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Below is a list, in alphabetic order of author and then in year order, of scientific journal articles for me to get copies of. Some I already may have, but need to check!

* Bortin, V., "Science and the Shroud of Turin," _The Biblical Archaeologist_, Vol. 43, No. 2, Spring, 1980, pp.109-117.
Chedd, G., "Crick on the Origin of the Code," _New Scientist_, January 23, 1969.
Cole, K.C., "On Imagining the Unseeable," _Discover_, December 1982, p.70.
Davies, P.C.W., "Chance or Choice: Is the Universe an Accident?," _New Scientist_, 16 November 1978, pp.506-508.
Durant, W., "Are We in the Last Stage of a Pagan Period?" _Chicago Tribune_ Syndicate, April 1980.
Foster, M.B, "The Christian Doctrine of Creation and the Rise of Modern Natural Science," _Mind_, Vol. 43, 1934, pp.446-468.
Gish, D.T., "Evolution as Fact and Theory," _Discover_Vol. 2, No. 7, July 1981.
Gould, S.J., "Evolution as fact and theory," _Discover_, May 1981, pp.34-37.
Gould, S.J., "Balzan Prize to Ernst Mayr," _Science_, Vol. 223, 20 January 1984, pp.255-257.
Hawkes, N.,"An Embryonic Liar," _The Times_, 11 August, 1997, p.14.
Herbert, W., "Was Lucy a Climber? Dissenting Views of Ancient Bones," _Science News_, Vol. 122, August 1982, p.116.
* Jumper, E.J., Stevenson, K.E., Jr. & Jackson, J.P., "Images of Coins on a Burial Cloth?," _The Numismatist_, July 1978, pp.1349-1357. [27/11/2007]
Leakey, R.E., "Hominids in Africa," _American Scientist_, March/April 1976, p.177.
* Lewis, R., 1979, "Pathologist at Calvary: Examination of Turin Shroud Provides Crucifixion Details," _American Medical News_, 13 April 1979, p.21.
* McCrone, W.C., "The Shroud of Turin: blood or artist's pigment?," _Accounts of Chemical Research_, Vo. 23, 1990, pp.77-83.
Mayr, E.W., "How to Carry Out the Adaptationist Program?," _The American Naturalist_, Vol. 121, No. 3, March, 1983, pp.324-334.
O'Grady, R. T., "Evolutionary Theory and Teleology," _Journal of Philosophy_, 74, 1984, pp.261-301.
Oppenheimer, J.R., "On Science and Culture," _Encounter_, Vol. 19, No. 4, October 1962, pp.3-10.
Oxnard, C.E., _Homo - Journal of Comparative Human Biology_ 1981, Vol. 30, pp.242-243, 243. [Ordered PCC]
* Palenik, S.J., "Microscopic Trace Evidence - The Overlooked Clue, Part II, Max Frei - Sherlock Holmes with a Microscope," _The Microscope_, 
	Vol. 30, 1982, pp., 163-170.
Parker, G. E., "Clarifying Creation-Evolution," _American Biology Teacher_, April 1977, p.247.
Pilbeam, D., "Rearranging Our Family Tree," _Human Nature_, June 1978, pp.39-45.
Rensberger, B., "Ideas on Evolution Going Through a Revolution Among Scientists," _Houston Chronicle_, November 5, 1980, Section 4, p.15.
Schwabenthan, S., "Life Before Birth," _Parents_, Vol. 54, October 1979, pp.44-50 [or pp.31-40. NLA].
Van Biema, D., "Science and the Shroud," _TIME_, April 20, 1998.
Wainscoat, J.S., et al., "Evolutionary relationships of human populations from an analysis of nuclear DNA polymorphisms," 
	_Nature_, Vol. 319, 6 Feb 1986, pp.491-493. 
Watson, L., "The Water People," _Science Digest_, Vol. 90, May 1982, p.44.
Wilson, E.O., "The Relation of Science to Theology," _Zygon_, Vol. 15, No. 4, September/December 1980, pp.425-434.
Wilson, E.O., "Toward a Humanistic Biology," _The Humanist_, Vol. 42, September/October 1982, pp. 38-41, 56-58.
* Wolfli in Reader's Digest, Australian edition, October 1989. 
Wright, S.G., "Character Change, Speciation, and the higher Taxa," _Evolution_, Vol. 36, No. 3, 1982, p. 440.
* Wuenschel, E.A., "The truth about the Holy Shroud, _American Ecclesiastical Review_, Vol. 129, 1953, pp.170-87. [20/03/2010]

Davies, P.C.W., "The anthropic principle," in Wilkinson, D., ed., Progress in Particle and Nuclear physics 10, 
	Pergamon Press: Oxford, 1983, pp.1-38.
Hawking, S., "The Anisotropy of the Universe at Large Times" in Longair, ed, "Confrontation of 
	Cosmological Theories with Observational Data," D. Reidel Pub. Co: Dordrecht, 1979, p. 285. [MPSL 523.1 
Hoffman, P., "Hitler's Personal Security: Protecting the Führer, 1921-1945," Pergamon Press: London, 1979, p.264.

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