Walter Grieves - Rebecca Smyth

Ireland to Australia

 1850 - 1999

Grieve(s) Walter born c 1802 lived in County Tyrone Ireland in the 1850's on his death certificate his father's name was Matthew and mother was Marjory (Mattie). His first marriage was to Marjory (Mattie) (Martha) Ewan. Walter lived in Glen Dermott County Derry and worked as a farm labourer then lived County Tyrone. A record shows that he was in the Donagheady area and donating the sum of three shillings and six pence in February 1835 to the Donagheady Presbyterian Church.
Children of this first marriage were: Matthew, Marjory, Eliza Ann and Matilda.
Walter then married Rebecca Macleay (Smyth) the daughter of William Macleay and and Letitia Miller. Rebecca's first marriage was to Alexander Smyth.
Children of Rebecca's first marriage were Letitia Jane, William, Eliza, Alexander, Emma and Rebecca.
Walter and Rebecca came to Australia as Assisted Immigrants on board the ship "Mangerton" embarking at Plymouth 22 April 1855 and arriving in Sydney 29 July 1855. Walter was 53 years of age, his calling was an agricultural labourer and could read and write. Rebecca was aged 52 years and could read and write. Children who travelled with them were Jane Smith aged 27 years, nursemaid, William Smith aged 23 years, farm labourer, Eliza Smith aged 19 years died on the voyage, Alexander Smith aged 15 years farm labourer, James Smith aged 13 years and Matilda Grieves aged 12 years They were assisted to Australia by Walter's son Matthew and Rebecca's daughter Rebecca were living in the Yass NSW area at the time.
Walter died on the 27 July 1887 at Bango near Yass aged 86 years.
Rebecca died 25.6.1883 at Bango near Yass aged 60 years. Both are buried in the Presbyterian Section of the Yass Cemetery.
Matthew Grieve son of Walter and "Merry" born c 1828 in Ireland married Rebecca Smyth (Smith, the daughter of his stepmother Rebecca Smyth who married Walter Grieve), on 4 March 1853. He was shown as being a labourer of Ardmore, Derry and Rebecca was under age. They married in the Donagheady Presbyterian Church County Tyrone.
Matthew and Rebecca then traveled to Australia embarking at Southampton on 1 June 1853 and arriving in Sydney 6 September 1853 on the ship "Talavera". Paying two pounds for their passage. Traveling with them were Marjory Grieve aged 20 years a farm servant and Eliza Anne Grieve aged 18 also a farm servant, both sisters of Matthew.
They first settled in the Yass area and worked at Hardback Station owned by Mr Hardy.
Children: William John born 28.12.1853 in Australia, unmarried and died 21 .8.1915 at Marrickville NSW.
Alexander born 31.8.1855 at Yass and married Martha Jane Davis.
Matthew James born 27.12.1858 "Douro" Yass and he married Maria Burgess on 27.7.1892 , he died 16.7.1940.
Children: Eric William born 12.7.1893 who married Henrietta Sainsbury and then May Emily Burgess. He had one daughter by his first marriage. Eric died 15.1.1973.
Herbert George born 10.11.1894 and was killed at Gallipolli on 25.4.1915.
Dorothea born 12.12.1895 and married Fred Duxfield, lived in New Zealand, four children. Dorothea died 1 .12.1974.
Evelyn Elsie born 15.3.1897 and married John Joseph Newman. Evelyn died 11.12.1984 at Queanbeyan Nursing Home.
Florence Edith born 17.12.1898 and married George Maddocks.
One son born.
Florence died 22.2.1980.
Roy Gordon born 22.5.1900 and married Kath Nyman. No children
John James born 10.7.1901 and married May Ellis. He died 8.1.1970.
Two children. John died 8 January 1970.
Harold born 23.3.1903 and married Stella? and died 11.9.1974.
Two children
Edward Henry born 20.5.1904 and married Emily Haydon. He died 22.9.1980.
Norman Alexander born 3.7.1905 and married Marjory Starr. One son. Norman died 22.5.1982.
Eliza Jane born 24.4.1860 at Manton's Creek near Yass and married James Perry on 8.6.1881.
Children: Mary Rebecca (Dolly) born 2.3.1882 and married Joseph Cantrell.
Robert Matthew Michael born 2.10.1884 at Lucerne Vale Yass and married Mabel Leydon on 25.6.1908.
Eliza died 9.5.1944 aged 84 years and is buried at Rookwood. James died 2.7.1897 aged 43 years
Walter born 21.4.1862 at Manton's Creek Yass and married Sarah Ann Davis, born 23.7.1869 on 9.5.1895.
Children; Una Violet born 8.12.1897 and married Sydney Walter Brew.
Walter died 29 .9.1936 aged 74 years. Sarah Ann died 2.8.1941 aged 72 years, both are buried at Yass.
Robert born 24.8.1864 at "Bango" Yass and married Ester Burgess born 14 December 1872. the daughter of Luke Henry Burgess and Maria Jane Tate.
Children; Victor Kingsley born 22.6.1897 and married Ada Isabel Worthy, daughter of George Worthy and Emma Rosetta Cox on 21.4.1915. Three children.;
Stella born 28.1.1899 and married Will Kebblewhite. Seven children.
Lesley James Tate born 13.4.1902 and married Louisa Crisp Boyton.
Ethol born 5.9.1904 and married Jack Nash.
Florence born 28.4.1907 and married Bronte Cullen.
Mary Rae born 29.10.1911 and married William Davis.
Robert born 11.5.1914.
Robert died 8.2.1936 and Ester died 18.10.1961, both buried at Yass.
Samuel born 12.7.1866 and married Emily Jane Davis on 2.1.1895. Children Rebecca Jane, Cecil, Ivy Ella and Alick.
Samuel died on 1.6.1920 and Emily died 14 .4.1962.
George born 28.8.1869.
George born December 1870.
Emma born 22 .10.1871.
Rebecca born 24.3.1874 and married James A Silverwood and then Albert Ernest Ohlsen. Children to first marriage, Edna and Eve.
Matthew Grieves died at Bango near Yass on 4.6.1914 aged 86 years. Rebecca died 12.4.1891 at Bango aged 58 years. Both are buried in the Yass Presbyterian Cemetery.
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