My aura portrait channelled by Spirit of Mirium

on 5 January 2008

The aqua above the head symbolises strong communication talent.  You are constantly using this. 


The magenta shows a need for love in your life and a reaching out to spirit for love and affection.  You will have it.


You are in strong communication with spirit, hence the direct line of light through the body.  You also have good intuition and can trust your inner thoughts on matters close to you.


Yellow scattered throughout shows thought processes of an intellectual nature.


Purple shows a spiritual inclination


The yellow glow at the centre of the form demonstrates a natural inclination to analyse and dissect information and this is your strength.


Pink at the base and heart chakras tells of love to be given and received.


Light at the hands shows the power you have as spirit and the ability to use this on behalf of others.





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