Thoughts and feelings are like
waves of coloured threads
woven on a loom of sensations and intuitions.
Thoughts, both fine and strong
ripple along life
winding their way from
the sub-conscious to the conscious
as feelings interlace the warp of thoughts.
Warp and weft form patterns of
thoughts, feelings, actions.
Criss-crossing the cloth
are the clear red vitality
of youth and passion,
the orange of joy and happiness,
the yellow of spontaneity and of
being in the moment.
The calmness of blue
brings much desired peace and truth.
While green gives balance
both in relationships
with self and with others.
All is woven upon a foundation of
self-acceptance and self-respect
portrayed on a violet coloured loom.
But as gold and silver
gilded moments
are captured in the flowing threads
now and then they are flecked
with sparks of…..
the deep blood red of
anger, fear and ugliness
Out at the edges
struggling to keep hold on the loom
are a few frayed, split ends.
They are the greys of depression
and the black wisps of despair
The pattern shimmers and the weave flows
Shifting from valleys to peaks
warp and weft form patterns
The cloth shimmers all over
with brilliant turquoise
It is a scintillating blue-green
infusing us with desire
for personal growth and self
The pattern shimmers and the weave flows
This cloth is the pattern of
changes of the heart, mind, body
The loom holds us together
protecting us from the rigours of
the outer world.
The pattern shimmers and the weave flows.
Gradually the pattern clothes us
in the magenta of love
and of transcendence over
our human egos
And with the blessing of time
Finally the cloth is shed
The pattern shimmers
and reveals the final change
a pure white bliss……
our spiritual selves.
© Lai Chew Yarn
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