Dance for fun and fitness

Come and enjoy the fun way to fitness.  Coredance offers a range of classes suitable for any size or shape.  Your feet will be carried away to the beat of the music.  No previous dancing experience is necessary just the enthusiasm to join in.

Research is constantly proving that dance is a great way to increase your health and well-being.

As we get older our daily living activities change and altering the demands on our body. Focusing on keeping our bodies agile and strong becomes a priority. Simple daily activities like standing, sitting and walking can be modified to assist with our bodies maintenance. SCAMPA (Seniors core activation, mobility, posture and awareness) dance classes are designed to stimulate the body and mind of active people over 50 years of age.

The SCAMPA program encompasses technically based elements from dance and associated fields, such as pilates and yoga.

The program has 5 levels. Level 1 consists of the fundamental movements and principals. Level 5 requires a high level of understanding and implementation of these skills.  More information is provided here.

For those wanting something different, Tap may be your thing.  

There is always something new, making it a fun way to get fit and meet new friends.  All classes are instructed by Sue-Ann Barry who has over 35 years experience and has been teaching adult dance since 1988.

For further information contact Sue-Ann on 5496 0354 or via email.  Check the timetable for class times and locations (includes links to maps).  If you'd like more information on my Coredance Philosophy download this PDF document.


I was looking for a form of exercise I’d enjoy, without watching the long minutes tick by, while I completed monotonous repetitions. I love to do something I really enjoy which also just happens to be exercise. Being on the other side of 50 (lol), I also have a few joints which are easily upset.

Coredance suits me because I’m upright the whole time. There are no floor exercises which always result in straining my (arthritic) neck. Everything is aimed at developing core strength and balance, to protect our ageing joints. We dance through a whole range of styles, to an even greater range of music and no partner is required. There’s something for everyone. Sue-Ann explains the benefits (for our bodies), of why we should try to do each move in a controlled manner, using simple analogies relating to everyday activities, and makes it fun.  It really is dancing, not just exercise steps to music. There are lots and lots of laughs as Sue Ann clearly loves what she does, has a great sense of humour and everyone is very friendly. It's great therapy, both physical and emotional.

I attend Coredance sessions either once or twice a week. I love the musicality of the exercises, the specific coaching about technique that Sue-Ann makes us focus on and the choreography that challenges both mind and body. The other "girls" are so friendly and there is a regular Friday coffee session after the class.

Core Dance has been a wonderful experience for me. Intrepid in the beginning as I am not “into” exercise, I found the classes welcoming and have been able to progress at my own level. I love the variety of dance moves and the great music.

Sue-Ann is an excellent teacher. She is experienced, well-researched and thorough in her care of us not-so-young ladies. As well as her professional approach, she brings a sense of humour and ensures the classes are fun.

I have personally improved my posture, core strength, flexibility and balance which will stand by me in future years. I really do look forward to Core Dance each week.

Just a relatively "newbie" to Coredance only starting the end of last year but hugely enjoyable. A lovely friendly group of people attending classes and very welcoming. I have '2 left feet" but Sue-Ann inspires us all and I even had to have my work roster changed so I could attend her classes.

To all the Ladies out there looking for a beneficial, energetic, lighthearted, friendly and fun way to help with fitness, balance and general core well being, then Sue-Ann's Coredance classes are definitely the way to go.

I started Sue-Ann's Coredance over two years ago, despite the fact that I thought exercise would be boring and hard to maintain.

Sue-Ann's Coredance is not what I would call exercise in the traditional sense, but a relaxing, no pressure and fun way to help with your balance, fitness and general well being.

The other ladies are fantastic, we all make mistakes but that's half the fun.
We are able to laugh at ourselves while still learning, we enjoy the weekly catch ups with each other and we even "do coffee" at the local cafe on Friday mornings.

I for one would highly recommend Sue-Ann's Coredance classes to anyone wanting to meet new people, socialise and have fun while maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Now I have started, I can't see myself not doing my classes twice a week.

I have been attending Coredance classes for the past 18 months. Our teacher, Sue-Ann Barry, brings with her many years of experience both as a dancer and a teacher of dance. She is passionate in her love of dance and the benefits exercise through dance brings to women’s health and well-being.

My personal experience has not only brought me great joy, but at the same time noticeably improved my flexibility, body balance, and muscle tone. Learning new dance routines is a great way to improve memory and also helps maintain/improve bone mineral density, especially for the more mature woman.

Meeting women who are like-minded and making new friends is another positive to these classes. At the same time you have fun dancing to great music.

We are taught to progress at our own pace and level of skill. Questions are encouraged and support from Sue-Ann is always available. I highly recommend this form of activity for women of all ages.

Not only has Coredance been amazingly beneficial in building flexibility, balance and better posture, it has also become my weekly addiction for social interaction in a warm and welcoming environment.  Sue-Ann delivers a fun packed session with terrific music and carefully choreographed dance routines that promote coordination of both mind and body, designed specifically for our “more mature” community.   Her ability to motivate, educate and promote awareness of the benefits of movement are testament to her skills as an excellent facilitator.  I’ve found my “Happy Place”!

I would highly recommend Sue-Ann’s classes to any woman wishing to remain as active as possible in their later years.  I have been attending Coredance classes for 3 years and Sue-Ann inspires the whole class with her high energy, enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge.  I look forward to each class not only for the benefit of keeping fit but also for the friendships formed with a wonderful group of ladies.


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