Spendthrift versus Thrifty


“I cost only five dollars” cried the red striped book, Physiology

“whereas my brand new friends were thrice as much,

that’s the meaning of Economy!”

“Oh, don’t be so big-headed” shrilled the Alarm Clock,

“I cost nine dollars and a bereavement.

Now that’s an achievement!”


“But everyone knows one’s supposed to save”

squeaked the little, lead pencil, so I was brave

And sold for twenty-five cents only.

Now who can do better, just show me!”

And he rolled off the table with joy,

Tremendously pleased with his great ploy.


Silence – then shouted a sticky wrapper

from the bin

“I was only five cents, and that’s not much

For a lollipop whose fate

Is to be eaten.”


“Listen to me” boomed the gilded mirror

against the wall, stentorianly

“I think I must tell you all fore warningly

(And here he trembled so his glass threatened to shatter)

That nothing else will matter

For I with all my luck cost twenty bucks!”


”It’s not the one who cost the most who’s right”

Said the Pink Piggy Bank with all his might

“Listen” and he jumped up and down

Concentrating with a frown,

Elaborating a tiny noise – clink, clink, clink.

“There” he rattled importantly, “I’m upon the brink

of Bankruptcy!


“Well, it’s not my fault, you see”

Spoke the tall mirror with alacrity.

You’re wrong” Physiology flapped so wildly

That the clock cried out in Alarm, “Mind!”

“If more of us were bought and less of you kind”

Reasoned Physiology, “Then the Pink Pig  wouldn’t be

Just about empty.


And he cheered the Pink Pig on, who blushed

But the tall mirror merely flushed.

The pencil began to pirouette

And the sticky wrapper to hoot

While the Alarm Clock stopped in a snoot.


The mirror, in a rage, began to shake

But this only served to make

It topple over and start to fall….

And that’s All !!



 © Lai Chew Yarn


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