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Loughmore Catholic Cemetery

Parish of Loughmore and Castleleiny County Tipperary mostly pre 1900's

Loughmore Old Catholic Cemetery Loughmore & Castleleiny Co TipperaryAhearne Laurence, erected by Ellen Ahearne in memory of her husband, teacher of Loughmore National School 1863 - 1898 who died 11.9.1909 aged 70 years.
Barry Laurence of Barronstown died 28.2.1921 aged 97 years, his wife Eliza died 18.8.1918 aged 90 years, his son James died 7.10.1929 aged 65 years and his son John died young.
Barry Phillip, erected by Patrick Barry of Killnesare (Kilnaseer) in memory of his father Phillip who died 4.7.1842 aged 74 years.
Berkery Johanna, erected by Rody Berkery of Leigh in memory of his wife who died 18.6.1917 aged 38 years, also two of their children, the above Rody died 1.10.1952.
Loughmore Catholic ChurchBourke Thomas. Erected by Michael Bourke of Graiguefrehane in memory of his father Thomas who died 27.11.1806, nephew Thomas died 18.12.1906 aged 16 years, mother Hanora nee Stapleton died 23.9.1913, his sister Catherine died young, the above Michael died 13.12.1932, his brother Edward died 4.2.1937. Margaret wife of Edward died 14.10.1937.
Brennan Agnes died 4.3.1962 aged 34 years.
Brennan Agnes Shanahan of Cobbs, Templemore died 4.3.1962 aged 34 years.
Brennan Andrew, erected by Margaret Brennan alias Keys in memory of her husband Andrew of Gurteen who died 1.9.1855 aged 53 years.
Brennan Hannah nee Harney died 20.8.1915 aged 66 years. Laurence Brennan died 3.7.1920 aged 75 years, his son Laurence died 15.9.1929 aged 46 years.
Brennan James of Killawardy, Killea died 11.4.1970 aged 54 years.
Brennan Judith, erected by Andrew Brennan of Gurteen in memory of his wife Judith Fann? Who died 20.10.1826 aged 53 years.
Brennan Patrick died 6.4.1940.
Brien Matthias. Erected by Patrick Brien of Cobbs in memory of his father Matthias who died 1885, his mother Mary died 28.3.1895, also his wife Annastatia died 23.12.1916. Patrick Brien died 24.12.1930.
Brinnan Andrew, erected by Andrew of Gurteen in memory of his father Andrew who died 9.5.1843 aged 78 years, brother John died 25.1.1831 aged 33 years.
Burke Patrick of Coolahulla Moyne died 1914, his father Patrick died 1927, his mother Mary died 1941, his brother Martin died February 1951, his sister Kathleen died April 1957. John died 22.2.1984, his wife Bridget died 19.12.1979.
Butler Norah nee Hennessy died 20.6.1916 aged 35 years.
Cahill James died 27.1.1915 aged 70 years. Margaret died 30.3.1918 aged 40 years.
Cahill Kieran of Loughmore died 16.5.1969 aged 59 years. Catherine Cahill nee Greeney died 21.12.1978 aged 61 years and their daughter Maisie died 13.12.1985.
Cahill Mary Jane. Erected by Cornelius Cahill of Loughmore in memory of his wife Mary Jane who died 28.9.1892 aged 58 years.
Cahill Phillip. Erected by Johanna Cahill of Loughmore in memory of her husband Phillip who died 2.3.1885 aged 80 years.
Cahill Thomas and Judith. Erected by John Cahill, Landsurveyor in memory of his parents Thomas of Coolnamouma who died February 1815 aged 53 years and mother Judith alias Shortall who died 1.9.1839, likewise their son Thom died aged 8 years.
Cahill William died 2.4.1878 aged 72 years, Mary died 30.3.1872 aged 70 years, her daughter Mary died 18.8.1866 aged 26 years.
Cambie Richard L died 28.5.1885 aged 80 years, his wife Elizabeth died 22.3.1917 aged 81 years, their son Thomas died in 1927, his wife Emma died 1931, their daughter Julia died 1.3.1958 aged 84 years, Margaret died 13.10.1966 aged 90 years.
Carney Sam of Whitefield died 1.2.1889, his wife died 24.11.1894 aged 88 years, Michael died 30.11.1911 aged 64 years, Ellen of Ivy Hall died 28.12.1914 aged 76 years, Samuel died 15.1.1958, his wife Annie died 31.1.1984.
Carney Thomas died 24.12.1885 aged 47 years and his two sons, his sisters Bridget Costelloe died 3.9.1884 aged 35 years and Anne Cormack died 28.6.1880 aged 36 years.
Carroll Bridget died 14.7.1833 aged 63 years, erected by Patrick Commeford of Rocker.
Carroll Ellen, erected by John Carroll of Whitefield in memory of his mother Ellen who died 15.5.1856 aged 70 years, also his daughter Mary died 23.4.1883 aged 22 years, Mary nee Kennedy and Patrick, his wife Kate and their sons James and John, his brother James Senr. Patrick Carroll died 11.8.1980 aged 89 years and his wife Alice nee Shanahan died 8.3.1992 aged 91 years.
Carroll Mary, erected by James Carroll in memory of his wife Mary who died 6.10.1843 aged 51? Years.
Carroll Right Rev. William Carroll, born Ballybrista 15.7.1926 PP Saltburn England died 21.6.1995.
Carroll William of Derry died 27.4.1915, his father Michael, his mother Jane, his brothers Michael and Thomas, his sister Bridget.
Casey Thomas, erected by Bridget Casey for her husband Thomas Casey who died 9.12.1914, also her daughters Mary Margaret and Lizzy, the above Bridget Casey died 13.5.1923.
Cass Johanna died 13.3.1889 aged 48 years.
Cleary Cornelius, erected by Patrick Cleary of The Furze in memory of his nephew Cornelius who died 28.9.1879 aged 30 years, above Patrick died 20.10.1884 aged 80 years, also his son Thomas of Ballyknockin died 29.5.1927 and Sarah wife of Thom died 14.10.1922.
Cody Thomas, erected by Pat Cody to his father Thomas Cody who died 14.7.1805 aged 40 years, also his son Ino Cody died 1793 aged 6 years, also his mother Anne Kerwin died 22.5.1838 aged 66 years. Kieran Cody of Inch died 2.9.1930.
Cody Thomas, erected by Pat Cody to his father Thomas Cody who died 14.7.1805 aged 40 years, also his son Ino Cody died 1793 aged 6 years. Also his mother Anne Kerwin died 22.5.1838 aged 66 years. Kieran Cody of Inch died 2.9.1930.
Connolly John of Barronstown died 17.10.1906 aged 73 years, his wife Mary died 7.2.1883 aged 36 years, their daughter Sister Mary Ailbe died 6.6.1901 aged 25 years, their grandchildren, Maura Connolly died 26.5.1938 (Ascension Day), John died 8.4.1965, his wife Bridget died 12.6.1990.
Cormack Andrew, erected by William Cormack in memory of his father Andrew who died 6.5.1829 aged 76 years, also his son William who died aged 28 years.
Cormack Bridget, erected by Patrick Cormack in memory of his mother Bridget alias Cleary who died 29.5.1869 aged 50 years. Mary alias Flynn died 22.8.1897 aged 67 years. Above Patrick died 9.4.1919 aged 83 years, his son Patrick died 15.12.1945 aged 72 years, his wife Margaret nee Molony died 6.5.1945 aged 74 years.
Cormack Daniel, who was hanged for the murder of a landowner called Ellis at Nenagh along with his brother William on 11.5.1858, later returned and reburied at Loughmore on 9.5.1910
Cormack John died 26.11.1869 aged 64 years, his daughter Mary died 9.6.1875 aged 28 years, her son William died 15.9.1878 aged 26 years. Mrs John Cahill died 4.6.1887, wife of above John, John Cahill died 20.8.1905 aged 70 years.
Crowley Bridget, Loughmore died 25.11.1928 aged 17 years. John Phillip died 25.2.1929 aged 16 years. Parents interred at Tipperary, Mrs Annastatia Cahill died 27.7.1920, Phillip Crowley died 20.3.1938. Cornelius of Loughmore Village died 22.2.1843 aged 40 years.
Crowley Cornelius of Loughmore died 22.2.1843 aged 40 years, erected by his father Phillip. Also Bridget Crowley of Loughmore died 25.11.1928 aged 17 years, John Philip died 25.2.1929 aged 16 years (his parents interred at Tipperary), Mrs Annastatia Cahill died 2.7.1920, Phillip Crowley died 20.3.1938, Charles died 13.3.1948.
Cullagh Michael and his wife Mary of Ballyleah, Templetuohy and their sons James and Denis and daughters Nell, Mary and Margaret.
Cullen William, erected by Mary Cullen of Ballyknockane in memory of her husband William who died 2.12.1901 aged 76 years, his father and mother William and Mary Cullen nee Hennessy also her son John died 13.6.1897 aged 34 years, her son William of Ballyknockane died 26.3.1911 aged 49 years, her son Timothy of Cloone died 9.3.1912 aged 41 years, above Mary died January 1921 aged 91 years, her daughter Mary died February 1920 aged 55 years, her son Patrick died 1.4.1939 aged 72 years, her son James died 28.11.1947 aged 74 years, his wife Bridget nee O'Dwyer died 26.11.1946 aged 69 years.
Cussen Patrick died 15.12.1875 aged 63 years. Ellen died 28.7.1880 aged 85 years.
Davy Edward of Oldbawn died 10.1.1886 aged 72 years, Catherine died 5.12.1870 aged 52 years.
Davy John, here lies the body of John Davy of Oldbawn, born 1804 and died 29.5.1830. The innocence of his moral, the mildness of his character and the number of his talents increased his loss to the church for whose Ministry he was intended.
Davy Mr Thomas of Clogherely (Clogharaily) parish of Loughmore died 8.4.1845 aged 83 years, he was an inoffensive and honest man and much loved by all who knew him.
Davy Thomas died 6.6.1914 aged 69 years.
Davy Thomas of Newtown died 10.1.1882 aged 74 years, his children Catherine, William and Ellen died young. Patrick Davy of Cranagh died 6.1.1979 aged 98 years, his wife Catherine died 1.9.1949 aged 71 years, son Michael died 9.11.1934 aged 25 years.
Davy Tobias, erected by Ellen Davy, The Islands, in memory of her husband who died 6.5.1897 aged 83 years.
Dee Maurice died 2.9.1792 aged 51 years, also James Dee died 25.4.1796 aged 36 years. William Dee died 27.2.1955 aged 77 years, late of Kilrush.
Dee Maurice died 2.9.1792 aged 51 years. James died 25.4.1796 aged 36 yeas, and William Dee died 27.2.1955, late of Kilrush.
Dee Maurice, erected by David Dee in memory of his father Maurice of Moycarkey who died 26.12.1861 aged 64 years, also his three infant children, Mary, William and Maurice Dee.
Dee Rev. David Dee PP died 5.3.1855 aged 72 years, Pastor of Loughmore and Castleleiny for 22 years.
Deegan Daniel of Loughmore died 6.1.1844 aged 68 years, his daughter Mary alias Ryan died 11.1.1873, her husband Jeremiah Ryan of Oldbawn died June 1902 aged 81 years, their son Thomas Ryan died 3.1.1916 aged 59 years, Hanorah Rayn died 5.10.1944, Margaret Ryan nee Haghett died 31.12.1939 aged 43 years, Jerome Ryan died 10.9.1978 aged 84 years and his wife Julia died 5.7.1980 aged 82 years.
Delahunty Michael, erected by Margaret Delahunty of Gupteen in memory of her husband who died 6.5.1887 aged 80 years, her daughter Annie died 22.7.1905 aged 26 years. Stephen Delahunty her brother-in-law died 14.3.1906 aged 71 years. Margaret died 3.8.1920 aged 72 years, her son Stephen died 16.2.1934 aged 47 years. Her son James died 6.11.1954 aged 74 years. James' wife Catherine died 14.11.1969 aged 79 years.
Doyle William, erected by Philip Doyle of Coolgrane in memory of his father who died 5.3.1886 aged 86 years, also his mother Ellen Doyle nee Fogarty died 14.9.1995 aged 73 years, the above Philip died 9.6.1921 aged 69 years, his wife Mary died 21.10.1936.
Egan James, erected by John Egan of Athnid in memory of his father James who died 1.9.1853 aged 65 years, his mother Anto Brennan died 6.10.1877 aged 82 years, brother and sister Dan and Kate. Above John Egan died 1908, wife Anne nee Cahill died 1937, his daughter Ellen 1900, son Martin died 1964.
Egan Patrick of Kilkillahara died 20.10.1928, his wife Mary died January 1944 aged 85 years, their sons John died 10.5.1961, Michael died 27.4.1974, his wife Ellen died 26.3.1971.
Everard Michael, erected by Catherine Everard of Longorchard in memory of her husband Michael who died 18.1.1888 aged 47 years, her son Michael died 3.11.1921 aged 47 years. Catherine Everard died 25.4.1952 aged 72 years, also Bridget Everard died 30.12.1952 aged 77 years, Mary Everard died 7.2.1968 aged 88 years.
Eviston Margaret died 8.1.1831 aged 62 years, Thomas of Clonamocoge died 20.1.1808 aged 51 years.
Eviston Martin, erected by Martin Eviston of Barronstown in memory of his father who died 20.11.1891 aged 70 years, his mother Johanna nee Fanning died 12.11.1869 aged 50 years, daughter Margaret died 23.10.1911 aged 12 years, Martin died 2.9.1923 aged 72 years, his wife Sarah died 14.4.1933 aged 72 years Harney Michael died 26.3.1911, his wife Bridget died 26.2.1950.
Eviston William of Clonomogogue (Clonamuckoge) died 18.3.1921 aged 75 years, his wife Bridget nee Dunlea died 15.12.1933 aged 80 years.
Fahey William of Rahailty died 7.2.1810 aged 84 years.
Fanning Catherine, erected by William Fanning in memory of his wife Catherine who died September 1875 aged 44 years, son Patrick died 5.11.1906 aged 42 years, above William died 27.7.1908 aged 89 years, son James died 3.9.1912 aged 40 years, son John and daughter Nora died 1866, Johanna died 3.12.1917, Thomas died 13.9.1897 aged 44 years. William Jnr died 5.6.1923 aged 62 years.
Fanning James died 25.1.1831 aged 74 years, erected by Catherine Fanning and Sarah Clarke, his wife and daughter.
Fanning Judy, erected by John Fanning in memory of his daughter Judy who died 23.10.1825 aged 4 years. His son Thomas died 1833 aged 13 years and his daughter Mary died 21.11.1840.
Fanning William of Clondoty died 27.7.1908 aged 89 years, his wife Catherine died 3.9.1875 aged 44 years, Patrick died 5.11.1906 aged 42 years.
Fanning Willie A of Shanbally House, Moycarkey died 11.2.1925 aged 22 years, his mother Johanna died 16.5.1948 aged 72 years, his father Edward died 12.9.1948 aged 80 years.
Finn John died 16.1.1905 aged 81 years, Johanna died 4.5.1918 aged 83 years, John died 2.11.1928 aged 54 years.
Finn Mary nee Russell died 21.5.1890 aged 72 years, erected by Richard Russell in memory of his daughter.
Fogarty Catherine died 28.8.1862 aged 18 years, Cornelius died 3.9.1867 aged 27 years, Ellen died 9.6.1879 aged 28 years.
Fogarty Catherine, erected by Cornelius Fogarty of Lisheenataggart in memory of his wife who died 3.2.1854 aged 74 years, the above Cornelius died 8.11.1868 aged 96 years.
Fogarty Cornelius died 13.7.1774 aged 27 years.
Fogarty Honoria, erected by Daniel Fogarty of Whitefield in memory of his wife who died 12.11.1912 aged 75 years, above Daniel died 12.2.1915 aged 74 years, his son Michael of Graigue, Drom died 3.4.1932 aged 57 years and his wife Alicia nee Looby died 15.10.1915 aged 87 years.
Fogarty John Esq died 3.6.1927 aged 80 years, his wife Nannie, of Dublin died 24.7.1896. Michael of Lisheenatagart died 23.1.1935 aged 79 years, his wife Elizabeth died 8.2.1931 aged 68 years.
Fogarty John, erected by Richard Fogarty in memory of his father John Fogarty of Kilrush who died 30.4.1904 aged 85 years and his sister Mary died 15.7.1896 aged 26 years, his mother Bridget died 15.3.1918 aged 78 years.
Fogarty Michael and his wife Mary nee Hayes died 17.9.1925 and 18.12.1928 respectively, daughter Mary died 3.10.1909, Michael Fogarty of Skehane of Two Mile Borris died 27.6.1971 and his wife Bridget died 2.6.1987.
Fogarty Mrs Thomas Fogarty of Lisheenataggart died 16.1.1874 aged 68 years, daughter Bridget died 13.5.1873 aged 25 years, her husband Thomas died 8.5.1892 aged 86 years.
Fogarty Patrick and Mary, erected by Denis and William Fogarty of Loughmore in memory of their father and mother, Patrick died June 1863 aged 60 years, Mary died March 1915 aged 84 years, also their sister Mary May died 1875 aged 25 years and Sarah wife of William died May 1899 aged 40 years. Above William died 16.8.1921 aged 61 years, Denis died 26.11.1931 aged 76 years, his wife Mary died 21.5.1949, their daughter Kathleen died 12.6.1942 and their son Patrick died 1.12.1974.
Fogarty Timothy of Lisheenatagart died 20.1.1887 aged 76 years, his wife Mary nee Hayes died 1.1.1885 aged 65 years, Eleen nee Carrick died 29.11.1986. John died 28.8.1987.
Fogarty William of Longorchard, Templetouhy died 16.7.1970 aged 85 years, his wife Mary died 9.2.1958 aged 60 years, also his brother James died 21.3.1960 aged 60 years.
Fogarty William of Templetuohy died 15.3.1964.
Fogarty William, erected by Mrs Fogarty of Lisheenataggart in memory of her husband who died 22? And her son Thomas died 10.11.1893 aged 38 years and Mrs Fogarty died 29.1.1896 aged 80 years.
Fogarty William, erected by Mrs McDonald in memory of her father William Fogarty of Kilglooney who died 28.7.1873 aged 78 years, his wife Mary died 7.4.1862 aged 63? Years.
Geehan Martin, erected by James Geehan of Tullow McJames in memory of his parents Martin who died 5.6.1907 aged 80 years and Margaret died 12.11.1915 aged 76 years, brothers Timothy died 13.1.1923 aged 49 years, James 4.12.1953 , wife Mary died 9.3.1954, their sons Joseph died 15.2.1973 aged 54 years and Martin died 2.3.1996 aged 84 years.
Gleeson Anne, erected by Philip Gleeson of Kilnasare (Kilnaseer) in memory of his wife who died 15.5.1918 aged 69 years, his daughters Ellie died 27.11.1896 aged 14 years and Annie died 27.4.1907 aged 18 years, above Philip died 23.12.1933 aged 84 years, their son Philip died 15.3.1966, his wife Bridget died 27.11.1973.
Gleeson Margaret died 19.9.1985 aged 65 years.
Gleeson Patrick died 1885 aged 78 years, Honora died 1881 aged 69 years wife of Patrick, Alice daughter of Patrick and Honora died 1869 aged 26 years, Jerome, nephew died 8.5.1913 aged 20 years, Philip brother of Patrick died 12.1.1924 aged 73 years, Margaret nee Dunlea sister-in-law of Philip died 20.1.1919 aged 65 years, Philip died 1.10.1987 aged 65 years, James died 10.8.1917 aged 74 years, Patrick died 23.4.1940 aged 52 years, his wife Bridget nee Meagher died 17.1.1965 aged 76 years and their infant grandchildren, Philip and Josephine.
Godfrey Rev. Thomas, PP of Loughmore and Castleleiny 1915 - 1930 died 9.3.1930 aged 72 years.
Gorman William, erected by Catherine Gorman alias Gleeson in memory of her husband William of Copes who died 14.11.1852 aged 52 years. Rev Michael O'Gorman died 7.1.1866 aged 27 years. John Gorman died 10.6.1870 aged 19 years, Martin Gorman died 19.3.1894 aged 50 years, his wife Bridget died 9.7.1925 aged 70 years.
Grimes John. Erected by Mrs John Grimes of Cooleeny in memory of John Grimes who died 23.5.1880 aged 71 years, son John died 7.7.1864, son Jeremiah died 15.9.1872, son James died 11.9.1888, above Mrs Grimes died 26.3.1888.
Gussen John died 12.2.1858 aged 52 years.
Hackett Rev Thomas Canor Hackett parish priest of Loughmore and Castleleiny for years, born 22.11.1847 and died 12.5.1915.
Harney James, erected by Mrs Harney of Whitefield in memory of her husband James who died 21.10.1852 aged 44 years, daughter Mrs Hayes died 21.3.1877 aged 34 years, James of Whitefield died 24.12.1904 aged 60 years. Marian nee Meagher died 5.9.1939 aged 38 years. Mary Anne nee Brennan, wife of the above James died 17.5.1942 aged 86 years.
Hayes James., erected by James Hayes of Killeenleigh in memory of his son James who died 22.2.1827 aged 15 years.
Healy Patrick of Tinvoher his wife Ann and their sons William, Patrick and John, daughter Mary Quinlan nee Healy.
Hennessy James died 11.5.2878 aged 84 years, Bridget died 18.6.1866 aged 65 years, wife of James died 22.9.1911 aged 69 years, Mathew died 2.5.1887 aged 9 years, Mary died 15.1.1929 aged 84 years.
Hoare Luke of Gurthree Loughmore died 22.12.1920 aged 77 years, his wife Mary died 18.6.1921 aged 82 years, his son Patrick died 7.9.1925 aged 31 years, his sister Hanorah Ryan died 31.3.1927 aged 78 years, son Luke Hoare Jnr. Died 13.3.1955 aged 17 years. Son Thomas died 22.6.1972 aged 77 years.
Hoare Patrick, erected by William Hoare in memory of Patrick Hoare, Garrick, Loughmore who died 19.9.1879 aged 73 years, also his mother who died 7.10.1873 aged 70 years and his sister Mary died 24.4.1901 aged 66 years. William Hoare died 19.5.1917 aged 84 years.
Kavanagh Denis and Bridget of Loughmore died 16.7.1905 and 2.12.1920 aged 79 and 89 years respectively and their sons Denis died Dublin 30.12.1884 and Daniel died at the National Bank house, Newtown Barry 27.5.1923, Thomas died 12.5.1928 aged 63 years. Michael died at Jerpoint, Kilkenny on 14.5.1932. Mary wife of Thomas died 29.6.1943.
Kavanagh Mary of Long Orchard died 18.9.1996 aged 69 years, erected by husband John Kavanagh.
Kennedy Andrew, erected by Pat Kennedy in memory of Father Andrew Kennedy who died 21.12.1824 aged 76 years.
Kennedy Bartholomew of Kill died 4.3.1889 aged 69 years, his wife Catherine died 26.6.1893 aged 72 years, their son Cornelius died 4.5.1884 aged 38 years.
Kennedy Cornelius, erected by Cornelius Kennedy of Lisheenataggart in memory of his son Cornelius who died 20.5.1918 aged 15 years, also his son Martin died in Egypt 17.11.1918 aged 18 years, above Cornelius Kennedy died 21.7.1934 aged 84 years.
Kennedy Patrick, erected by Richard Kennedy of Ballynockin in memory of his son Patrick who died 8.1.1865 aged 28 years.
Kennedy Thomas, erected by Philip Kennedy of Clougherahy, Loughmore in memory of his father Thomas who died 22.44.1927 aged 78 years, mother Mary Ann died 16.7.1939 aged 84 years also brother Patrick died 25.2.1942 aged 47 years, James died 10.4.1961 aged 64 years.
Keogh Mary died 8.9.1890 aged 80 years, Daniel died 19.6.1924 aged 62 years, Michael died 5.7.1900.
Keogh Mary, erected by JP Keogh in memory of his daughters, Mary who died 14.10.1912 aged 19 years, Eileen died 7.6.1902 aged 9 months, his brother Michael died 2.9.1933, Thomas Keogh died 14.2.1947, Mary Keogh died 4.5.1953.
Keogh Timothy, erected by Patrick Keogh in memory of his father Timothy who died 29.3.? also the above Patrick died 25.2.1877 aged 70 years. Bridget Keogh died 17.10.1901. Timothy Keogh died 20.4.1922, his wife Mary died 28.1.1963 aged 85 years.
Laffan Ann, erected by Matthew Laffan of Prospect in memory of his wife Ann alias Heffernan who died 16.7.1860 aged 68 years, also three children died young. John Laffan of Castleleiny died 4.5.1970 aged 78 years, his wife Mary Bridget died 17.1.1987 aged 78 years.
Laffan John of Kilcurkee died 1.4.1876 aged 75 years, also his wife Ellen died 31.3.1876 aged 62 years, their sons John and Patrick aged 22 and 23 years, granddaughter Ellie died 9.9.1897 aged 9 years and their son William died 24.3.1907 aged 53 years, his wife Ellen Laffon died 23.12.1941 aged 86 years, her niece Katie Ryan died 22.3.1959.
Laffan Martin and his wife Mary Dwyer and their children Maria and Ellen.
Lahy Mary, erected by John Lahy of Cloheraiety (Clogharaily) in memory of his daughter who died 7.7.1828 aged 23 years.
Lanigan Pat died 23.5.1886 aged 65 years and his wife Margaret died 30.5.1921 aged 88 years. Bridget Lanigan died 31.3.1950, her husband Thomas Lanigan died 19.6.1958.
Leahy Margaret of The Mall, Thurles died 12.3.1922 aged 9 years, Mary Theresa died 17.11.1927 aged 12 years, John J Leahy died 11.4.1930 aged 16 years and their father William Leahy died 15.10.1940, Margaret Leahy died 25.7.1981 aged 95 years.
Leahy Margaret. Erected by Patrick and Ellen Leahy for their mother Margaret of Rahelty who died 28.10.1880 aged 84 years. John Leahy of Rahelty died 25.1.1882 aged 60 years, his children John Patrick and Ellie died young, his wife Margaret died 21.7.1923 aged 81 years. John Leahy of The Mall, Thurles died 26.7.1938 aged 59 years, Michael Leahy died 9.8.1959 aged 78 years, his wife Josephine died 14.12.1966 aged 85 years.
Lee Johanna of Templetouhy died 5.8.1955 aged 46 years, her husband James died 28.7.1966 aged 65 years.
Long Eileen, erected by James Long in memory of his mother Eileen who died 12.5.1882.
Long James, erected by John Long in memory of James Long who died 21.9.1815 aged 45 years. James died 14.10.1835 aged 26 years, his sister Margaret died June1875 aged 18 years, his father Andrew died 27.1.1872 aged 72 years, his mother Anastatia died 28.5.1883 aged 72 years.
Long Johanna nee Fogarty died 15.7.1915 aged 57 years, also her husband Laurence died 8.6.1924 aged 75 years.
Long Patrick died 2.2.1815 aged 80 years, also his father William. Ann Dorana died 4.6.1804 aged 34 years, William, Main Street Templemore died 4.7.1966, his wife Alice died 3.7.1986. Elizabeth died 25.2.1888 aged 48 years, also his father Laurence died 19.4.1894 aged 82 years, his brother James died 7.10.1908 aged 52 years, erected by Thomas Long.
Maher Bridget, erected by John Maher of Killahara in memory of his daughter Bridget who died 14.9.1814 aged 2 years.
Maher John of Kilnesare died 25.10.1958 aged 67 years, his brother Michael died 1955, also Mary nee Cussen, wife of John died 14.4.1989 aged 82 years.
Maher John, erected by Edmund and Mary Maher of Graiguefrehane in memory of their son John who died 18.2.1917, daughter Nora died 3.8.1923, Michael Maher died 26.1.1928, James died 22.3.1928, Edward died 27.11.1933. Ned Fogarty died 19.3.1957, his sister Bridget died 24.5.1971.
Maher John, erected by John Maher in memory of his father John of Leigh Whod? Who died 27.1.1824 aged 75 years. Bridget died 17.4.1887 aged 67 years, her husband James died 7.11.1919 aged 84 years, son Edmund died 18.0.1938 aged 67 years, his wife Ann nee Ryan died 20.10.1960 aged 82 years.
Maher Patrick and Eddy, erected by Patrick Maher of Ballybresta in memory of his sons Patrick who died 19.10.1914 aged 13 years and Eddy died 8.1.1920 aged 16 years.
Maher Richard, his wife Anto, son Martin, daughter Anne of Athnid.
Maher Thomas of Clougherhilly died 16.7.1959 aged 68 years. His wife Mary died 9.11.1955 aged 58 years, his daughter Mary died 28.8.1953 aged 28 years. Joan Maher died 4.2.1975 aged 38 years. Louis P Maher died 24.12.1975 aged 38 years.
McCormack Anthony died 11.5.2000. Laurence McCormack of Ballyduag died 22.9.1920 aged 54 years, his wife Mary died 25.2.1940 aged 61 years, his brother Thomas died 23.7.1929 aged 65 years, his sister Catherine died 23.1.1932 aged 70 years, his son Patrick died 1.6.1972 aged 69 years. Bridget, wife of Patrick died 16.12.1987 aged 75 years.
McDonald Michael and Ellen, erected by John McDonald of Clonmore in memory of his father and mother, Michael and Ellen McDonald died 20.9.1895 and 1.1.1876. Above John McDonald died 16.2.1911, also his wife Mary died 7.5.1933 aged 75 years and Ellen O;Brien died 5.2.1942 aged 69 years.
Moloney Jerry J of Clonomagogue (Clonamuckoge) died 1.1.1929 aged 18 years, his father Patrick died 10.4.1934 aged 67 years.
Moloney Johanna, erected by John Moloney of Ballyjelly, Ballybrophy in memory of his wife who died 29.1.1922 aged 74 years, the above John died 25.3.1925 aged 82 years.
Moloney Patrick, erected by Thomas Moloney of Clonomogogue in memory of his father who died August 1918 and his mother Katie died September 1923.
Morris James, The Moors, Loughmore died 8.3.1959 aged 65 years and his wife Catherine died 18.5.1968 aged 69 years.
Morris Thomas, erected by Michael Morris of Borrisoleigh in memory of his father Thomas of Curraghmore who died 2.6.1867 aged 69 years, mother Margaret nee Laffan died 21.1.1874 aged 65 years, his brothers James and William died 15.4.1858 aged 21 years and 10.10.1897 aged 48 years, respectively.
Murphy Daiby died 20.11.1818 aged 61 years.
Nesbitt James of Kilnesare (Kilnaseer) died 21.6. 1921 aged 70 years, also his wife Margaret nee Cahill died 11.10.1924 aged 70 years.
Nesbitt Mary of Loughmore died April 1919 and her husband Thomas died August 1921.
Nolan Jeremiah of Leigh, Thurles died 7.5.1963, his daughter Josephine died 12.9.1949, his wife Catherine died 21.9.1974.
Nolan Patrick of Cuguilla died 27.7.1934, his wife Norah died 9.11.1959.
O'Connell Mary, erected by John O'Connell of Clonamagogue in memory of his mother Mary who died 21.4.1924, his father Michael died 30.5.1925, his sister Anastatia Carroll died 8.6.1942, above John died 31.1.1952, son-in-law Thomas O'Connell died 14.9.1962, his wife Mary died 12.10.1974.
O'Doherty Thomas died 7.12.1958, James died 26.11.1916 aged 68 years, also his wife Anastia died 31.7.1921 aged 78 years, their son James died 14.12.1943 aged 59 years, his wife Elizabeth died 17.5.1971.
O'Brien Denis of Penane died 7.1.1928, his wife Mary died 3.2.1957. Grandson died in infancy.
O'Brien Ellen, erected by Denis O'Brien in memory of his wife Ellen who died 1.8.1944 aged 62 years.
O'Brien Hanoria, erected by Thomas O'Brien of Whitefield in memory of his wife who died 28.1.1911 aged 69 years.
O'Brien Mary, erected by Patrick O'Brien of Dovea in memory of his wife who died 6.8.1915 aged 48 years, above Patrick died 23.1.1948.
O'Brien of Guiguilla.
O'Connell William of Castleleiny died 11.12.1899 aged 86 years, his wife Joanna died 18.5.1886 aged 64 years, their son Michael of Ballyduff House, Thurles died 25.8.1899 aged 48 years also Dr John F O'Connell of Ballyduff House died 31.1.1924 aged 26 years. Patrick O'Connell of Ballyduff House, Thurles died 20.8.1936 aged 54 years, their mother Mary Anne nee Hogan died 7.2.1950 aged 88 years.
Ormond John of Whitefield, also his wife and his children, son Michael died 29.11.1908 aged 65 year. Michael Ormond died 5.6.1956.
Parkinson John of Graiguefrehane, Dublin died 7.1.1918, erected by nephew and nieces, The Gleeson Family.
Parkinson Michael, erected by William Parkinson of Malahide in memory of his brother Michael who died 6.4.1889 aged 28 years, his sister Mary Ryan died 24.12.1932 aged 77 years.
Quinn Richard of Kilclooney died 1.2.1932, his wife Mary died 14.2.1907, their son William died 11.5.1921.
Quirk Edmund of Brittas died 17.7.1911 aged 71 years, also his wife Hanoria died 21.4.1910 aged 73 years.
Quoaney Francis, erected by Patrick Quoaney in memory of his father Francis who died 2.3.1801 aged 65 years, erected by Pat Quoaney in memory of Mary who died 1813 aged 10 years.
Russell Bridget, erected by Richard Rusell in memory of Bridget who died 25.6.1888 aged 17 years also his son Patrick died 24.4.1901 aged 22 years, his wife Margaret died 9.4.1908 aged 67 years, the above Richard died 7.10.1903 aged 99 years, Charles, son of Richard of Ballyduag died 25.2.1934 aged 64 years.
Russell Mary, wife of Patrick of Athnid died 2.3.1869 aged 42 years, above Patrick died 12.1.1897 aged 81 years.
Russell Nicholas, erected by Johanna Russell in memory of her husband Nicholas of Ballyduag who died 17.5.1860 aged 78 years, also his daughter Catherine Russell died 11.7.1861 aged 30 years, Mrs N Russell, wife of Nicolas died 23.3.1883 aged 90 years.
Russell Very Rev. John Canon Russell PP of Loughmore and Castleleiny 1930 - 1949 and died 15.6.1949.
Russell, erected by Michael Russell of Ballyduag in memory of his four children and Phillip Russell, the above Michael died 16.4.1898 aged 78 years, John died 20.6.1898 aged 19 years, Patrick died 10.7.1902 aged 21 years and his daughter Mary Quinn died 14.2.1907 aged 30 years, Catherine died 21.1.1930 aged 78 years, wife of Michael, their son James died 27.7.1949 aged 71 years and his wife Kathleen died 1.2.1979.
Ryan - Dunne. James Dunne of Graiguefrehane. William and Bridget Ryan died babies. Patrick, Catherine and Thomas Dunne of Graiguefrehane.
Ryan Andrew died 31.5.1915 aged 79 years, his daughter Mary died 23.9.1943 aged 64 years, daughter Sarah died 7.1.1953 aged 79 years, John Ryan died 12.3.1960 aged 83 years, Patrick O'Connor, son-in-law of John Ryan died 2.4.1978 aged 64 years.
Ryan Bernard, erected by their children in memory of their parents Bernard Ryan of Whitefield who died 24.11.1892, his wife Mary died 27.11.1903. Margaret Ryan nee Butler died 29.1.1966, James Butler died 29.1.1966.
Ryan Bridget nee Keana died 13.6.1949 aged 39 years and her father Patrick Ryan died 8.10.1967 aged 75 years.
Ryan Denis, erected by Thomas Ryan of Coolcroo in memory of his son Denis Ryan who died 22.3.1863 aged 28 years.
Ryan Edmund of Gloghe died May 1918 aged 78 years, his daughter Ellie Josephine died March 1901, his wife Johanna Ryan died 4.4.1936 aged 93 years. Thomas Ryan of Clune (Cloone) died 6.1.1963 aged 84 years, his wife Margaret died 9.6.1967 aged 77 years.
Ryan Ellie of Ballinvena died 11.2.1902 aged 35 years.
Ryan James died 7.8.1830 aged 59 years, his brother James of Derry died 2.3.1869 aged 50 years.
Ryan James of Tinvoher died 29.1.1888 aged 81 years, his wife Mary died 12.12.1913 aged 92 years, their son Patrick died 22.4.1923 aged 76 years, also Kate Long nee Ryan died 13.8.1929.
Ryan James, erected by Judy Stapleton in memory of her son James who died 18.3.1811 aged 25 years.
Ryan John died 8.5.1816 aged 20 years, second son, Margaret daughter of Thomas Ryan, second daughter died 12.5.1845 aged 13 years.
Ryan John of Killahagan died 1.11.1840 aged 84 years and his wife Mary died 10.7.1832 aged 63 years. This stone was erected as a tribute of respect by their son James Ryan, citizen of US of North America, also Cate and James Maher.
Ryan John son of Thomas died 3.5.18?.
Ryan Martin died 18.11.1878 aged 77 years, Sarah died 28.2.1881 aged 85 years, James died 6.3.1928 aged 84 years.
Ryan Michael died 16.7.1895 aged 85 years, his daughter Julia died 26.1.1884 aged 27 years, son Timothy died 9.8.1884 aged 24 years. William Ryan died 28.10.1911, Mary Ryan died 22.5.1946.
Ryan Michael of Derry Loughmore died 26.9.1959 aged 88 years, also his wife Mary nee Kennedy died 16.1.1965 aged 72 years.
Ryan Michael of Loughmore died 17.3.1956, his son Thomas Patrick died 30.6.1956, his mother-in-law Mary Carroll died 27.2.1926, his wife Bridget died 16.10.1961.
Ryan Michael, erected by Ann Ryan in memory of her husband Michael L Ryan of Lisnaginogue who died 17.3.1840 aged 48 years.
Ryan Patrick, erected by Patrick Ryan of Brittas in memory of his father Patrick who died 27.2.1871 aged 65 years, also his brother James died 18.9.1900 aged 34 years, his mother Johanna died 18.4.1920 aged 95 years, his sister Julia died 9.5.1920 aged 49 years, also his wife Kate died 8.11.1946.
Ryan Patrick, erected by John Ryan of Mullawbrack in memory of his father Patrick who died January 1932, his sister Sarah died February 1941, above John died 1.9.1987, wife Kitty died February 1992, their son Jerry died 4.7.1994.
Ryan Rev. William Ryan of Laha Parish of Castleleiny died January 1888.
Ryan Thomas and Catherine Ryan of Oldbawn Cottage.
Ryan Thomas, erected by John Ryan of Kalagan in memory of his son Thomas who died 27.11.1812 aged 18 years.
Ryan Thomas, erected by Mrs William Kennedy of Coolcroo in memory of her father Thomas who died 26.2.1875 aged 74 years and her mother Margaret Ryan nee Cass who died 16.3.1875 aged 76 years, also the above Mrs Kennedy died 20.5.1917 aged 73 years, her husband William died 26.11.1907 aged 83 years, their sons Denis died 18.2.1895 aged 23 years and Thomas died 26.4.1923 aged 54 years, daughter Ellen nee Dempsey died 23.9.1921 aged 41 years and Con Kennedy died 3.9.1936 aged 68 years.
Ryan Thomas, erected by James Ryan of Derry in memory of his father Thomas who died 25.3.1858 aged 79 years, his mother Mary nee Stapleton died 25.11.1882 aged 98 years, also his brother John died aged 27 years, brother Michael died aged 75 years.
Ryan Thomas, erected by John Ryan of Lisheen Moyne in memory of his father Thomas Ryan who died 1.11.1847 aged 35 years, also his wife Catherine died 31.10.1908 aged 62 years, his son Thomas died 17.3.1884 aged 16 years, above John Ryan died 19.8.1910 aged 70 years. James Ryan died 11.1.1961 aged 87 years and his wife Mary died 4.12.1962 aged 85 years. John and Catherine Ryan of Lisheen Moyne and their children, Thomas and Malachy (twins) died 4.4.1865 aged 1 week, Mary Ryan died 24.10.1866 aged 6 months. William Ryan born 16.12.1870 died young.
Ryan Very Rev John G Ryan PP of Loughmore and Castleleiny 1974 - 1984, born Foilnamon, Upperchurch 24.12.1915 died 3.2.1984.
Shanahan Patrick of Kilcoake (Kilcoke) died 18.1.1944, his infant daughter Margaret died 29.3.1940, his parents Michael died 18.6.1935, his wife Margaret died 24.12.1945, his brothers Philip died 6.2.1977 and Thomas died 31.5.1978, Bridget wife of Patrick died 30.10.1992. Thomas Carroll.
Shanahan William, erected by John Shanahan of Curraghmore in memory of his father William who died 1.1.1888 aged 64 years, also his mother Bridget nee Leahy died 23.4.1919 aged 83 years, the above John died 4.8.1941, his wife Ellen nee Gleeson died 28.1.1944.
Sheppard John of Kilcurkee died 15.2.1931, his wife Hanorah died 11.9.1949.
Sheppard Mary, erected by James Sheppard of Graiguefrehane for his wife Mary who died 24.7.1942, their daughter Johanna died 23.3.1976 and her son William died 9.3.1993.
Skehan Very Rev Walter G Skehan PP of Loughmore and Castleleiny 1960 - 1971, born Moyglass 20.6.1905 died 9.9.1971.
Spellane Patrick died 16.9.1801 aged 29 years.
Stapleton Bridget, erected by John Stapleton of Lahagh in memory of his daughter who died 27.4.1830 aged 11 years (11 months)
Stapleton Catherine nee Brennan of Shankill died 12.7.1914 aged 70 years, her daughter Margaret Hogan, Drom died 6.1.1919, her sister Mary Marnell died 24.2.1921, her husband John died 11.2.1926 aged 84 years.
Stapleton John of Dovea Bouladuff died 12.4.1940 also his wife Catherine died 9.5.1954.
Sweeney Bridget died 22.4.1824 aged 27 years, also his Aunt Mary Ryan died 23.2.1847 aged 53 years. Erected by Pat Sweeney.
Sweeney Bridget of Lisheen Moyne died 11.1.1934 aged 44 years, her husband Patrick died 6.8.1968 aged 84 years, their son Jimmie died 24.3.1940 aged 27 years.
Sweeney Daniel of Garrenroe died 9.1.1886 also his wife Annie died 2.6.1886, their son Michael died 20.5.1913.
Sweeney Patrick of Ganenroe died 10.12.1877 aged 70 years, his wife Mary nee Hayes died 4.1.1889 aged 60 years, their son Thomas died 17.3.1887 aged 20 years, their daughter Margaret died 9.5.1887 aged 22 years, their son Patrick died 6.1.1908 aged 50 years.
Treacy William of Cuguilla, Castleleiny died 5.6.1958 aged 77 years, his wife Mary Kate died 26.4.1973 aged 74 years, their sons Michael died 10.5.1988 aged 62 years and John died 24.4.1994.
Webster Michael of Tinvoher died 23.10.1976 aged 69 years, his son Michael died in infancy 29.12.1939, his mother-in-law Mary Carroll died 27.3.1932 aged 56 years, his father-in-law John Carroll died 14.3.1936 aged 74 years.
White Honoria. Erected by James White of Loughmore in memory of his wife Honoria who died 2.9.1804 aged 36 years, also their children Bridget, Edmund and John.
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