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Spiritual Justice

Introduction and Links to information about the Middle East Conflict


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"Spiritual Justice" is a term I use to mean social justice essentially by spiritual means. This web page is dedicated to promoting understanding of the conflict in the Middle East, an understanding of which may contribute to peace in the Middle East. It is a primer intended to provide basic factual information on the conflict in the Middle East, and links to relevant web sites.  Discussion on the Middle East is encouraged by accessing the Peace in Practice Discussion Board from the Actions page of this web-site.

I believe that to be knowledgeable is to be empowered, and that we are truly responsible only when we take considered (or informed) non-violent action. This means informing ourselves of facts through various avenues, including reading and taking notes from a wide range of sources, such as books of fact, Internet sites, and articles/items of fact in the media.

Supporters of truth and justice will commit themselves to research the areas which they are interested in, such as the turmoil in the Middle East, and will compile or compose this information in their own words, according to their own logic, and will share this information with like-minded people. I propose that this sharing actually arises from a deep concern of many people to improve the statuses or quality of life for all those in this world who live in spiritual or material poverty. I believe that this sharing is bound to generate discussion and negotiation on how to further peace and justice in our human world.

While I believe that our conscious research efforts are an important contribution to taking informed action, I believe that for the greater part, it is actually our Spiritual Selves which guide us on which action to take and when to take it. Trusting in and abiding by our Spiritual Selves will necessitate some surrendering or the giving up of certain actions or desires, in order to facilitate the taking up of other actions which are, at that moment, critical to furthering peace and goodwill throughout the world. In other words, we should trust in our Spiritual Selves (and thus trust in the one Higher Self or Spirit which unites the Spiritual Selves) to help us make our choices in life.


"This insurgency cannot be won by foreign troops; it can't be won by British troops, American troops, or others; it has to be won by the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi government and a constitution that provides for protection for all its citizens."

Statement by U.S. Lieutenant-General John Vines - click here to read full story



Click here for the numbers of Coalition troops in Iraq in 2003 & 2004

Click here for Coalition casualties of the Iraq War


Let us remember these profound sayings:

"There, but for the grace of God, go I"  (referring to the chances of life, including birth and death)

(John Bradford, Lancashire evangelist 1548)

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing"

(Edmund Burke)

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The following links cover general information about the Middle East Region, information on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, suggestions on how peace may be brought about in the region, and resources on the Middle East.  The sources of the information are web sites which are documented in the section "Middle East Resources". 

  1. Geography, Religions and Conflicts of the Middle East

  2. History and Background to the Israel-Palestine Conflict:  The Early Period

  3. History and Background to the Israel-Palestine Conflict:  From 687 AD

  4. The Role of the United Nations

  5. Middle East Resources (Links to Internet sites and Book References)


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Recommended reading

"Axis of Deceit" by Andrew Wilkie

Publisher:  Black Inc. Agenda, 2004.  ISBN:  0 9750769 2 2

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