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Creation/Evolution Quotes: Unclassified quotes: April 2010

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The following are quotes added to my Unclassified Quotes database in April 2010.
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"Since a sighting of the crescent of a new moon less than 20 hours after the instant of the new moon is very 
rare, in general the crescent of the new moon will not be seen until after the sunset of the next day following 
the instant of the new moon. Therefore, in the construction of the calendars of this appendix, it is assumed 
that the sighting of the new moon would not occur until the day following the occurrence of the new moon. 
Thus, the crescent moon at sunset would be at least 18 hours old. Seeing an 18 hour old new moon would 
be a rare occurrence, but to establish the beginning of a new month only two creditable witnesses were 
required, and there would have probably been hundreds of thousands of observers since the entire 
population of Judea would have been interested in the establishment of the beginning of the new month. 
Also, much of the area of Judea was a desert with practically no air or light pollution. However, in order that 
the uncertainty due to this factor can be evaluated on a case by case basis, the local Jerusalem time of each 
new moon is footnoted below the calendar. Bad observation conditions (e.g. cloudy weather over the entire 
area) might also preclude the seeing of the new moon at its proper time. However. such conditions would 
only cause a one day error in the beginning of the month, and this error should be corrected in the 
determination of the start of the next month based on new observations. Thus, there would be no 
cumulative errors in the calendar." (Johnson, J.R., "At the Right Time: Dating the Events of the New 
Testament," Bathkol Books: Havre de Grace MD, 1999, p.434)

* Authors with an asterisk against their name are believed not to be evolutionists. However, lack of
an asterisk does not necessarily mean that an author is an evolutionist.


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