GPS Product Review

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The Garmin presentation delivered by Gary Nicholson from GME Electrophone , was received, by all that attended, very well. Held at WACB , much of Gary's presentation focused on the GPS units with auto route features, with some discussion about the mapping available for these and those intended for navigation in non-metropolitan areas. Other topics included the quality and advancements in screen technology and their capacity to be viewed in a variety of lighting conditions.

After a break for pizza and refreshments, the audience had the opportunity to try out the various GPS units brought along for the purpose and facilitated by the set up of a reradiating antenna, to enable the units to operate fully indoors. Both Ken and Gary were approached with specific questions about the display units, software and various issues experienced by members with their own GPS receivers. A number of members were reconsidering their own GPS setups.

It was apparent that Gary was as keen to learn about the wants, needs and problems associated with off road navigation and expressed interest in making a return visit to West Coast 4x4 to demonstrate solutions to some of our more specific issues.

I would like to thank Gary for his presentation and the wealth of knowledge he was willing to share. I am also grateful to Ken Marsh from WACB , for providing the use of his premises and his ongoing support of West Coast 4x4 's communications and navigation needs.