Giant Spider Transforms into Many Mes

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There was a lot of action going on – a busy scene. My child-hood home was involved. I knew that a bomb was going to hit an area on the lawn and I wanted to get there and be in the firing line, and be blown up. I was a little bit worried about whether this was the right thing for me to do, but I wanted a way out or relief from something, and was instinctively drawn to the bomb site. I got there, but just before the bomb exploded, someone or something grabbed me and whisked me away through the air.

I then found myself in an old, neglected sort of laboratory. I felt better about myself now, and decided that I should stay around for awhile and see what happens. There was a long narrow corridor or hallway and I walked down to one end to the exit. But, to my surprise, there was a pit of fire there and I obviously could not leave the laboratory that way. So, I turned and went down to the other end. But at the other end, there was a giant black spider blocking the door-way. I was dismayed and thought I don’t want the end to come that way – by being bitten by a spider. Then I got an idea. I had a sort of weapon (can’t remember exactly what it was) and I hurled it at the spider. The spider broke apart and a whole lot of clones of me spilled out of the spider. There were about fifteen mes, all dressed like me, in trousers and shirt, same colours, everything the same.

The dream shifted once again. I was in a big room, standing at the front with a lectern in front of me, giving a lecture. There was a small attentive audience and scattered amongst the audience were the 15 or so mes. Having “mes’ in the audience made me feel more confident. I knew, in the dream, that the “mes” were there in the audience, to help people understand what I was saying, but I can’t recall anything at all that I said. The dream ended.



Childhood home

Hurts or issues from the past still have to be faced, i.e. those things from my personal past which are hindering or dampening my current self-beliefs should be identified.


A change or transformation. A way out – escape.


Someone / something is looking after me.

Old Laboratory
Life is a series of well used experiments.

Pit of fire
The output or results of the bomb – pain and agony.

The archetype of the “Great Mother”.

Defending myself
Realisation that I have a choice. Chosing to live.

The clones of me
Power and potential. New ideas and activities.


The class-room of Life where lessons are being learned by all of us.

At the pulpit lecturing
I have got something to offer others.

Audience with “mes” in the audience
There are people wanting to listen to me, and my passion and my “charisma” will help get the message across.

The Dream Message –

I am the Teacher and the Taught and the Teacher’s assistant

I feel that this dream was a personal dream about me yearning for good things, in the form of change, whether that change literally be my exiting this world (by being blown up) or a rapid spiritual transformation. I am very passionate about making our world a better place, and sometimes impatient about such. While on one hand, I am concerned about being all that I can, in order to bring peace and justice to Earth, I also personally need encouragement or acknowledgment and understanding of what I do. This need was represented by the setting being my child-hood home, where such things were often missing during my earlier years.


In the dream, I was drawn to the “bomb” - I wanted to be blown up – to be rid of the shackles of, and the lack in the 3-D world, but on a deeper level, it was also a wish for transformation. Dream symbols have deeper meanings than what seems apparent or obvious. The ultimate theme was a wish for a “change for the better.”

I was whisked away from the danger zone, which means that I am not yet ready for the quick “spiritual transformation” that I was seeking. Everything moves according to its own time, and the dream indicates that I cannot yet take the step toward either escape or “full enlightenment”. I have other things to do before that.


The details of the room with the hall-way are very hazy, but I associate a “feeling” or a sense of it being an old, dis-used laboratory. The word “laboratory” came easily into my mind upon looking back at the dream. To me, this symbolises the experimental nature of existence. In my dream, I could choose to go through the pit of fire, where I would be burned and hurt. This is probably the dream illuminating the pathway that the “bomb” offered me. The pit of fire symbolised a pathway of difficulties and hardships, which I decided, in the dream, not to embark upon (having already been “burned” enough in my personal past).

The Spider symbolises creativity and connecting the past with the future. It can also symbolise possession by the Great Mother. In my past, I dreamed a lot about spiders, but the rate of appearance of spiders in my dreams has greatly decreased. The “Great Mother” archetype is different to the “Mother” archetype. If an actual motherly figure appears in a dream, it is likely to represent the principles of mother-hood, i.e. caring, nurturing, feeding, listening, helping, etc. The Great Mother symbolises the capacity for loving, understanding, helping, and protecting all that is, Life and non-Life, on a global, even a cosmic level.  Some women possessed by the Great Mother can become destructive to others, counter-active to her actual intent, by smothering and controlling others too much.

I feel, that in my dream, the spider represented my skills or powers in weaving together possibilities (symbolised by the spider’s web) and also represented my tendency to think of others before myself, to my own detriment. The latter association came to my mind, upon analysing the dream, because in the dream I did not want to be poisoned by the spider. In the dream, I thought that the spider was something to avoid.


I transformed the pattern-weaver (i.e. the old me with the tendency to not focus upon self) into something creative and wholesome. The spider was transmuted into 3-D people, clones of myself – which I believe are wholesome fresh, new ideas, beliefs, feelings and actions emanating or arising from “me”. The clones of me represent my potential. The classroom with “mes” in the audience, and me at the pulpit, symbolises that I am the teacher and the taught and the teacher’s assistant.

The dream was a powerful dream and had a happy ending, because in the dream-world, I chose to empower myself and I chose new Life (or new projects, frameworks, etc.) in order to fulfil my passion, being to spread peace and justice on Earth. This dream was a “big” dream for me personally, because I see it as both a “wake-up call” to me, to look at my child-hood/earlier issues and sort them out, and a message to me from the collective unconscious, that there is hope yet for me, in getting my message out to others, and in becoming whole.


The whole dream has boosted my self-esteem and empowered me to continue along my path-way with my new way of connecting (or weaving), which is to have faith in my own abilities and messages, represented by the clones of me, both in the audience and at the pulpit.

I listened to the messages of the dream, and it has taught me that, if I just be me, I can and will teach others, while helping others to teach others, and receiving lessons myself. The spider-woman’s web of weaving traps for herself has been broken now…..and transmuted into a multitude of connected possibilities. It will be interesting now to see if spiders turn up again in my dreams!





©  Celine  - 2007