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Welcome to my home page! My name is Stephen E. (Steve) Jones. I am in my seventies, married with two adult children and five grandchildren, an evangelical Christian and a member of a Church of Christ fellowship in a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. I have a Bachelor of Health Administration, a Bachelor of Science (Biology), and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary). For six years (2009-15) I was a relief (substitute, supply) high school teacher, mainly in Mathematics and Science, but now I am retired.

For over a decade (1994-2005), I was debating creation, evolution and intelligent design on the Internet, the last four years (2001-5) being on my now-terminated Yahoo group CreationEvolutionDesign. In 2005 I ceased debating and started blogging.

I am now posting only on my The Shroud of Turin blog. My other blogs CreationEvolutionDesign and Jesus is Jehovah! are now inactive.

See my site map for my web pages, most of which (apart for those about the Shroud of Turin), are out of date. I continue to maintain a "Perth and suburbs secondhand booksellers" page.

To contact me by email click here [replace "AT" with "@" and "*" with "." minus the quotes].

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