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Astrology is the study of the interaction of celestial bodies (i.e. the moon, sun and planets) with activities and people on Earth.  Each Zodiac Sign represents a different aspect or part of each whole human being, with one sign dominating a personís ego structure or the conscious tendencies of her/his personality.  Aries starts the cycle of growth within a human being and humankind, representing the Self (centre of the personality) within each person, and Pisces completes it, representing the mass unconsciousness of all humankind.

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List of Zodiac signs and dates

March 20th - April 20th

April 20th - May 21st

May 21st - June 21st

June 21st - July 22nd

July 23rd - August 22nd

August 23rd - September 22nd

September 23rd - October 23rd

October 23rd - November 22nd

November 22rd - Decemmber 22nd

December 21st - January 20th

Janaury 20th - February 19th

February 19th - March 20th

This list shows approximate starting dates as they actually vary between 19th to 23rd of a month, thus, a person born between, and including on, these 2 dates, is said to have their Star sign on the cusp between two Zodiac signs.  The signs between Aries and Pisces each carry the energy of a different phase of humankindís evolution within the universe.

Some astrologers say that the age of Aquarius was officially ushered in on 23 January 1997.  Other predictions, according to differing mathematical and other concepts, are that it will start sometime between the year 2060 and 2100 AD. It is said that a phenomenon called the precession of the
Equinoxes (a cycle of about 25,800 years where the Equinoxes move westward along the Ecliptic, i.e. pathway of the Sun as it orbits Earth) determines the Great Ages, of which each (lasting about 2000 years) is associated with a major evolutionary and cultural advancement of humankind.  With the coming of the Age of Aquarius, we will see a transition from existing patriarchal institutions and religions to traditions which are run by the 'feminine principle', and to influences which teach that free thinking, creativity and intuition are foremost, and that the education and nurturing of children and the enhancement of the quality of life for all people are of utmost importance.

The techniques of Western astrology differ from other forms of astrology practiced throughout the world.   Western astrology dates from the ancient Mesopotamians who lived about 4000 BC.  Their best guide to keep track of the seasons was the monthly lunar (moon) cycle and the annual cycles of various stars.  This helped them to plan their agriculture and the general rhythm of their lives, and also took on a religious significance.  The Mesopotamians worshipped the planets as deities and began to use their movements for divination purposes.  The rise of mathematics, combined with the study of astronomy, and the use of divination, eventually led to astrology.

Earth is tilted at about 23 degrees to the Sun and spins on its North-South axis as it rotates around the Sun, in a pathway called the Ecliptic, as the Moon orbits Earth, and the whole solar system, consisting of planets, moons and millions of stars, orbits the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Milky Way Galaxy travels through the universe at the speed of 600 km per second. There can be little doubt that the movements and locations of the celestial bodies have an influence on people and events, which are simply manifestations of energy, and as such, are subject, to the powerful forces of the moon, planets and stars, in an observable, yet not always explainable way.  (For example, consider the moonís effect on tides and other components of human life.)

The ancient Mesopotamians memorized the positions of the myriads of stars in Earthís solar system, by grouping them into a belt or arc circling Earth, which they divided into twelve constellations of thirty degrees each.  The Sun appears to move through the 12 constellations in one solar year (the time taken for the Earth to make one full rotation around the sun).  Our Star sign, also known as our sun sign (the Sun is a huge star) is the sign that the Sun occupied at the time of our birth.  So if you are a Gemini, the Sun was moving through Gemini when you were born.

Astrology provides a symbolic language in which the movements of the Sun and planets reflect the events that happen to us.  A birth chart or natal chart shows the positions of the Sun and planets at the time of your birth and reveals more detailed information than is shown by the characteristics of the Star sign.  Star signs and natal charts are guideposts or indicators of what a person may be like sometimes.  We are the sum of our experiences and our planetary influences.  You may feel that the characteristics of the particular Star/Sun sign which you were born under do not fit you very well, but if you look at it in tandem with other methods or techniques which describe human characteristics or personality traits, you will see an overall pattern of what you are like.   And perhaps an image or perception of you rather strongly demonstrating the tendencies of your Star sign under a particular set of circumstances will show up one day.


Web site on characteristics of different signs


For anyone interested, I am a quadruple Virgo ( 3 planets & the Sun in Virgo ).

If you know your place and date and time of birth, you can get a free Birth / Natal Chart from the   Astrodeinst   site !!   You can see my Chart below.


Birth Chart from Astrodeinst


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