Castle of Dreams

( the Zodiac Cycle )

One day, Apollo, the Sun God, and his twin sister, Artemis, had the will to build a castle – a castle of dreams and hopes.  They clapped their hands and said “Let it begin”.  Aries appeared and declared "I Come Forth and from the Plane of Mind, I Rule".  I will begin the cycle.  I am the birthplace of divine ideas. I will bring forth the fire to manifest your ideas.”  With Aries help, Apollo invoked the first ray of will or power, under the tutelage of Mars, the God of effort and evolution.  Apollo and Artemis saw in Aries the bringing together of spirit and matter in the creative activity of manifestation at the beginning of the evolutionary cycle, and it was good.

After the urge to create, Apollo enlisted the help of Taurus to reveal his desire by transcending his impulse into aspiration or a fiery determination leading to light and illumination.  Apollo invoked the second ray of attraction, love and wisdom, and the energy of Taurus gathered what was needed to build the castle.  "I will remain steadfast in my goals” spoke Taurus, “ I see and when the eye is opened, all is illumined." 

Then Apollo decreed that each of their workers must realise that he or she is not only an expression of divinity or deity, but is also individual and unique, and must now begin to differentiate between the two aspects of expression.  It was Gemini’s role to bring Apollo’s and Artemis' castle closer to the physical plane of expression, through creating the patterns which emerge finally as visible forms. Gemini is the design-maker or the weaver of the patterns of force and energy.  “I am The Way of Many Changes” said Gemini, “I sense the separation of the unit from the whole, the separation off the spark from the central flame, and I will facilitate communication between the parts.”  And Apollo saw that this was very good.

“I build a lighted house, and therein dwell,” spoke the next of Apollo’s and Artemis’ helpers, Cancer. Through Cancer, souls are prepared to incarnate into the human plane on the second ray of love.  “I rule Cancer” said Artemis, “I am the mother of form.  I wait for my subjects to lift themselves from mass consciousness and develop their own intuition.  Through my protégé, Cancer, some of my workers will love to build my castle, while others will hate the idea.”  Artemis saw that each of her workers would have to learn to differentiate between his or his own feelings and that of others in order to choose which side to err on.  Emotions allow the soul to fuse with the physical.  “But, you must remember,” spoke Artemis to her assistants, “that the plane of emotions is the plane of illusions. You must remember your divine nature”.

“And now” said Apollo and Artemis, “our workers must begin the cycle of experience wherein they acquire knowledge and develop the lower mind for their own benefit, because they have a need to be recognized for their deeds and accomplishments.”  And so it was, that Leo, representing individual consciousness, came to help, to blend the physical, emotional and mental bodies, and create human beings with active minds.  Our workers are now capable of showing the divine in splendorous human form, Apollo and Artemis observed. They knew that the truly inspired Leo will use all of his or his acquired knowledge, skills and experience, to benefit the whole, through wise leadership.  The keywords which they gave their Leo children, were "I know".

“Now that the personality has become fully integrated,” spoke Artemis, “the energy of self-awareness must become more self-directed”.  And thus Virgo was enlisted to help  each of Apollo’s and Artemis’ workers to prepare and nurture herself or himself, by embodying spiritual awareness through inner action as well as outer action.  Artemis saw that Virgo with an exacting, analytical mind, and a compulsion toward perfection, provides the focal point for the expression of Active Intelligence, the highest function of mind working through matter.  And it was very good.

But, lo, now that the workers were refined, and had different ideas through discrimination, Apollo and Artemis saw a need for a harmonising factor amongst the parts.  In order to materialise and maintain his castle, equilibrium amongst the workers was necessary, so that they could work together in a team.  Thus, the help of Libra and the third ray of active intelligence and form was sought.  With Libra's influence, all the experience that humanity has collected is potentially laid in the scales of the balance and is weighed. What is valuable is kept and what is worthless is thrown away. At the mid-way point between heaven and earth, the workers put together the castle, and thus the dreams and hopes of Apollo and Artemis crystallised from the templates or blue-prints into 3-dimensional matter.

"Now that our workers are calm and have rested, they must face the demons of the dark inner world of their psyches" said Apollo, "so that they can further uncloak their illusions and find ways to build a better castle."  Scorpio, the master of transformation of matter into spirit, just as Virgo transformed spirit into matter, will be my assistant with this task.  "But my children", said Apollo, "Be careful, for Scorpio, is the energy of the atom smashing, of energy released, and is also ruled by the energies of Pluto and Mars. Scorpio brings great responsibility.  Just as with nuclear energy, the Scorpio energies can bring either a tremendous healing tool or a destructive bomb.  You make the choice".

And Apollo knew that Scorpio represents tests and trials where we see, by conflicts, what illusions we hold. Whenever these illusions are burned away, our consciousness expands, and we are able to transcend personal ego to merge with the Universal Spirit.  Scorpio prepared the workers to become one-pointed disciples of soul consciousness, that is, disciples of the relationship between spirit and matter.  "Soul consciousness is the next stage for my beloved workers" thought Apollo.  We will invoke Sagittarius decreed Apollo and Artemis.

Through the medium of the soul, which is the interface between spirit and matter, the spirit develops an aliveness and a conscious awareness and capacity to respond.  Spirit is the central energy which is the cause of all manifestation.  The energies of Sagittarius stabilise life on the physical plane as the worker becomes more focused and fluid in his or her actions, in the pursuit of their goal.  When enlisting the help of Sagittarius, Apollo and Artemis gave this warning, "although the person may be fun-loving, friendly and kind, it may be  more due to a desire for popularity, than to a desire to be altruistic".  And Apollo said, "it is through Sagittarius, that soul consciousness in its early stages unfolds through the use of intuition and aspiration or desire".   They gave their Sagittarius children the keywords "I vision."

Apollo's and Artemis’ castle of dreams and hopes had now been built.  But it stood in splendid isolation.  Other castles had been built and there were no easy roads between them.  I will enlist the help of Capricorn decided Apollo and Artemis.  Capricorn will produce the densest point of concrete materialization that the human soul is capable of.  In Capricorn, Soul consciousness in its later stages is found through illumination and intuition.  My workers will be known to me by their extremes.  Some of them will not stop until they fulfil their personal ambitions, while others will work through the world of forms to find spiritual life.  Capricorn opens the door for the soul to consciously participate in the meeting place of all energies.  The soul awareness developed by Capricorn will be harnessed by our next helper, Aquarius.

Under the influence of Aquarius, our children will disperse spiritual life throughout the human kingdom, observed Apollo and Artemis.  The individual will become the universal, losing their personal identity in the good of the whole, yet retaining their spiritual identity.  And Apollo and Artemis knew, that the castles would not only be mapped in precision and to scale, but that their Aquarian-led children would sculpt highways and freeways to them, thus allowing everyone to live in a castle.  Aquarius heralds the great initiation, or the integrative processes and successive expansions of consciousness, until the soul at lasts succeeds in dominating the personality.  “Under Aquarius, soul consciousness gives way to group consciousness through inspiration and service” observed Apollo and Artemis.  "It is at this stage of the evolution of human beings, that the true nature of the spirit in human form is manifested, despite the personality and the antagonism of the individual intent upon their own purposes.  It is through the Aquarian energies of understanding and balancing one's own needs with those of others, that every human being will be given the opportunity to live in a castle”.

Apollo and Artemis thought that all their work was very good, but then God spoke, saying thus “you have your castles of hopes and dreams, but those who live in the castles will be-get more hopes and dreams. Their children and their children’s children will need guidance.”  And Apollo and Artemis saw that until all bondage or captivity in matter is transformed into service, that some of their children would bounce between the polar opposites of spirit and matter.  So they enlisted the help of Pisces, through which divine consciousness emerges through identification or realisation of the whole and through liberation of the deity.  Apollo and Artemis told their children “Under the influence of Pisces, the purpose of humanity is truly manifested by following the commandment that you love one another as I love you.”  The Piscean energies let Apollo’s and Artemis’ children tune into a higher purpose, and let their golden dreams of peace and harmony transcend their individualness.  Apollo decreed that through a deep love of humanity and a compassion that has no bounds, Pisceans will not only decorate and replenish all of the castles, but will create more castles and maps, and will lead the lost people to them, like the shepherd guides the sheep.  And so, with Pisces, the cycle of spirit being born into matter and spirit’s transfiguration was completed.

"And now we have not only a castle of hopes and dreams, but a world woven of hopes and dreams" said Apollo and Artemis.  And Apollo's and Artemis’ helpers spoke also.  "The glory of God never ends. This world needs renewing" they said wisely.  And so it was.

©  Star Wise, 2006

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