Problems of Evolution
Why the Evolution Controversy is Not Going Away
By Stephen E. Jones, (c) 2004-2006
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This is the Contents main page of my book "Problems of Evolution," which I was writing online as a draft. However, I found it to be far too time-consuming to: 1) write the book on my word-processor; 2) convert it to web format and publish in web pages under this Table of Contents; and then 3) post it to my group Problems of Evolution, so I have `mothballed' that group. I am now just writing my book on my word processor, I am not adding anything to these pages under this main page or to my rough draft outline, so the book itself will increasingly diverge from them.

I have recently restarted this project on my blog, CreationEvolutionDesign (see "Problems of Evolution" book outline: Contents).

1.	Introduction
2.	Philosophy
3.	Religion
4.	History
5.	Science
6.	Environment
7.	Origin of Life
8.	Cell & Molecular
9.	Mechanisms
10.	Fossil Record
11.	`Fact' of Evolution
12.	Major transitions
13.	Man
15.	Conclusion
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