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Welcome to my home page! My name is Stephen E. (Steve) Jones. I am in my sixties, married with two adult children and five grandchildren, an evangelical Christian and a member of a Church of Christ fellowship in a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. I have a Bachelor of Science (Biology) degree and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary). I am a relief (substitute, supply) high school teacher, mainly in Mathematics.

For over a decade (1994-2005), I was debating creation, evolution and intelligent design on the Internet, the last four years (2001-2005) being on my now-terminated Yahoo group CreationEvolutionDesign. In 2005 I ceased debating and started blogging.

I am now posting only on my The Shroud of Turin blog. My other blogs CreationEvolutionDesign and Jesus is Jehovah! are now inactive.

Copies of my The Shroud of Turin blog; Site map.

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