Problems of Evolution
Why the Evolution Controversy is Not Going Away
By Stephen E. Jones, © 2004-2005
Chapter 1. Introduction

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This is the table of contents of Chapter 1, Introduction, of my book-in-progress, "Problems of Evolution." See also the main table of contents.

0.	Preface
	1.0.	Personal
1.	Introduction
	1.1.	There  are problems of evolution
		1.1.1.	Darwin's "Difficulties of the Theory"	
	1.2.	Evolutionists with problems of evolution
		1.2.1.	Darwin and his immediate followers
		1.2.2.	Modern day evolutionists who have problems with evolution	Pierre Grassť	Stephen Jay Gould	Colin Patterson	Antony Flew
	1.3.	Why the evolution controversy is not going away
		1.3.1.	There is an evolution controversy
		1.3.2.	The Intelligent Design-Darwinism controversy 
		1.3.3.	Why is the evolution controversy not going away?
	1.4.	What is "evolution"?
		1.4.1.	No agreed definition of what is "evolution"
		1.4.2.	Evolution" is defined so broadly it cannot be false
		1.4.3.	Shifting definitions of "evolution"
		1.4.4.	The real definition of "evolution"
	1.5.	The  problem of "evolution"
		1.5.1.	Hydrogen gas became humans
	1.6.	Purpose of this book
		1.6.1.	To systematically examine major problems of evolution
		1.6.2.	To help balance evolutionists' one-sided presentation of the facts and arguments
		1.6.3.	To briefly consider alternatives to evolution

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