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The following is an index to previously unclassified quotes now classified into headings, as a temporary intermediate step to integrating the quotes into my quotes pages proper.

While I give permission for my quotes to be copied and quoted, if they are published on the Internet (including the Web), where practical it should be acknowledged that they are from my (Stephen E. Jones'), quotes database and a link should be included back to my home page (, or to my quotes main page (

Since I intend to publish an Evolution Quotes Book using these my quotes, I do not grant permission to publish these my quotes in a book, ebook, CD or DVD, or any other medium except the Internet (e.g. email or Web), nor for any commercial purpose.

  1. Philosophy
  2. Religion
  3. History
  4. Mathematics
  5. Science
  6. Evolution
  7. Darwinism
  8. Mechanisms
  9. Origin of life
  10. Molecular
  11. Embryology
  12. Fossil record
  13. Humans
  14. Social
  15. Design
  16. Creation
  17. Bible
  18. Christianity

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