Cat  Poems


To Minnie


O Mistress of the house

What thoughts dwell behind

Your golden amber eyes?

And what dread notion lurks that

bids you stalk the unwary bird,

And scatter carelessly the bright feathers?

 You walk on velvet slippers,

Potent claws sheathed in padding paws

ready to flash

As dark rimmed eyes speak a warning.

Sleek plush coat silver touched.

Dark tail arcs gracefully

around your warm body

Head cushioned on outstretched leg.

Your tall feathered ears

Alert even in sleep,

Gentle wise face, fine white whiskers,

sharp black nose, smooth pink tongue

And white tipped chin.

Your purr ripples music

as I stroke your knitted forehead

Cautious little cat

Sleep on in your unknown, mysterious dreams.




We kittens cannot see

the reason why

this should be.

A chocolate cat

And gift wrapped too?

How are we supposed to know

What you, man, want us

to do?


It seems pretty silly to us

To make such a fuss

Ribbons and bows and hairdryers too

And boxes and boxes and boxes

We just want a little respect

And not white flashes and chocolate drops


After all

We do not think that

we are kit kats

So why do you?

(c) Lai Chew Yarn
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