A Thanksgiving


Tiny crystal shards of sugar

glisten on the page like fiery, white-white diamonds.

Far away scattered ones appear
fluffy, snow-like.
So delicate, yet crisp, they lay there
until I gently captured a grain
on the tip of my finger
to observe its lovely shape.
A cube, imperfect, it clung there
to the smooth skin of my finger.
Then with a simple, careless
brush of my hand
it was gone
Our hopes, aspirations, dreams
our troubles and moments of
deepest despair
are like
sugar grains
Sometimes clear, sharp. Not always
perfect, but hesitant….. sometimes
and white, but always
One fresh sweep of
our minds could banish them
and leave a clean white page
to write upon.
These thoughts, an attitude
of mind
we have to find by striving -
battling through snowdrifts
of self-doubt, anger, greed
and despair.
Sometimes not knowing which
landmark to look for.
And maybe amongst them
there is a landmark of which
no substance can be found
for it is the intangible of the mind
A thing that will not dissolve
easily in the vanity of our tears
and likely that bright star
is the glow of love.
For I to care for you
and you to care for me
is surely our greatest
task and gift on Earth
and for this rich gift
dear God
we truly thank you.
(c) Lai Chew Yarn
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