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The following are quotes added to my Unclassified Quotes database in January 2009. The date format is dd/mm/yy.
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"shabua`. A period of seven, a week, the Feast of Weeks. This term occurs twenty times in the or, always 
indicating a period of seven. Indeed, the word obviously comes to us from sheba' (q.v.) and could literally 
be translated always as `seven-period.' In Deut 16:9, shabu'a represents a period of seven days (literally 
`seven seven-periods you-shall-number-to-you'). The context in verses 9, 10, and 16 demands the time to be 
in terms of `days.' No serious expositor has ever argued for `years' here. It might be noted that in Deut 16:9 
in the spelling of the plural, the central vowel letter-the waw-is omitted (shabu`ot), as it is also at times 
in the singular (e.g. Gen 29:27, shebua`) where in an unpointed text it would then be spelled identically to 
seven, sheba', in the feminine. While in Deut 16:9, discussed above, shabu'a represents a period of 
seven days, in Dan 9:24,25,26,27 it denotes a period of seven years in each of its appearances in these four 
verses. ... shabua` is also used as a technical term in Deut 16:10,16 where it denotes the Feast of Weeks 
(hag shabu`ot), i.e. the Feast of Seven-Periods. American Jewry often still call this feast `Shavuos,' but 
today's Israeli pronunciation is `Shavuot' It was so named because it was to be celebrated `on the morrow 
after' the seventh sabbath after the day of firstfruits (Lev 23:15-16)! Hence it was the feast of the day 
following the seven seven-periods, or the feast of Hamishim Yom, fifty days-'Pentecost' from the Greek. 
This feast marked the early wheat harvest at about the sixth of Sivan, at the end of our own month of May. 
Christians remember Pentecost as the day when the Holy Spirit was poured out in fullness (Acts 2). As 
Christ was the `firstfruits' (I Cor 15:20,23), many also see in this later Feast of Weeks, shabua`, a picture of 
the coming resurrection of all the redeemed." (Harris, R.L.*, Archer, G.L.* & Waltke, B.K*., eds, "Theological 
Wordbook of the Old Testament," Moody Press: Chicago IL, 1980, Twelfth Printing, 1992, Vol. II, p.899. 
Emphasis original).

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