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Shroud of Turin quotes: Unclassified quotes: August 2008

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The following are quotes added to my Shroud of Turin unclassified quotes in August 2008. See copyright conditions at end.

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"In 1453 Marguerite de Charny, the last descendant of the family, gave custody of the Shroud to Anna di 
Lusignano, the wife of Duke Lodovico of Savoy, who transferred it to Chambery, then Capital of Savoy. 
Here, in the `Sainte Chapelle' during the night of 4 December 1532, the Shroud suffered very severe damage 
as a result of a fierce fire; the damage caused, even though lovingly repaired by the Poor Clares, is still 
evident. In 1578, in order to ease the exhausting pilgrimage for St Charles Borromeo, who was travelling on 
foot and fasting to Chambery, Duke Emanuel Philibert moved the Shroud to Turin, his new capital. Since 
1694, the Shroud has been preserved in the Chapel of the same name built between the Cathedral and the 
Royal Palace, to a design by the Theatine father and architect, Guarino Guarini. Venerated beneath the 
famous dome, it is contained in an ornate urn, the three keys to which are separately in the possession of 
the Custodian, the Archbishop, and the Proprietor. The latter, by virtue of the will of Umberto (Humbert) of 
Savoy, the last king of Italy, is now, since 1983, the Holy Father himself. The Shroud, stretched and stitched 
on to a backing of Holland canvas, has been preserved rolled up for its entire length around a wooden 
cylinder.Only on occasions associated with the Church or the history of the House of Savoy was the 
Shroud exposed for the viewing of the faithful. The relic has thus never left Turin, a city with which it has 
such deep associations, except that in 1706, during the siege by the French, it was taken for safe-keeping to 
Genoa, while in the terrible years of the Second World War, after a stay in the Quirinale, it was hidden in the 
Benedictine Monastery of Montevergine (Avellino)." (Cassanelli, A., "The Holy Shroud," Williams, B., 
transl., Gracewing: Leominster UK, 2002, p.14)


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