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Beliefs define reality


Believing defines realities; experiencing dissolves realities.

Creation begins with an effort (i.e. a primary belief) that defines a reality.  The reality is then (or later) experienced by the creator.  The interval between the beginning of expression of the primary belief and the conclusion of the experience defines time.   Words can be used to describe “experience” as the act of living through an event or events, or personal involvement in or observation of events as they occur.   Living deliberately is a state of just being in the present, with your thoughts and perceptions, but without judgments, expectations, or definitions (fixed labelling, descriptions or classifying).  This sort of experience dissolves undesirable realities.

 Opinions and judgments separate you from ownership and experience of your original creations.  The original creation, not being owned and appreciatively experienced, persists. Awareness is an adimensional and definitionless source or beyond from which everything is.  Everything is part of awareness and as soon as something in the adimensional and definitionless awareness is talked about it becomes consciousness.

 A viewpoint is a place or a definition from which something is “viewed” or perceived.  The quintessential or foundational viewpoint (or blueprint) of awareness and consciousness, is that of the primal universal creator, or awareness.   That viewpoint has been experienced by enlightened beings as:  to accept that where you are is exactly and only where you are.

 "When you assume responsibility for your life, by living in the now, and changing your beliefs, you will begin to appreciate the wisdom of all your creations, and you will find in them empowering lessons.  As you learn, the solidity of your reality will begin to soften and dissolve, layer by layer, until you behold the core beliefs that created it."

You recover the ability to experience the foundational

beliefs (the blueprints) that create all reality.


"Different levels of beliefs are experienced in the following order -

 Beliefs that create conditions in your life

Beliefs about requirements and obligations

Beliefs about responsibility and ownership

Beliefs that create identities

Beliefs that create time

Beliefs defining the nature of matter

Beliefs defining the behaviour of energy

Beliefs that create space"

 [Source:  Palmer, Harry.  Resurfacing]


Reality consists of the experiences you believe as real.

"The only thing outside of reality is the inexpressible source.   It is an illusion created by language that there appears to be an inside and an outside.  Source occupies an alogical dimension that permeates everything.

 Source is awareness without definition.  It does not contain separation nor is it contained.  There is no difference between what is believed, what is experienced, and what is experiencing.   Awareness without definition is a unity from which reality arises.  The essential self that you experience yourself to be exists as a creation within this “awareness without definition.”  The minimum equation for each of us is:

 Awareness + a primal creation of awareness = an essential self

 Essential self is generally expressed as “I am”.

 However, identity is composed of and defined by layers of beliefs that are added to your essential self."


"Beliefs are the coloured lenses that filter out

from “all-that-is” what we wish to experience."


"You create possibility by believing yourself into it, and you dissolve limitation by experiencing yourself out of it."


"The events that make up world reality result from a belief blueprint that is continuously redrawn from the vectoring sum of every belief held by every individual.  The collective reality is the average of all intention."


Avatar:  Creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilisation


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