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16-Aug-09My Teaching ResourcesTeaching resources I will use as a science & maths teacher.
07-Jan-08 Projects: Jesus is Jehovah!; The Second Coming of Jesus Christ [01-Jan-07]; My Evolution Quotes Book [08-May-06]; Messianic Prophecies of the Old Testament [27-Nov-05]; A harmony of the order of creation events in Genesis 1 and 2 [02-Oct-05]; Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code versus Christianity(discontinued); My planned third book, "The Design Argument" [06-Feb-05]; my commentary on Daniel's 70 `weeks prophecy (Dan. 9:24-27) [04-Jan-04]; planned second book, "Progressive Creation" [03-Aug-03] & A harmony of the nativity accounts in Mat. 2 & Luke 2. [02-Dec-01]. Projects I am, or have been, working on.
30-Dec-07Quotes: My Jehovah's Witness quotes; Unclassified JW & Classified JW quotes; My Quotes [19-Aug-07]; Shroud of Turin Unclassified [19-Aug-07] & Classified quotes [19-Aug-07]; Creation/Evolution quotes: Classified [22-Jul-01] & Unclassified [29-Apr-01]; Creation/Evolution quotes [22-Aug-99].Jehovah's Witness, Shroud of Turin & Creation/Evolution quotes.
30-Dec-07 My new third blog, Jesus is Jehovah!; My second blog, TheShroudofTurin [24-Jun-07]; TSoT main index [24-Jun-07]; My first blog CreationEvolutionDesign [15-Jul-05]; CED main index [15-Jul-05]; Yahoo group CreationEvolutionDesign terminated [15-Jul-05]; Articles posted to CED list [03-Aug-03] My blogs: Jesus is Jehovah!; TheShroudofTurin (TSoT) & CreationEvolutionDesign (CED).
08-Jul-07Shroud of Turin articles; Letter from Prof. James Barr, 23 April 1984, to David C.C. Watson [03-Jun-01]. Address by Colin Patterson, at the American Museum of Naturalry, New York City, 1981 [09-Dec-99]; Creation/Evolution Articles [02-Dec-99].Articles, etc, webbed here.
13-May-07 Shroud of Turin links; C/E links [20-Apr-03]: Creation links; ID links; Evolution links; Other links sites; C/E groups; C/E blogs Links to Shroud of Turin sites and articles and Creation/Evolution sites.
08-Jan-06Book "Problems of Evolution [26-Dec-04]. Based on outline [02-Nov-03] . Outline chapters now at: Introduction, Philosophy, Religion, History, Science, Environment, Origin of Life, Cell & Molecular, Mechanisms, Fossil Record, `Fact' of Evolution, Plants, Animals, Man (1) & (2); Social, Conclusion, Notes, Bibliography Links to my in- progress book, "Problems of Evolution". See however my Evolution Quotes Book.
25-Dec-05 FAQ's: Intelligent Design (ID); Glosssary (my definitions of terms that I use) [13-Feb-05]; Seven clues to the work of an Intelligent Designer [04-May-03]; ID in a nutshell [01-Apr-01]; Creation-Evolution positions [04-Feb-01]; Second Law of Thermodynamics [29-Oct-00]; FAQs [15-Oct-00]; Personal introduction [15-Oct-00]; Progressive Mediate Creation [15-Oct-00] & Design & designer: Separate questions [15-Oct- 00]. My `frequently asked questions' (FAQs).
24-Oct-04 My journal articles to get (not webbed); My book wants (not webbed) [01-Feb-04]; creation/evolution books [06- Jan-02], by authors' surnames A-D, E-G, H-L, M-P, Q- T & U-Z. My journal & book wants. Also books I own.
06-Apr-03Phillip E. Johnson: Can 80% of us be dead wrong?; booksby [29-Dec-02]; newsabout [29- Dec-02]; Dick Staub Interview(December 3, 2002); How Much Does It Cost?(December 2002); Recognizing the Power of Religion(March 2002); Meave Leakey Announces New Hominid Genus(27 March 2001).Old 1993 op-ed in LA Times, new books section, interview of, and articles by Prof. Johnson.
30-Mar-03Quotes: Authors; Darwin's dishonesty; Development[22-Jul-01]; Bible[14-Jan-01].Quotes posted in emails.
12-Jan-03Phillip E. Johnson. Audio: Audio: The Right Questions; Evolution and Intelligent Design, Nov. 2000 [29 Dec-02]; The Wedge of Evolution and Intelligent Design, Nov. 2000 [29 Dec-02]; The Wedge of Truth: How Sharp the Edge?& Where do we go from Here?, Nov. 2000 [29 Dec-02]; Can the Kansas School Board Decision Be Defended?Sep. 1999 [29 Dec- 02]. Video: Focus on Darwinism, Interview, 1993 [12-Jan-03]; Darwinism on Trial, UC Irvine, 1992; & debate with W.B. Provine, 1994 [29 Dec-02]. Online audo/videos by Prof. Johnson.
22-Dec-02Evolutionary Logic, September 2002; Evolution's Logic of Credulity, December 2002; Sheer vs. Real Possibilities, October/November 2002; Becoming a Disciplined Science, 25 October 2002; Elliott Sober's Independent Evidence Requirement for Design, 23 October 2002; Logical Underpinnings of Intelligent Design, October 2002; Naturalism's Argument from Invincible Ignorance, September 2002.New articles by Bill Dembski.
15-Dec-02References: library. More online references.
13 Oct-02The The ages of the patriarchs in Genesis 5 and 11; Pattle P.T. Pun, A Theology of Progressive Creationism[14 Sep-02] (1987).A depiction of the genealogy in Genesis 5, and an article by Prof. Pun.
28 Jul-02Addicted to Caricatures, July 2002; The Design Revolution, July 2002; Eugenie Scott & Glenn Branch: Commentary, 2 July, 2002; The Primacy of the First Person, July 2002; Skepticism’s Prospects for Unseating Intelligent Design, June 21, 2002.More articles & new book by Bill Dembski.
21-July-02Phillip E. Johnson, rabbi: Terry Mattingly's column, 17 April 2002; Berkeley’s Radical: Interview by James M. Kushiner, Touchstone, November 2000 [26-May-02]; Intelligent design's public defender, San Francisco Chronicle, April 21, 2002 [21-Apr-02] & The Ghost in My Machine, Touchstone, October, 2001 [21-Apr-02]Interview of, and articles about and by Prof. Johnson.
09 Jun-02The Fantasy Life of Richard Wein: A Response to Response, June 7, 2002; Design Inference Website: The Writings of William Dembski, 7 June 2002; Obsessively Criticized but Scarcely Refuted: Response to Richard Wein, May 13, F="iddembsk.html#amnh">Does Evolution Even Have A Mechanism?: Address to the AMNH, April 23, 2002 [26-May-02]; Fruitful Interchange or Polite Chitchat?: The Dialogue Between Science and Theology, February 6, 2002 [26-May-02].Articles by Bill Dembski & a collection of his writings.
10-Apr-02Darwin's references to creationin his The Origin of Species [3-Mar-02]. Darwin's 109 references to creation (or its cognates) in The Origin of Species.
31-Mar-02Refuted Yet Again!: Reply To Matt Young, January 25, 2002 [31-Mar-02]; Dembski's No Free Lunchpage [24-Feb-02]; A `complete' list of William A. Dembskiwebbed articles. [13-Jan- 02].Article by Bill Dembski, his new book "No Free Lunch" page, and a `complete' list of webbed articles by and about Dembski.
24-Mar-02Time's up for the comatose watchmaker, Times Higher Education Supplement, 21 November 1997; "Designer genes: Australian Presbyterian, No. 531, October 2001, pp.4-8 [14-Oct-01], Response to Hasker[27-May-01], Shouting `Heresy' in the Temple of Darwin, Christianity Today, October 24, 1994 [20-May-01]Articles webbed here about, and by Prof. Johnson.
17-Mar-02More to Evolution than Darwin: Audio interview of Michael J. Behe by Laura Lee, January 20, 2000. Interview of Prof. Michael J. Behe.
24-Feb-02Focus on Darwinism, 1993, Back Home in Mitford, Touchstone, December 2001 [06-Jan-02], & Darwin in the Dock, by Stephen C. Meyer. Touchstone, April 2001.Video interview and article about Prof. Johnson.
10-Feb-02NPR Talk of the Nationradio debate and talkback with Prof. Behe, 13 February 2002. Prof. Michael J. Behe`complete' links [18-11-01]Radio debate & links to webbed articles by Prof. Behe updated and new critiques section added.
16-Dec-01References: Booksellers, Cross reference[21-Oct-01], Acronyms, Translation[23-Sep-01], Telephone, Atlases, maps[12- Aug-01], World time[13-May-01], Bible commentaries, Christian writings[15-Apr-01] & Other quotes sites. Online references & links to other quotes sites.
25-11-01The geological time scale.Geological time scale corrected and updated.
19-Aug-01Phillip E. Johnson: What the Good Man Knows& Audio/Video[20-May-01]Articles by Prof. Johnson, and new section Audio/Video of his talks.
17-June-01Problems of Young-Earth Creationism(YEC); Why I believe in an old Earth[30-Jul-00]Old earth and young Earth creation positions
04-Mar-01Reflections on C. S. Lewis's "That Hideous Strength". First Things, March 1, 2000; " Phillip Johnson Steals the Microphone". Review by Rick Wade of "Defeating Darwinism," 4 October 2000; "Naturalistic Fallacy. Review by Michael Ruse of "Reason in the Balance". Reason Magazine, October 1996; Reason in the Balance. An Interview, The Real Issue, January 1995 & The Swedish Syndrome. Review of Stephen L. Carter's, "The Culture of Disbelief", First Things, December 1993.New essay and review, plus catch up on old reviews and interview.
04-Feb-01Interview with Phillip JohnsonRadio interview by Christian psychologist, Dr. Joseph S. Busey, 1992; Position Paper on Darwinism. Johnson's original 1989 position paper on Darwinism [14-Jan-01].Early 1992 interview; original 1989 paper and new section added to Phillip E. Johnson links pages.
03-Sep-00Thomas Huxley, A Pioneer in a Still-Raging Scientific Debate, Washington Times, January 4, 1998; "The Darkness in Plato’s Cave": Review of Alvin Kernan's "In Plato’s Cave" [27-Aug-00]; "Interview with Christian Book Distributors, Inc.": Email interview. [27-Aug-00]. "Evolution and the Curriculum": A Conversation with Gregg Easterbrook [30-Jul-00] New reviews by, and interviews with, Prof. Johnson.
04-Aug-00Why I believe in an old Earth; Why I (a creationist) accept common ancestry(not evolution) [04-Aug-00] Statements of my positions.
11-Jun-00Quotes: Geology& Molecular. New Creation/Evolution Quotes main pages.
04-Jun-00Quotes: Mathematics & Computers; Design[14-May-00]; Mechanisms[16-Apr-00], Social[02-Jan-00]. New Creation/Evolution Quotes main pages.
26-Dec-99A comparison of Intelligent Design theory with Anti-Design theory& Quotes: HumansA table comparing the predictions of Intelligent Design theory with those of Anti-Design theory & C/E Quotes main page.
12-Dec-99Phillip E. Johnson linkspages 1& 2.Links to web pages by Phillip E. Johnsonnow split into two pages.
21-Nov-99Quotes: History& Evolution.Creation/evolution quotes main pages.
24-Oct-99references.Online references, e.g. dictionaries, encyclopaedias, HTML, etc.
17-Oct-99Site map A site map of my major web pages here.
29-Aug-99Quotes: Introduction, Religion, Origin of Life, Fossil Record, Creation, Science& Darwinism. New Creation/Evolution Quotes main pages.
15-Aug-99Home pageMy home page created 21- Aug-99.


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