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This is the table of contents of my planned third book, "The Design Argument."

Copyright (c) 2005, Stephen E. Jones

1.	Introduction
	1.1	Design in the news
	1.2	What is meant by "design'?
	1.3	What is the design argument?
	1.4	Why this book on the design argument?

2.	Ancient design arguments
	2.1	Greco-Roman
	2.2	Biblical

3.	Natural theology
	3.1	Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274)
	3.2	John Ray (1627-1705)
	3.3	Thomas Reid (1710-1796)
	3.4	William Paley (1743-1805)
	3.5	The Bridgewater Treatises

4.	Critiques of natural theology
	4.1	David Hume (17111776)
	4.2	Charles Darwin (18091882)

5.	Eclipse of the design argument
	5.1	18-19th century theology's response to critiques
	5.2	Eclipse of the design argument

6.	Return of the design argument
	6.1	Robert E.D. Clark (1906-1984)
	6.2	Richard Swinburne (1934-)
	6.3	Cosmological anthropic  `coincidences'
	6.4	Intelligent Design movement
	6.5	"Construction project" design argument
The "construction project" design argument will present evidence that major steps in the history of life, (e.g. 
the amniotic egg; the mammalian inner ear; the avian "flying kit" and the unique package of features that 
defines humans) were in fact put together in pursuance of a long-term goal by an Intelligent Designer, and 
cannot even in principle be explained (but only attempted to be explained away) by 
any naturalistic theory of evolution..

7.	Objections to the design argument
	7.1	Evil design
	7.2	Imperfect design
	7.3	"Invisible gardener"
	7.4	Design not "science"?

8.	Future of the design argument
	8.1	Can design be proved?
	8.2	Can the designer(s) be identified?
	8.3	Acceptance of design into 21st century science?
	8.4	The design argument and Christianity

9.	Conclusion
	9.1	Alternatives to design
	9.2	Paradigm shift?

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