Loss of First Nations connections

Ignorance and Apathy

Shadows of death and destruction

Cries and flowing hearts cracked open

Abuse and mis-use, affectation

Coloniser do-gooders alienating beings

From what they offer

First Nations People offer the Spirit

Of One-ness, living in unity with the Land

And with Life

Trodden on, stamped upon, nobody but they

Know the whispers in their Souls

That calls them to the Dreaming


We can understand, we can listen, respect and care

Create government schemes to recognise them

But do we dare …….  ?

To meet them, to speak to them, to honour them

Hear what they need, or do we bow to our greed

Wanting to be right, resenting the grass on the other side

It’s greener

No positivie discrimination, what about me?


Well, what about over 200 years of slaughter and robbery

What about being treated as a non-entity ?

Non-sense is the shadow of Australia

Australia, your moral sense is way out of bounds

Perceptions of “they have the same opportunities” astounds

No magic wand can be waved to stop the trouble

The turmoil has roots that run deep

Australia, take a leap

The First Nations People’s sovereingty is still there

It needs nurturing, if you really care

The Sovereign Nation cannot flourish

If the First Nations People are not treated seriously

We are all Homo sapiens -  human beings

What about human doings, are First Nations People such a threat ?


Non First Nations People

Stop thinking about yourselves for once

What about our dependence upon the Earth and each other?

How can a desecrated and abused Earth be our Mother?

Feel your ties, your connection to earth, sky and water, and

Understand that First Nations People



Make each day a new Morning


©  Celine Lai