Name of Organisation    Alternatives to Violence Project WA Inc (AVP)                   


Mailing Address        PO Box 721

Mt Lawley

WA 6050

Phone    08 9371 5407                                   A/H       08 2224 2408                   

Fax                                                              E-mail

Hours of Business       N/A                                   No. of People in Organisation:

Position of Contact Person:    Secretary

Umbrella Body :      Alternatives to Violence Project

Other Branches :     International organisation with branches in all Australian states and many other countries.

Area of Concern:-

The practical objective of AVP is to present experiential workshops both in prisons and the general community. These workshops have been developed to provide people with an opportunity to work towards peace and dignity in a violent world. AVP workshops provide a unique blend of experiences that enable people to build more constructive lives and relationships and through this a healthier community.

Type of Activities.

Workshops are usually held over three days and are led by a team of facilitators in a group of about twenty. They operate at three levels. The basic workshop provides an introduction to experiencing the ways of non-violence. The advanced workshop provides a framework in which the group can select more specific areas for exploration, such as hatred, forgiveness, fear, and so on. The training for facilitators workshop is offered to participants who have completed the basic and advanced workshops.


Workshops are built upon the belief that people have the capacity to transform hostility and destructiveness into cooperation and community. This concept of "transforming power" is open to personal interpretations but however it is conceptualised it forms the bedrock of AVP.

Other Information.

Workshops are held in prisons and the community throughout the year. A workshop can be requested by any group that feels it may be of value to their organisation or community.  Fees are on a sliding scale depending on income.


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