15 August 2006 Update

Humanity is approaching a point where the weight of public opinion and the actions of the masses in support of peace are able to prevent violence and eventually even avert wars!  Common sense is on the rise, globally! The dark fully understands this; and therefore, the recent spate of calamities needs to be viewed from this wider perspective. As we constantly repeat, your society is transforming into a well-connected global community. This community, however, is still in the birthing stage. The institutions that should be reflecting this new momentum are still learning how to operate in this very different environment. The initial examples are coming from individuals and groups in the private, or non-governmental, sectors. These courageous ones comprehend how the world is changing and daily devise the most effective methods to communicate this worldwide.

Planetary Activation Organisation


"Now that we are at the gates of a New Path of Venus over the face of the sun on June 7th and 8th, 2004, the least we can do is expect a new change in the outcome of humanity. death is knocking at our doors.  The drums of war can be heard. Intransigence, the destruction of our mother earth, pollution, new diseases, the resurging of old plagues, global warming, the fear of world conflict, intolerance and fundamentalism in any of its manifestations, negligence, apathy, the confusion or worst still the extreme estrangement of drug abuse. All of this is a reaction to the fear caused by the thought that the world as we know it can be destroyed, and to the poor answers that materialism gives, having reached its limit and offering no other direction, because it is based in distractions, in momentary satisfactions.  While reason and logic tell us that we have to stop all this madness, we are living in the age of prophecies, and the responsibility of balancing things is ours. There is no more time to play; it is now time to act.

The great guardian brings the energy of a new beginning, the beginning of a new era."

"Humanity is entering the most crucial phase of its existence. The coming decade shall witness the most unprecedented and undreamt of changes in the course of its long evolution. There is nothing much humanity could do about it, other than to understand the changes occurring around it and to flow with the changes that are overpowering it. Towards the end, humanity would enter a new age, The golden age. The transition will be a painful process. Only those whose relationships are in order would make it easily.”


        Venus Transit: A message to the world from the Mayan Elders about the coming Venus Transit




Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish;

and you have fed him for a lifetime”—Author unknown


If you want a clear and concise message from your angel, you must ask a direct question. Your angel will always answer your questions. You can ask your question out loud. Clear, concise questions will get you clear, concise answers. Answers will always be tangible and explicit, something you can put your hands on.  Asking a frivolous question will get you a silly answer. The universe will match your level of sincerity.......If you want to talk to your angel, you must be prepared to listen, and you must be alert for its side of the conversation. The universe will extend itself to answer your sincere questions, but only if you are listening

       Guardian Angels: Angel Talk - Are You Listening?



Archetypes are visual symbols or energetic imprints that exist in our psyches. Some are readily understood while others bring subliminal messages that are there to help you trigger your memory of why you are here. Archetypes can be found everywhere. Some are different for different people - others are universal. You 'see' them in meditation - dreams - remote viewing - when you doodle on a pad - in crop circles, art forms, jewelry, hieroglyphs, a logo, on a billboard - anywhere at all. Archetypes can also be auditory - a tone - a series of notes - a harmonic...

Reality is a series of metaphors set into motion by the synchronicity of archetypes we experience.

        Archetypes - Symbols


 Graphic from Peace Manor


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