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Defending with reasonable force?  Or a grab for land?

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Motivations of Hezbollah

Motivations of Israel: 
The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil


Baby Turtles a Casualty of Israeli air strikes


UN warns of environmental disaster


New kind of War


Israel will agree to a ceasefire the minute Hezbollah. stops its cross border attacks

International pressure needed to disarm Hezbollah. 
Lebanon government unable to disarm Hezbollah.,0,2199789.story

US and Israel says Lebanon must disarm Hezbollah and there will be no ceasefire until there is a concrete plan for such

7/08/06.  The role of the international force that will be sent to Lebanon following a cease-fire will be to assist the Lebanese army to deploy in the south, ensure that Hezbollah does not rebuild its positions there and ensure that quiet is maintained along the Israeli-Lebanese border, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert agreed Tuesday.   However, government sources said, this force will not be responsible for disarming Hezbollah nor will it be stationed at the border crossings between Lebanon and Syria in order to halt the flow of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah.


Australian Prime Minister says Australia will make a "niche contribution" if international force reaches 10,000 or more,10117,19970460-1702,00.html?from=public_js


20/07/06.  The whole world must help us disarm Hezbollah. But we must first obtain a ceasefire. We can't do anything while the bombardments continue and the situation will just get worse," Lebanon's Prime Minister, Mr Fuad Siniora told Italy's Corriere della Sera.

"Hezbollah has become a state within a state. We are well aware of this and it is a serious problem. It's no secret that Hezbollah follows the political agendas of
Damascus and Tehran," the Lebanese leader said,
pointing the finger at Syria and Iran.,21985,19854819-5005961,00.html


In an Oval Office meeting on 23 July (eleven days after hostilities began), Prince Saud al-Faisal, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia delivered a letter to U.S. President, George Bush from Saudi King Abdullah asking for U.S. help in arranging an immediate cease-fire, a stance U.S. officials repeatedly rejected on the grounds that it was premature.

Saudi Arabia Asks U.S. to Intervene in Lebanon


Israel delays expanded ground offensive while UN resolution is negotiated


France and the U.S. disagree on terms of the resolution


Israel wants forces to stay in Lebanon to help take defensive measures until a

strong international force arrives in southern Lebanon as Lebanon calls

for an immediate withdrawal of all Israeli troops


11/08/06  Security Council OKs Mideast peace deal


New Draft Resolution approved by UN Security Council


13/08/06:   UN Resolution 1701 gets cautious approval


Read the text of the Resolution here

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