connected didn’t listen to their whisper, OR the whisper in your ear was for something to happen to someone else!  It is then yours only to know that you have responded in service to humanity, and not for a direct impact upon yourself.


The Land Of Om, the Land of Magic Be-ings orchestrates opportunities and possibilities to produce the best symphony they can.  They work hard to do this.


The power of a dream that fills your heart entirely gives off a golden light.  The Universe consists of violet – golden light.  The Magic is actually a flow of sparkling golden light – it is Star Dust.  The flow of Star-dust provides an organised or synchronised magic.  The river is a symbol on Earth for the “flow of Life”.  Fairies dip their wands into the Star-Dust to sprinkle it upon Earth.  Together WE can accomplish anything, nothing is created in a vacuum.  Some flow or intelligence is in everyone / everything.  The Fairies tap a person with their wand containing intelligent Star Dust, to inspire the person to do something in support of humanity.


The Fairies can see symbols in people’s hearts and will match up people whom carry the same symbols.  Sometimes little tiny things happen and sometimes a big flow big enough to carry the dreams of a group of people happen.  All the Magical Creatures come pouring into a big flow and those who have the right symbol that matches the flow are assisted by these Creatures.  These people are woken up to their golden opportunities by the Land of Om. 


A big flow is opened up when the Dream and Heart of a particular person matches “The Dream”, of a particular kind, held by the primary and watching Dreamers / Meditators or Keepers of the Dreams of Human-kind – the humming group.  These Meditators or Keepers have the job of keeping our dreams alive – our dreams encompassing music, art, poetry, creativity, sharing and loving.  Peace.


But the Flows are not all of Star Dust !!  Some flows are deep blue, some are black, and others are deep gray.  These are powerful flows in their own right.  For example, the Flow of Circumstance when people ignore the symbols in their Hearts and just go passively with the “circumstances”.  There are also the Flows of Religion and of Political Movements, and Belief Systems.  If one becomes too attached to a Belief System, one can’t hear the inspired messages of the Magical Creatures from Om.  To get into some of these alternate flows, one actually gives away his or her power.  Your personal power and choice is handed over to and taken over by that Flow.  Or you can realise you have dipped your feet into the Flow and get out while it is easy to do so.


The 12 year old girl has a Dream that fills her heart so much that it holds an expansiveness or a light so great that it draws millions of souls to her purpose.  Written and living symbols and metaphors are the main vehicle for getting into the Crystal Flow – the Star Dust flow, but immersion in the Flow does not happen instantly.  It takes “time”.  A frequency is sent out which matches that of others of differing age groups.  Those who send out so much light and such a pure symbol agreed to be a leader or a catalyst for change before incarnating on Earth.  They are providing the opportunity for a particular great Dream to be fulfilled.


The primary Dreamers / Meditators in the Land of Om empower us by opening pathways that make it easier for people who respond to the calls to the Star-Dust flow, to live their Dreams.  They take the static out of the air and get the flow like a waft or a breeze going in the direction of those who open up the Symbols in their Hearts to the One, that is All.  Where the personal meets the big dream, things are really activated.  For a person’s personal dream that is not tied to a “big” dream, the flow is a little tributary but still it gives support to the bigger flows – the quality of the flow and the choices made are still important to the bigger connecting flows.


But sometimes confusion or chaos “just happens”.  It is unavoidable because the organising flow of the Star-Dust flow has been interrupted and must re-order itself and flow again.  Things flow through the Star-Dust stream which disrupt its ordering.  Some people then want to give up, or DO give up, in despair, thinking that despite their best efforts, their dreams won’t come true.  They do not know that the Star-Dust flow is in chaos – like a freight train has come running through it and upset things!  The Flow of Golden Light has to re-settle and go around other flows and re-order itself for “some time”.  This makes things very hard for some people.   They feel like they are “drowning” but if you keep the seed of belief in yourself as powerful and as Love, and belief in your Dreams coming true, then you will eventually find yourself “shored” up by the renewed Star-Dust Flow !!


It can be hard to recognise when the Star-Dust flow is flowing freely again, because Life will have taken on a slightly different quality, which you may be suspicious of or dis-own as a tributary down to nowhere.  Sometimes we hold onto what we feel or think we know, even if it is not in the right flow and choose to ignore the Golden Flow, because we feel so comfortable that way.


But the Dragon Power is at our behest.  Those who have a dragon’s energy in their Heart have got a heart full of courage and they are capable of making big decisions.  You can invite Dragon energy into your Heart to help you get through the disruptions.  I hold the Dragon energy in my Heart.  Let me share my Dreams with you.


Once we realise how much choice and opportunity there is and that there is no need for any blame or judgment, we will feel truly free.  These disruptions or clashes JUST HAPPEN – they are neither right nor wrong.   Nothing is destroyed – all that breaks apart is re-formed into something new.  That is the Flow of Life.


Rainbows and Dragons – flow on.




Leap off the Cliff.  11 July 2009



As we were standing on the cliff looking out over the ocean we could spirit in the form of a mist.  It reminded us that each moment is precious and that even mundane things are connected to every other moment.  All is a neutral experience but we sometimes attach emotional baggage to an experience, and it becomes a burden, e.g. we compare our workload to others or how much attention each person gets.  All of this emotion boils down to feeling that you are not fully respected and appreciated.


You are searching for enough recognition that you are okay.  You have a great hunger for it and attach your fears and emotions to neutral activities and make them unpleasant un-necessarily.  It might simply be overcome by recognising that you have a “hunger” and what it really is. 


We can have a connection to nature, beauty, God and Spirit and be so full of it that neutral activities or experiences and even more difficult things can be with-stood.  “Bad” experiences can open doors to other things – you don’t need to be emotional if you are connected and whole – and you see the open door in front of you.


You can choose to make a quantum leap to a state of connection and wholeness – and fully see the love in all.  All are different forms out of the mist, despite what names we give them, then they dissolve – a Buddha form, Pegasus, a tree, a cat, etc.  The same mistiness is incredibly full of love.  We can choose to see it as separate forms or open our hearts to let it enter your body.


Very specific energetic forms are unique, yet all are of the same “mist”.  Part of naming things is a way of calling forth specific energies – looking for it and wanting to express certain energies.  We want to give the energies names, e.g. the Ancient One for the whale.  The different forms are different resonances. 


To connect with the energies you need, you must leap off the cliff into the water.  The water has the same quality as the mist – and satisfies the hunger for all sorts of wants.  People can misinterpret the feeling of wanting or not take the leap into hunger.  You should identify the feeling of wanting or hungering for appreciation and respect as a wanting to be okay, which can be met via your manifestation or expression of specific resonances or energies.  Don’t resist the hunger.  Some want to fulfil the hunger but fight it with fear – this squeezes the feeling and distorts the hunger and turns it into judgment.


Fall into the hunger or the feeling and fulfil it.  Being in a moment of suspension after you leap – you become that thing that you want – then you become formless then take form again.  You can pass into and out of form.  You pick up different energies and re-form with new energy patterns.  You become one with the mist.


We leaped into the water and met the “Ancient One”.  He showed us that the leap takes “courage”, as does living in physical form.  What we think we need to be is not true at all in many cases.  For example, we may think “I’m going to leap into the arms of angels” or in other words, the Angels will help me.  But no-one needs to catch you and carry you.  You have a wonderful strength and more than that.  Every time you leap, you get stronger and pick up more energy.  If you stay on the cliff, you get weaker.  When you leap, you become the Angel.  "I'm leaping and becoming an Angel".


Leaping requires faith in oneself and in the process of picking up more energy.  Squeezed-down people do not jump or leap far enough, while others greatly expand their energies.  For example, it can be a feeling or a matter of “I’m jumping into a sense of justice” as you connect to the energies of Archangel Michael.   You jump free-fall, any way you wish.


But your energy can get stuck and you feel small.  Then you should go to the cliff and see the mist and forms, and choose the form or essence that you want to experience, and leap into it.  In the mist neither time or space exists.  Do this every morning!  Wake up on the Cliff.  Some essences have names, and others don’t.  Step back and leap out in a glorious leap, melding with the energies that you need.



If you do this, you can be transformed daily or hourly over and over.  Say whatever comes into your head first when you want to leap, that will make things positive for you, or that will build you up, for example, “I want to be wise” or “I want to be calm”.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what to choose, because the specific energy you need will choose you!  Say “I don’t know what I need.  Show me” – call beyond the words and you will receive the answer.


Take the frequency you need from the mist.  You can have intention when you leap, or just say “show me”, and be in the mist or on the land.  Once you jump into the mist, you send sparks of the mist into your Life, and will be transformed in a very deep way.  Your atoms and your frequency will change, and your form will get brighter and you will sparkle.  You will shine and beings will increasingly see your Light as you are one with the mist, and become the essence that you hunger for.  Being this Essence will fulfil your hunger.   Sparkle on, bright Beings.  You are loved and you are more than Okay.







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