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Humanism - Racism ( a Poem about Younger me )



This page contains links to some of my reflections for peace.....

I hope that the offerings here will encourage people to respect, understand, engage in

and celebrate our human experiences.


spinning marble


Click on the title of a Reflection which appeals to you.

          Reflections on God and the Tasks of Humans
       Shock and Awe of the Universe
Avatar:   Living Deliberately
        From Violence to Wholeness
      Three Key Social Skills

Year 2040


Please note that all these works above are copyrighted.  They may be printed for personal reading and sharing.  Any enquiries about proprietary use of any of these works (or parts) should be directed to the  Web Author.



Read or Download (Save) - Other inspirational Reflections
For some of the reflections below, you will need the PowerPoint software / program

After clicking on a link, when the box / window appears, don't click on Open, but instead click on Save and save the reflection to your Desktop or other folder, then click on Close.  Then go to the folder where you saved the PowerPoint reflection and double-click on it to open the reflection as a slide-show.

Note:  after clicking on "Save" if a PowerPoint file below has an extension of .ppt in the box/window,
re-name the file extension to .pps before saving it to your PC.

Beautiful Photos from Nature  (Powerpoint - 3 megabytes)
Life is like Hot Chocolate (Powerpoint - 890 kb)
Tiny Frog Reaches the Top (Word document - 90 kb )
Heaven On Earth (Powerpoint - 828 kb)
Enjoy Today (Powerpoint - 499 kb)
Hugs are good (Powerpoint - 90 kb)
Make the Most of Life
(nice Powerpoint show if you like cats)
Petals of Life  (with music)
a beautiful reminder of the ups & downs of Life

(Powerpoint - 1,990 kb)

Photo by Carolyn L'Hommedieu



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Some of my Poetry

The Trap (a metaphor)


The Tone

Short Cat Poems

Beach poems

Spendthrift versus Thrifty

A Thanksgiving


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