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The following list of cemetery headstones were transcribed by S & M Grieves over many months for the benefit of family researchers, particularly those who are unable to visit these areas. Whilst all care has been taken to transcribe these records from the original source, please refer to the original records to ensure accuracy.
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Dovea Church of  Ireland Parish Loughmore & Castleleiny Co TipperaryDovea St Michael's Church of Ireland

Parish of Loughmore and Castleiny County Tipperary

 Blyth Robert of Thurles died 22.3.1909, wife Sarah Jane died 22.2.1931, their sons Stephen and Alexander and their daughter Catherine died 19.6.1945, George Blyth, son Thurles died 28.8.1968 aged 78 years.
Eades William died 2.2.1974, his mother Mary Ann died 2.2.1933, his father Thomas died 8.5.1934.
Ellis John, native of Forfarshire Scotland died 22.10.1857 aged 55 years, William died 12.1.1854 aged 5 months.
Goodman Macdalena died 25.4.1966, her husband Robert Fox Goodman died 2.3.1963.
Griffin Thomas died 16.9.1904 aged 65 years, his wife Ann Jane died 21.2.1906 aged 59 years.
Hicks Thomas Hicks of Dovea died 9.6.1923, his wife Grace Jane died 25.4.1931, grandson Thomas Henry died 5.7.1942.
Johnston Joshua Lester of Thurles died 14.5.1961, wife Eileen Elizabeth died 9.7.1968.
Johnston Joshua Lester of Thurles died 9.8.1927 also his son Lester Frederick died 17.7.1908 aged 27 years and his daughter Jennie Elizabeth died 27.1.1921 aged 32 years, his wife Kate died 6.5.1934 aged 83 years.
Kellie Barbara Dale born 1.2 died 15.5.1887.
Lee George and Margaret.
Louden David died 10.3.1926 aged 19 years.
Louden John Wedderburn Louden died 20.7.1906 aged 53 years, also Catherine W Louden died 29.5.1913 aged 82 years.
McBride Philip died 13.5.1942 aged 75 years, his wife Margaret died 13.8.1946 aged 77 years.
Nash Eleanor Nina, widow of Rev. RWH Nash and third daughter of John Trant of Dovea died 13.3.1913 aged 65 years.
Paul Andrew of Kilaharl 3.7.1901 - 23.6.1926. Beatrice died 21.10.1914 aged 20 years.
Swan Christina died 25.7.1869 aged 31 years, James Campbell died 4.9.1875 aged 29 years.
Taylor Elizabeth died 17.1.1916 aged 65 years, Sarah died 2.9.1884 aged 12 years, Reginald and Ernest died 3.6.1883 aged 6 months, Albert died 2.1.1894 aged 15 years, William Isaac died 4.9.1918 aged 28 years.
Trant Alice Sophia daughter of the late John and Sarah Trant died 16.1.1900.
Trant Caroline Frances born 9.6.1845 died 6.1.1922.
Trant Colonel Fitzgibbon Trant of Dovea, born 19.10.1849 died 12.4.1912.
Trant John DL of Dovea died 11.5.1887 aged 68 years.
Trant John Francis son of the late John and Sarah Trant died 16.2.1917.
Trant John Philip HBM Consulgeneral retired born 22.12.1889 died 14.12.1956(8)?
Trant Laurence Dominick born 29.3.1887 died 2.1.1949, his wife Eira Eileen nee Woods born 19.1.1892 and died 15.1.1961, parents of Ion and Sybil.
Trant Louisa Anne daughter of the late John Frederick Trant of Dovea died 26.1.1904 aged 88 years.
Trant Sarah, wife of John Trant died 2.8.1893.
Whittaker Mary Jane died 13.4.1926 aged 47 years.
Wilson Louise Salome wife of the Venerable JH Wilson, Archdeacon of Cashel and Rector of Thurles and Loughmore died 18.8.1918 aged 80 years.
Worthington John Belton, son of George Young and Mina Worthington of Templemore died 14.5.1909 aged 20 years, Jemina (Mina) Catherine died 12.4.1932 aged 72 years, wife of George Y Worthington, above George Young Worthington died 14.12.1936 aged 81 years, their daughter Mary Harriette Dorothy died 3.9.1965, Jemina Cathleen Elizabeth died 22.8.1969, Marjorie Louise Rose died 1.3.1972.
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Glendermott Old Cemetery

Mixed Cemetery County Londonderry Northern Ireland
The following list of cemetery headstones were transcribed by S & M Grieves over many months for the benefit of family researchers, particularly those who are unable to visit these areas. If you have any queries please feel free to send an email to us at or visit our home page at


Old Glendermott Cemetery County DerryAlexander Jane, daughter of John Irwin died 6.12.1876 also husband Robert died 14.3.1887, Martha Irwin died 28.2.1882, also her husband John died 23.5.1882, daughter Elizabeth died 7.6.1920, their son Alexander died 20.11.1928.
Anderson Adam of Curryfree died 13.12.1900 aged 89 years, wife Elizabeth A Todd died 2.8.1894 aged 72 years, Dr Adam Anderson L.R.C.P. & S (Edinburgh) distinguished student in Arts and Medicine died 10.1.1882 aged 36 years, Robert Anderson died 30.5.1930 aged 86 years, Thomas Anderson of Curryfree died 22.1.1923 aged 68 years, wife Mary Eliza died 26.5.1934 aged 77 years.
Anderson William of Waterside Londonderry died 17.5.1915 aged 83 years, wife Mary died 1.12.1927 aged 80 years, three sons David, John and George.
Ballantine James of Gortree died 25.8.1874, wife Margaret Donnell died 15.12.1891, children Thomas died 1904, Samuel died 1905, Caldwell died 1916, Joanna died 1925, Martha died 1925, Dorcas died 1925, James died 1930, Margaret died 1930.
Boardman John died 16.1.1876, his wife Isabella died 4.2.1891, sons Edward died 10.7.1905, John died 4.10.1907, daughter Eleanor died 21.7.1914, son Robert died 5.2.1922, Mary Jane daughter of Edward Boardman, wife of David McCarter died 14.6.1937.
Caldwell Andrew died 19.6.1785 aged 76 years.
Caldwell William died 1830, his wife Mary died 19.12.1876 aged 88 years.
Colhoun Margaret born 1811 and died 1856, also William James born 1842 died 1874, Margaret wife of Thomas.
Crumley Robert died 6.5.1886, wife Rebecca died 25.10.1892, daughter Margaretta Jane died 13.6.1905, Elizabeth died 28.3.1945.
Elder Matilda Margaret, erected by Charles and Sarah Elder in memory of their daughter who died 29.7.1888 and Jemima died 19.5.1906.
Grockett William John of Upper Prehen died 27.1.1929, wife Rebecca Jane died 13.10.1942.
Hanna James Steele 1856 - 1936.
Hatrick Ezekiel of Grierstown died 23.10.1862 aged 53 years, his wife Margaret Ellison died Castleshaaghan County Donegal 15.4.1890 aged 73 years.
Henderson Robert of Lissaghmore died 12.1.1908 aged 77 years, wife Matilda died 12.5.1928 aged 90 years, daughter Margaret Ann died 2.10.1927 aged 70 years, Sarah Jane died 29.11.1929 aged 64 years.
Henry, Henrys of Gromkiln and William Moore died 18.1.1881 aged 75 years, wife Martha died 8.4.1883 aged 80 years, Thomas Henry, son of Thomas died 26.10.1920 aged 21 years, Thomas Henry Moore died 26.5.1923 aged 84 years, Matilda Moore died 22.2.1827 aged 85 years, Christina, wife of Thomas Henry Moore died 7.4.1931 aged 70 years, Ellen daughter of David and Elizabeth Moore died 20.4.1888 aged 9 months, Elizabeth Wilson, wife of David Moore died 11.2.1889 aged 37 years, David Moore died 24.1.1938 aged 95 years, Rev. Samuel Henry Moore, son of David and E, Minister 2nd Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church 1912 - 1926 1st - 2nd Moneymore Church 1926 - 1939 died 12.11.1939 aged 55 years.
Hyndman David of "Cloughore" died 27.5.1847 aged 79 years, Catherine wife of M Hyndman of "Ballyorr" died 26.2.1859 aged 52 years, Margaret youngest daughter of above died 23.2.1862 aged 20 years.
Hyndman James of Gortinure died 19.5.1850 aged 73 years, also his wife Margaret died 14.4.1862 aged 84 years, his daughter Christeena died 15.2.1873 aged 62 years.
Loague William of Drumahoe died 3.5.1863 aged 87 years, his wife Nancy died 3.6.1857 aged 81 years, daughter Jane died 16.3.1879 aged 80 years, son Joseph died 24.10.1893 aged 85 years.
Logue Robert of Drumahoe died 11.1.1906, also his wife Matilda died 5.10.1904.
Marshall Sarah died 26.4.1918, daughter Cissy died 14.3.1932, David Marshall died 25.5.1947.
McCauley James 1866.
McCay Isabella of Ardkill House Londonderry died 6.8.1898 aged 93 years.
McClay Mary Ann wife of John McClay died 26.10.1907, son William Alexander of Gortmunley died 7.5.1879 aged 4 years, also the above John McClay died 19.4.1922 aged 87 years.
McClintock Sarah Catherine, erected. by William James McClintock in memory of his sister who died 21.10.1882, also above William James died at Willard Parker Hospital USA 14.1, interred in Mount Oliver Cemetery 18.1.1900.
McCutcheon Joseph of Lisneal died 30.10.1848 aged 77 years, his wife Ann died 12.1.1830 aged 80 years, son William died 31.1.1861 aged 86 years.
McDaid Joseph died 14.6.1883 aged 81 years, Sarah died 6.11.1880 aged 82 years, Mary Jane died 29.8.1895 aged 62 years, Ann died 1.10.1897 aged 62 years, John died 8.12.1905 aged 78 years.
McDermott Annie Lowry infant daughter of Samuel McDermott died 4.1.1876 aged 14 months, Samuel died 16.10.1902 aged 64 years, wife Margaret died 7.5.1906 aged 64 years.
McDermott James, erected by Jane McDermott in memory of her husband who died 18.5.1975 aged 68 years, children Ellen died 10.5.1848, James died 10.2.1869 aged 37 years, Jane died 23.7.1888 aged 81 years, Ann Lowry daughter of the above James died 7.10.1913 aged 82 years.
McElroy William died 10.2.1956, his wife Sarah died 7.1.1962, sister-in-law Margaret Shields died 29.11.1962.
McIntosh Ann, erected by James McIntosh of Desercone in memory of his wife who died 4.1.1884 aged 64 years, James died 2.1.1899 aged 72 years, also his father John died August 1857, John's wife Nancy died April 1872.
McOlay John died 16.8.1908 aged 73 years, his wife Mary Ann died 30.1.1910 aged 80 years.
Millar Oliver died 1.2.1856 aged 84 years, wife Mary died 12.12.1856 aged 75 years, James, grandson died 12.4.1873 aged 11 years.
Miller Hugh of Trench died 24.5.1897 aged 80 years, also his wife Annie died 12.5.1922 aged 90 years.
Miller James of Tamnymore died 10.6.1871, his wife Catherine died 2.9.1889, son Alexander died 15.10.1871, James died 17.11.1886, George died 12.8.1897, William died 20.1.1905, also daughter Hannah died 24.6.1908, Rachel died 14.3.1922 and Catherine died 23.1.1925.
Mitchelburn Colonel John grandson of Sir Richard Mitchelburn of Broadhurst and Stanmore, County of Susex, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Siege of Londonderry in 1689 in the defence of the Protestant Interest died 1.10.1721 aged 76 years, died the first year reign of King William.
Mitchell James of Killymallagh died 4.7.1861 aged 51 years, his brother Samuel died 1.7.1861 aged 45 years, Eliza relict of above James died 28.12.1891 aged 74 years, daughter Jemima died 14.9.1871 aged 15 years, Eliza Dill died 17.11.1880.
Mitchell Matilda daughter of the late James Mitchell of Killmallagh died 27.12.1894, brother John died 28.1.1931, wife Catherine died 11.8.1911.
Mitchell Rebecca died 13.2.1882 aged 56 years, William John Hyndman died 17.12.1903 aged 32 years.
Moore, erected by Margaret Moore in memory of her children, James died 22.6.1874 aged 14 years, Maggie died 17.3.1875 aged 5 years, Lizzie died 31.3.1876 aged 15 years
Murray Adam MD, East India Co Services, eldest son of Major Thomas Murray 18th Royal Irish Regiment died 8.3.1868 aged 68 years, Hannah wife of James Clooney died 21.101.1883 aged 77 years.
Murray Col Adam of Ling in the County, led the relief in the seige of Derry AD 1688.
Murray James of Clooney, lineal descendant of Col. Adam Murray last male line of the Irish brand of ancient house of Falahill and Philip Haugh died 10.8.1871 aged 68 years, son Thomas died 11.11.1846 aged 7 years, remembered by members of Glendermott No Surrender NC plus ultra in Uno L.O.L No 1688 May 1907 JT Miller, WM, RR Lynch SECA.
Perry Eliza wife of John of Gortinure died 22.9.1887, John died 20.9.1871 aged 81 years, son David died 21.4.1873 aged 45 years, daughter Elizabeth died 22.8.1902 aged 82 years, Margaret died 23.11.1902 aged 89 years, Jane died 21.6.1909 aged 93 years.
Riddley Morohorah Wm died 19.1.1971 aged 21 years.
Robinson George died 4.3.1851, his son William died 29.6.1851.
Rogers Robert died 14.7.1852 aged 72 years, son William died 15.1.1874 aged 56 years, wife Elizabeth died 15.6.1875 aged 84 years.
Scott John, Classical and Mathematical teacher born Glenderowan 7.9.1838 and died at Ramelton 21.3.1911.
Scott Samuel retired Controller of Customs and Excise, Burton-on-Trent, born this parish 23.12.1851, died in Ayr 4.5.1938, William Scott born Glenderowan 26.12.1807 died at New Buildings 9.12.1888 and his wife Elleanor died 17.7.1881 aged 69 years, Ellen Scott died 10.8.1927 aged 78 years, sister Sarah died 20.5.1890 aged 35 years.
Smyth Catherine, erected by John memory of Catherine, grandmother who died 1853, Jane Smyth sister, died 2.7.1890, William Smyth, grandfather died 6.3.1900, Sarah died 30.6.1907, Charles Smyth, father died 23.5.1926 aged 74 years.
Smyth George late of "The Oaks" died 28.2.1853 aged 50 years.
Smyth John Acheson Esq of Ardmore Druimalhoe died 19.8.1860, erected by Ester Little his sister.
Smyth Samuel, erected by Catherine in memory of her husband of Warbleshinney who died 6.8.1872 aged 64 years.
Smyth, the Smyths of "The Cross", Captain Vincent Beatty who died at "The Cross" on 18.12.1842 aged 62 years, also Robert died 1.3.1847 aged 82 years, Margaret his wife died 20.12.1849 aged 72 years.
Stevenson Col. David W died 1.10.1920 aged 71 years, Joseph McCay Stevenson, husband of Vida Stevenson eldest son of above died 9.2.1908.
Stevenson Edward, erected by Robina Semple in memory of her grandfather Edward Stevenson of Tullally who died 6.4.1923, wife Margaret died 17.11.1888, daughter Margaret Semple died 22.1.1909, her daughter Ethel Violet Semple died 11.9.1900, Robina Semple died 11.3.1932.
Stevenson John George of Knockerack died 25.10.1875 aged 18 years, Joseph died 13.5.1877 aged 53 years, Kate Black wife of DW Stevenson died 12.7.1890.
Stevenson Robert died 21.12.1897 aged 71 years, son James died 18.2.1897 aged 22 years, his wife Catherine died 5.2.1931 aged 90 years.
Stewison Thomas of Ki.acbrack? died 20.3.1814 aged 84 years, his wife Isabella died 12.6.1821 aged 52 years.
Thompson Robert of Ardkill died June 1822 aged 65 years, wife Martha died November 1806 aged 40 years, daughter Ellen died November 1834 aged 50 years.
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Ileigh Catholic Church

County Tipperary

The following list of cemetery headstones were transcribed by S & M Grieves over many months for the benefit of family researchers, particularly those who are unable to visit these areas. If you have any queries please feel free to send an email to us at
*Additional information by Pat Corbett greatly appreciated, photos


Ileigh Catholic Church   Borrisoleigh & Ileigh  Co TipperaryBourke Andrew of Ross Cottage, Borrisoleigh died 13.7.1930, also his wife Winifred died 3.11.1932, their sons Martin died 31.3.1921, John died 17.1.1977, Daniel died 28.4.1963, his daughter Winifred died 13.3.1989, also Bridget Bourke died 31.7.1965, Nora Bourke died 25.3.1977. Erected by John Bourke.
Bourke Catherine, erected by John Bourke in memory of his mother Catherine nee Maher who died 1.6.1863 aged 76 years, father John died 11.9.1871 aged 77 years.
Bourke Philip Montgomery of Palace House died 21.7.1896, Margaret Agnes died 23.4.1910 aged 92 years.
Callanan William of Knockinevin, Borrisoleigh died 25.6.1967, also her parents Martin and Ellen.
*Chadwick John and Ellen of Borrisoleigh and their children, Joseph, John, Richard, Elizabeth, May and William, county Engineer of Tipperary North, late of Nenagh died 2.9.1951 aged 56 years, his wife Mary died 21.2.1973 aged 79 years, their son James died 1.3.1956 aged 29 years.
*Clohessy Edward of Killamoyne died January 1936, Thomas died 11.2.1946, his wife Mary died 27.12.1951/2, their son Michael died 26.2.1978, Mary Spillane of Pallas died 25.7.1983 aged 59 years, also her husband Phil died 17.10.1995 aged 86 years.
*Coffey Timothy, erected by Mary Coffey of Borrisoleigh in memory of her husband who died 3.5.1899 aged 75 years, above Mary died 5.9.1934, her son James died 30.7.1947, his wife Mary died 7.9.1968. Timothy Coffey, son of the above James and Mart died 1.7.2001. Kathleen Coffey died 15.10.2004. Jimmy Coffey died 9.11.2007.
*Corbett Patrick of Killamoyne died 2.2.1930, his brother Edmund and his daughter Sarah Bridget also his son Edmund, Mrs Anne Corbett died 25.1.1958 aged 92 years, Timothy died 29.4.1966 aged 72 years and Patrick died 10.1.1971 aged 75 years.
*Costello SR M Louisa died November 1919, James Costello died April 1920, Mary Costello died October 1925, James Costello, Thurles died December 1926, Michael Costello, Knockwilliam died February 1951, Patrick Costello, Milestone, died June 1959, his wife Catherine died May 1973, their baby son, John died August 1934. John Costello died May 1975, William Costello died April 1985.
Costello Denis Francis of Rathgar Dublin died 15.11.1995.
*Costello James and Mary, also deceased brothers and sisters, Erected by John, The Paddock, Borrisoleigh
Costello Margaret of Post Office Borrisoleigh died 19.4.1959 also her husband Timothy died 19.12.1976, her brother Gerald Kennedy died 21.6.1964.
*Darcy Mary of Killamoyne, Borrisoleigh died 27.11.1936, also her husband Jeremiah died 9.11.1965, Alice Darcy died 29.2.1968 aged 47 years her husband John died 9.5.1993 aged 66 years.
Doyle Patrick, erected by Bridget Doyle in memory of her husband Patrick of Ileigh Hill who died 6.7.1917 aged 65 years, sons Denis died 19.5.1942, Patrick died 27.8.1942, above Bridget died 17.5.1944, Michael Doyle died 28.9.1881 and Denis Doyle died 19.1.1939.
*Duignan Bartholmew (Bat), Pallas died 25.12.1959 aged 98 years, his wife Nora nee Morrissey, his sister Bridge, his mother Catherine nee Mattimore.
Dunning Margaret Mary, erected by Thos Dunning of Killenaule in memory of his wife who died 7.8.1874 aged 29 years.
Fahey Nora of Cronovone died 15.11.1923 aged 15 years, Mary Anne died 22.6.1925 aged 45 years, Jimmy died 15.9.1927 aged 23 years, Martin died 25.8.1932 aged 65 years, Denis died 11.9.1962 aged 45 years, Patrick of Fantane died 9.12.1967, John died 27.6.1988 aged 77 years.
*Fiztgerald Daniel of Gurteenabarna died 11.3.1948 aged 73 years, his wife Hannah nee Berkery died 9.3.1961 aged 74 years, two children died in infancy, son James of Fantane died 19.5.1990 aged 72 years, their daughter Sr Mary Kieran Ursuline, Sisters of Jesus, Swansea died 8.9.1990 aged 75 years, interred in Swansea, their son John of Fantane died 25.2.1998 aged 78 years.
*Gilmartin Mary Ellen of Chapel Street Borrisoleigh died 20.8.1968, Gerald Gilmartin died 6.12.1946.
Harty William of Cooleen died 13.7.1877 aged 76 years, his wife Sarah died 21.3.1879 aged 70 years, son Philip died 18.5.1916, his wife Mary died 14.9.1904 aged 69 years, their daughter Bridget died 23.12.1901 aged 32 years.
Hogan Bridget, erected by Thomas Hogan of Glanbreeda in memory of his wife who died 21.3.1888 aged 35 years.
*Kelly Loretta of Ileigh died 4.12.1991 aged 48 years, her mother Kathleen Kelly died 28.3.1993 aged 81 years, her father John Kelly died 6.1.1996 aged 86 years.
Kelly Michael.
Kelly Patrick died 7.2.1900 aged 73 years, erected by his wife Catherine.
Kennedy Michael of Knocknabina died 8.2.1975 also his parents Martin and Annie.
Kenny John, erected by Thomas and Mary Kenny of Glankeen in memory of their father who died 14.12.1925, mother Maria nee McCormack died 14.1.1920, their brother Jeremiah died 19.2.1908, also their grandparents Jeremiah and Catherine Kenny, their Uncle Jeremiah Kenny, Thomas Kenny died 12.2.1976, his wife Catherine died 24.10.1976. Mary Kenny died 1.9.1987.
Kenny May of Glankeen died 21.8.1945 aged 17 years.
Kenny Patrick of Glankeen died 11.7.1900, his wife Margaret died 12.2.1929, their daughter Mary died 15.5.1958, Jerry Kenny died 14.12.1971.
Kinane Jeremiah of Rathcarden died 11.9.1972, erected by his wife Mary. Peter Kinane of Rusheen died 28.8.1899 aged 62 years, his wife Margaret died 18.12.1903 aged 60 years, their daughters Katie died 23.10.1891 aged 14 years, Annie died 27.3.1894 aged 23 years, Mary died 30.8.1893 aged 26 years. Sons Willie died 2.8.1895 aged 20 years and son Jerome died 6.12.1902 aged 30 years. John Kinane died 15.6.1947 and his wife Winifred died 7.8.1946.
*Kinane Norah, erected by John Kinane of Finihy in memory of his wife Norah who died 20.4.1895 aged 38 years, his sons Jerome died 16.3.1891 aged 11 years? And John died 22.6.1917 aged 15 years, above John died 20.7.1932 aged 74 years. James Kinane died 7.2.1980 of "Arden" Templemore, Catherine Kinane nee Ryan wife of James died 10.1.1993, James, son of James and Catherine died 16.3.1990.
*Kinane Patrick of Glentane, Templederry died 10.4.1963 also his father, mother, brothers and sisters, his wife Kathleen died 15.5.1986 aged 84 years.

*Kinane Sean, Leixlip, County Kildare, died 22.10.1998, his infant daughter Niamh Kinane died 12.12.1969, Maureen B Kinane, Ardeen, Templemore, daughter of the late James and Catherine died 23.12.2005, Michael F Kinane died 8.9.1963.

Maher Martin of Curraleigh died 24.11.1977, his father Philip died 1.8.1935, his mother Mary died 24.2.1951 and his wife Mary died 27.8.1985.
Manning Elizabeth of Castlehill died 9.4.1951 aged 60 years, her husband William died 6.7.1959 aged 66 years, son James died in infancy 1931, daughter Maureen died 7.6.1933 7 years 6 months, son William died 26.11.1979 aged 59 years, son Thomas died 28.2.1988 aged 58 years, son Michael died 30.3.1988 aged 67 years, John interred in Dublin died 13.11.1988 aged 66 years.
Manning Martin, erected by Catherine Manning of Castle Hill in memory of her husband who died 19.1.1889 aged 71 years, her son Cornelius died 16.10.1884 aged 20 years. Bridget died 21.3.1888 aged 35 years.
*Martin Thomas of Cronovone died 6.4.1927, his wife Johana died 13.3.1943, their daughter Margaret died 29.9.1936, their son Peter died 1.12.1974, their daughter Josephine died 27.4.1931, their son Patrick died 6.3.1985, his wife Nora Martin nee Carey died 3.3.1990.
Morris Honoria of Green Lawn, Borrisoleigh died 14.1.1892 aged 84 years, Michael died 7.7.1935.
Murray Ellen, erected by Thomas Murray of Borrisoleigh in memory of Ellen who died 6.12.1910 aged 50 years. Thomas Murray died 12.3.1934, Annie 27.11.1943, Ned 30.4.1957, Margaret Ryan died 11.8.1962, William Murray died 16.3.1964, Patrick Ryan died 20.8.1992.
Power Doctor Joseph of Borrisoleigh died 7.9.1924 aged 75 years, also Frances his wife died 21.1.1939, son Richard died 10.6.1936, also his son Joseph A died 4.6.1955.
Quinlan Julia M of Ballyduff died 15.5.1910, her husband Michael died 26.6.1916, their children Lizzie died 19.2.1924, Michael died 8.1.1954, Patrick died 26.9.1970, Bridget died 30.3.1972, Johanna died 28.12.1974, Julia (Ciss) died 27.3.1996.
Russell Mary of Knockanevin died 3.2.1959, also the Kennedy Family of Castlehill, Michael Russell died 25.3.1967, Timothy died 6.4.1977.

*Ryan John. Here lies the remains of his son John who died 19.3.1889 aged 26 years also Peter F Ryan who died 2.6.1925.

*Ryan Daniel of Currabaha died 28.4.1941 aged 71 years, his sons and daughters, John and Willie, Mrs Josie McLoughney, Mary Agnes and Kathleen, Mrs Johanna Ryan died 11.9.1967.
*Ryan Daniel of Lower Main Street Borrisoleigh died 25.1.1993 aged 75 years, his infant daughter Marian died 12.7.1955 aged 1 year 3 months, his father-in-law John Slattery died 9.6.1950 aged 82 years, Kate died 29.4.1928 aged 46 years, wife of John interred in Annameadle.
*Ryan Denis of Castlehill, Drombane died 17.5.1959. Winifred died 30.11.1983.
Ryan Ellen of Greenlawn, Borrisoleigh died 27.9.1883.
Ryan John died 10.5.1887 aged 67 years, his wife Anna Mary died 21.3.1898 aged 85 years.
Ryan John of Gartanaleigh died 19.9.1886 aged 97 years.
Ryan John of Glenbreeda died 15.2.1912, Mrs Margaret Ryan died 2.6.1920, Philys Ryan died 27.1.1915, Michael Ryan died 3.2.1915, James Ryan died 5.8.1932, Margaret Mary Ryan died 30.7.1934, Nora Ryan died 18.4.1941, also their brother Mathew.
*Ryan John of Gortkelly died 5.10.1951, his wife Alicia died 4.1.1974, also Johanna Ryan died 2.5.1890 and Patrick Ryan died 11.2.1937, Jerry Ryan died 30.7.1998.
Ryan Laurence of Finnaha, born 1.3.1823 died 3.3.1909.
Ryan Mary Fogarty, erected by Mathew of Ileigh in memory of his wife Mary who died 24.8.1870 aged 35 years, John Ryan died 19.3.1889 aged 26 years also Peter Ryan died 2.6.1905.
*Ryan Mary of Curtnara, Upperchurch died 23.12.1963 aged 63 years, also her children Vincent and Eileen died in infancy, also her husband John died 24.11.1973 aged 80 years.

*Ryan Matthew, Kilvilcorris died 21.4.1938 aged 60, Josie Keeshan nee Ryan died August 1955.

Ryan Michael of Borrisoleigh died 12.11.1871 aged 56 years, Patrick B Ryan died 26.8.1943, his wife Ann nee Dwan died 12.8.1969.

*Ryan Michael C of Ileigh died 5.12.1933 aged 70 years also his sister, Frances M ryan died 24.12.1937.

*Ryan Michael, erected by Mrs Bridget Ryan of Derry in memory of her husband who died 10.3.1912 aged 69 years, also their two infant children and her father-in-law John Ryan died August 1892 and mother-in-law Mary died April 1882, Matthew Ryan of Kilvilcross died 21.4.1938 aged 60 years, Josie Kershaw nee Ryan died August 1955.
*Ryan Sarah of Drumgill, Borrisoleigh died 18.6.1997 aged 82 years.
Ryan Thomas of Ileigh died 9.4.1895, also his daughter Bridget died 5.5.1890, Mrs Mary Josephine Ryan died 3.7.1908, her husband Timothy died 22.10.1942.
Ryan Jane (Lal) died 5.11.2000, wife of Michael Ryan who died 10.3.1981, mother of Marie Therese Ryan who died 1964.
The above Ryan family originally came from Ileigh House. Timothy Ryan and wife Mary Josephine Ryan were parents of Michael Ryan. Timothy was from Finnahy House, Upperchurch. Mary Josephine died in 1908. Her sister Bridget married Thomas Dunning of Killenaule died young in 1890 and her father Thomas died 1895. Thomas' wife was a Kennedy from Newport. (Thanks to Lorcan Ryan for submitting this entry).
 Ryan Thomas S Ryan died 4.6.1975, Mary J Ryan died 16.3.1975, Michael died 10.3.1981, Marie Therese Ryan died 12.6.1964.
*Shanahan Dan of Borrisleigh died 11.8.1970 his brother Philip died 7.5.1963, his parents William and Mary, his brother Denis died 18.6.1982. Ellen Shanahan died 30.9.1985.
Skipper Eileen of Rossnamulteeny, Borrisoleigh died 3.10.1999 aged 64 years.
*Small CS, erected by Patrick Small of Gurtnacrana in memory of his mother who died 10.4.1883 aged 75 years, his sister Ellen died 2.12.1876 aged 28 years, above Patrick died 6.9.1884 aged 47 years, John Connolly of Rossoulty, Upperchurch in memory of his wife Grace who died 12(13).4.1949, Mrs Bridget Ryan nee small, Margaret Small of Gurtnacrana, Nora Harrington died 10.12.1980 aged 74 years, Timm Harrington died 7.2.1982 aged 71 years.
*Small Comdt Michael. In loving memory of Comdt Michael Small of Bouladuff, Thurles, Comdt of 1st Batt 11th Brigade Tipperary during Anglo Irish struggle and Comdt 36th Batt National Army 1922 - 24 died 23.5.1926, aged 29 years, erected by his fellow Officers and Friends and Admirers because of his single mindedness and devotion to Ireland.
*Small Mary Anne of Gurtnacranna died 22.6.1907 aged 48 years, her daughter Bridget M died 13.4.1928 aged 32 years, her husband James died 21.5.1928 aged 85 years, her daughter and sons Kate 2.2.1951, Philip 20.4.1958, William 15.9.1979 aged 85 years, his wife Annie died 10.4.1983 aged 80 years and their son Patrick died 14.4.2007 aged 76 years.
Small Michael of Gortnacrana died aged 73 years, Annie Small died aged 65 years, both died 24.2.1874, erected by their son, also his sister Joanna died 2.4.1874 aged 24 years.
Small Richard of Bouladuff died 3.7.1935, his wife Winifred died 6.8.1951, sons Michael died 23.5.1926 and John died 27.4.1947. Mrs Margaret O'Shea died 5.12.1978. Bill Small died 25.11.1963.
Stapleton Denis, erected by Johanna Stapleton of Fineha in memory of her father who died 28.3.1893 aged 80 years, her mother Mary died 28.5.1897 aged 70 years, her sister Ellen died 13.11.1879 aged 33 years, her sister Annie died 8.8.1880 aged 18 years, her brother Patrick died 21.1.1901 aged 35 years.
*Stapleton Johanna of Gurteenadawn, Borrisoleigh died 18.9.1948 aged 62 years, her husband John died 12.9.1971 aged 91 years, her sister Margaret died 1.2.1958 aged 68 years, their son Patrick died 30.5.2001 aged 75 years.
Stapleton Mary of Palla died 3.3.1930 and our father Matthew Stapleton died 16.2.1932, their sons Timothy died 24.1.1961 and Michael died 30.4.1975.
*Stapleton Patrick of Knockanevin died 28.1.1937 aged 62 years, his wife Margaret died 15.1.1944 aged 54 years.
Young Denis of Knockahorna Borrisoleigh died 2.4.1978 aged 83 years, wife May died 2.11.1986 aged 81 years, Sr Mary De Sales McCormack died 2.7.1969 aged 59 years, interred in England.
Young Eddie of Borrisbeg, Templemore died 2.6.1942 aged 11 years, Evelyn died 2.7.1944 aged 4 years, their cousin Mary Young of Dromgill died in infancy 1937, their uncle Edward of Ballypatrick died 1994.
*Young John of Main Street, Borrisoleigh died 11.2.1981, also his parents John and Kate Young.
Young John, erected by Jeremiah Young of Rusheen in memory of his father John who died 1.6.1884 aged 75 years, Mary Young died 8.4.1897 aged 80 years, his daughter Josie died 7.12.1930, his wife Bridget died 9.1.1932, above Jeremiah died 31.3.1945, James Young died 26.2.1972 aged 68 years. John Young died 25.7.1979 aged 86 years.
Young Martin of Rusheen, Borrisoleigh died 25.12.1998 aged 58 years.
Young Mary of Rusheen died 3.3.1918 aged 55 years, erected by her husband Simon, also Peg died 3.1932 aged 21 years, Simon died 3.1933 aged 71 years, Nancy died 1.1957 aged 57 years, Denis died 12.1979 aged 71 years.
Young Pat, erected by widow Young in memory of her husband Pat of Rusheen who died May 1855 aged 36 years.
Young-Younge James, erected by Catherine of Killamoyne in memory of her husband who died 12.3.1877 aged 77 years, Thomas Younge of Killamoyne died 29.10.1946 aged 55 years, his wife Bridget died 4.2.1974 aged 77 years, their son Thomas died 21.12.1989 aged 57 years.
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 Inch Old Cemetery

Inch Catholic Cemetery Diocese of Cashel and Emly County Tipperary (Old Cemetery - pre 1900's)

The following list of cemetery headstones were transcribed by S & M Grieves over many months for the benefit of family researchers, particularly those who are unable to visit these areas.
Updated January 2009, many thanks to *Pat Corbett for his generous contribution.
Inch Cemetery  Parish Cashel & Emily County Tipperary 
*Bannan Barnabee died June 9th 1803 aged 37 years. Bernard Bannon (sic) of Lisaroon died May 24th 1927, his sister Mary died October 7th 1921, his daughter Mary Tynan died November 9th 1967, her husband James died March 10th 1933 and their infant son William (both interred at Glenkeen).
Bannon John of Liscrea died March 18th 1838 aged 66 years. Erected by his wife Bridget Bannon alias Tierney in memory of her husband. Also his son Thomas Bannon died June 6th 1837 aged 22 years and John Bannon of Templemore who died July 22nd 1915 aged 61 years.
*Barry Michael of Ballypatrick died September 14th 1931 aged 57 years also his wife Mary died May 9th 1950 aged 75 years and their sons Martin died July 12th 1922 aged 21 years. Patrick died August 30th 1931 aged 29 years, Joseph died March 8th 1951 aged 42 years, his wife Catherine died April 14th 1982 aged 70 years. John Barry died February 27th 1980 aged 76 years. Phillip Barry died November 16th 1986 aged 75 years.
Brien Johana alias Car died September 20th 1839 aged 66 years. Erected by Timothy Brien of Palacehill in memory of his wife.
Brien Timothy Erected by?
Broderick Patrick of Ballypatrick died December 1st 1875 aged 75 years. Also his wife Johanna who died May 11th 1866 aged 46 years. Erected by Martin Broderick in memory of his mother and father. Also his sister Hanora died April 20th 1874 aged 12 years and Martin died December 4th 1932 aged 70 years and his wife Annie died February 8th 1955 aged 84.
Brolan Michael. Erected by Patrick Brolan of Liscrea in memory of his father who died October 14th 1882 aged 75 years, also his mother Agnes who died January 27th 1897 aged 52 years, his wife Julia died December 31st 1892 aged 16 years and their baby who died young. Patrick Brolan died March 10th 1929 aged 85 years. James Brolan died December 1963, his wife Bridget died February 1951, his sister Mary died November 1964.
*Brolan Patrick died 10.3.1929 aged 85 years, James Brolan died December 1963, his wife Bridge died December 1951, his sister, Sheila Gleeson nee Broaln died 22.6.1980, interred in Lisboney, Nenagh.
Burke James died February 11th 1868 aged 20 years.
Burke Honoria of Kilecrue died December 19th 1864 aged 50 years.
Burke Michael Jnr of Bahailty died May 1801 aged 27 years.
Burke Patrick died October 10th 1877 aged 71 years.
Burke Thomas (Rev) died October 12th 1878 aged 42 years.
Burke Thomas of Clare died January 10th 1824 aged 40 years.
*Butler Margaret. Erected by James Butler of Annfield in memory of his wife who died March 21st 1903 aged 67 years, also his daughter Mary died April 18th 1892 aged 16 years and Bridget died October 21st 1892 aged 27 years. Lizzie died March 9th aged 23 years. John died 1910 interred in America. James died March 1913, Kate died November 1913, his sons Tom died February 1942 aged 77 years, Ned Butler died March 29th 1949 aged 79 years, his wife Catherine nee Phelan died August 26th 1942 aged 68 years, their son James died February 2nd 1974 aged 59 years, his wife Delia nee Tynan died November 20th 1993 and their infant children Siobhan 1947, Mairead 1959, Brid 1971 aged 18 years.
*Butler Patrick J of Pallas Borrisoleigh died 24.1.1926, his wife Margaret died 18.12.1933, their son Laurence died 13.1.1935, thier son John died 18.11.1966, their son Joseph died 19.8.1957 aged 60 years and his wife Mary J Butler died 10.2.1999 aged 86 years.
*Butler William of White Pound, Drombane died 23.3.1892, also his wife Nora nee Dwyer, their daughters Marie and Bridget, their son Edmund Butler died 13.1.1935, his wife Ellen nee Shanahan died 6.3.1944, William Butler, son of Edmund and Ellen died 14.5.1945 aged 21 years. John Benson died 4.11.1967 aged 63 years, nephew of above Edmund. Erected by Nora O'Regan nee Butler.
Butler Patt died April 7th 1856 aged 83 years. Erected by Matthias Butler of Pallacehill in memory of his father.
Cahill William. Erected by Thomas Cahill in memory of his father who died August 8th 1886 aged 82 years, Cleakile, his mother Bridget died February 26th 1873 aged 60 years, his daughter Bridget M died May 21st 1903 aged 10 years, his sister Kate died April 17th 1910 aged 59 years, his sister Ellen died May 9th 1918 aged 70 years and his wife Elizabeth died May 28th 1932 aged 70 years. Thomas died August 12th 1932 aged 80 years and his sister Mary Cahill died February 27th 1935 aged 80 years.
Carey Joanna. Erected by John Carey of Ballypatrick in memory of his wife who died March 1852 aged 61 years, also his daughter Margaret died April 18th 1852 aged 26 years and Denis Ryan died January 29th 1930 aged 75 years, also his wife Johanna nee Carey died January 2nd 1938 aged 72 years. Hannah Ryan died May 24th 1940 aged 26 years. Denis Ryan died December 8th 1982 aged 83 years.
*Connelly James of Ballypatrick died June 30th 1933 his wife Margaret nee Quinlan died February 22nd 1932. Their son Patrick died November 11th 1952 also his wife Mary (Ryan) died December 20th 1937. Therese died December 20th 1958 interred in Borrisoleigh.
Connelly Mary nee Ryan died December 20th 1937, her sister Katherine Ryan died August 23rd 1960 also Mary Delaney died in infancy December 25th 1964
Connelly Mathias. Erected by Alice Connelly of Ballypatrick in memory of her husband who died February 14th 1897 aged 58 years, also his father Mathew died May 27th 1883 and his mother Mary died January 10th 1888 aged 88 years and his infant brother and sister Dan and Johanna, also Ellen aged 20 years.
*Corbett Andrew of Pallashill died 13.10.1954, Margaret Corbett died 28.5.1960, Mary Ryan died 15.7.1943, James Corbett died 25.12.1977, Paddy Corbett died 15.6.1980, William Corbett died 28.7.1985, Bridget Corbett died 1922 - 1990, Rita Fitzpatrick 1932 - 1994, Tom Corbett of Pallashill 26.10.1927 - 22.6.2004.

*Corbett John of Barracurra and Golden Grove died 26.10.1969, Alice Corbett died 6.8.1969, Bridget Corbett died 2.10.1932, Mary Corbett died 19.12.1976, Paddy Corbett died 20.10.2001, interred in St Patrick's Cemetery, Thurles.

*Costello Michael of Liscrea died 1900 aged 56 years, his wife Julia nee Bannon died 1927 aged 71 years, her sister Margaret Smith died 1927 aged 86 years, his sons Frank died 1965 aged 76 years. Patrick died 1967 aged 77 years and his daughter Josie died 1912 aged 18 years.
*Doyle John of Birchhill died January 13th 1965 also his daughter Kathleen who died May 15th 1939 and his wife Mary Anne died October 15th 1973, their son Patrick Doyle died 22.5.2005.
Doyle Laurence. Joanna Doyle in memory of her husband Laurence of Birchill who died July 22nd 1920 aged 68 years, his father Thomas and his mother Sarah and their three sisters Mary, Margaret and Norah. Johanna died June 22nd 1930.
Doyle Michael Erected by?
Doyle Michael here lies the body of Michael Doyle.
Doyle William of Annfield died August 6th 1858 aged 47 years.
Fin Edmund died June 18th 1803 aged 9 years.
Fin James 1779 aged 77 years.
Fin Kieran October 17th 1982.
Fin Madge 1979.
Fin Patt 1770 aged 63 years.
Finn Johanna of Rathmoyne erected by James Finn in memory of his daughter who died June 26th 1863 aged 28 years. Also his son John died June 8th 1864 aged 27 years. Denis Finn 1945 his wife Mary 1960.
Finn Edmund late of Newtowncarden died April 29th 1799 aged 48 years. Also his son Patrick Finn died February 6th 1841 aged 60 years.
Finn Edmund of Rathmoine died May 20th 1867 aged 35 years.
Finn Mary 1978.
Finn Willie 1971.
Fogarty Catherine alias Finn died January 1st 1885 aged 30 years. Erected by her father James Finn of Rathmoyne in memory of his daughter.
*Fogarty Denis of Garranamonia died 20.9.1917 aged 40 years, Mary Fogarty died 16.5.1919 aged 43 years, Mary Clancy died 27.4.1931 aged 22 years, Johanna Spillane died 16.11.1968 aged 89 years, James J Fogarty died 8.11.1974 aged 69 years.
Fogarty Elizabeth of Dovea House. Family of Fogarty of Dovea House from 1780.
Fogarty James of Inch died January 1st 1814 aged 84 years, also his mother Nannv? Stapleton died February 11th 1813 aged 60 years. Erected by son John Fogarty of Inch in memory of his father and mother.
Fogarty Margaret of Kildrum died May 20th 1880 aged 80 years. Erected by John Fogarty in memory of his wife.
Gleeson John and Cate Gleeson died respectively August 26th 1889 aged 68 years and May 5th 1896 aged 78 years. Erected by Pat Gleeson of Kilrush in memory of his father and mother. Also above Patrick died August 13th 1935 aged 73 years and his son Timothy died August 15th 1947 aged 36 years and his wife Mary who died January 19th 1958 aged 84 years, Josie died March 10th 1980 aged 72 years.
Hackett Bridget died November 16th 1929 aged 84 years.
Hayden Laurence. Erected by Patrick Hayden of Rathmoy in memory of his father who died April 12th 1819 aged 55 years, also his son Ino Hayden died April 16th 1819 aged 2 years and his brother Michael died April 16th 1819 aged 24 years.
Hickey James died February 4th 1875 aged 72 years. Erected by Daniel Hickey of Ballypatrick in memory of his father.
*Houlihan George of Coolderry died December 31st 1954 aged 84 years. Also his wife Mary died May 3rd 1964 aged 73 years and their daughter Mary died September 23rd 1977 aged 54 years, also James died February 2nd 1989. Annie died February 12th 1990. Nora died 15.9.2004.
Leahy Rody of Ballypatrick died 1976 and his wife Catherine died 1979 and their friend Martin Lowry.
Long Ann alias Finn died January 16th 1863 aged 70 years.
Lowry William of Annfield died April 7th 1865 aged 61 years. Erected by Jeremiah Lowry in memory of his father. Also his brother William died August 16th 1856 aged 18 years, also the above Jeremiah Lowry died November 27th 1876 aged 40 years, his daughter Kate died February 8th 1877 aged 4 years. Margaret Lowry died October 2nd 1924 aged 82 years. Jeremiah Ryan died September 25th 1931 aged 32 years. Ellen Lowry died November 4th 1953 aged 75 years. Bridget Ryan died January 1st 1962 aged 93 years.
Maher Michael of Killahagan died December 19th 1963 also his wife Mary nee Ryan died July 25th 1974 and their son Brother P Benedict Maher died May 15th 1972, remains interred at Baldoyle CBS Co. Dublin.
Meagher Michael died April 3rd 1903 aged 60 years. James Meagher of Ballypatrick died February 7th 1930 aged 78 years, also his sister Johanna Carey died March 20th 1931 aged 74 years. James Meagher of Ballypatrick died February 22nd 1893 aged 85 years also his wife Margaret who died March 25th 1893 aged 85 years.
*Malone Billy died 18.5.2005.
*O'Halloran Catherine nee Fogarty of Kilrush, Thurles died 1894 also her husband Maurice of Gurtnahalla Upperchurch died 1896.
*O'Neill Thomas died 16.5.1956 aged 74 years, his sister Margaret Leahy died 13.5.1959 aged 80 years, sons James died 17.8.1924 aged 3 days and Robert died 27.4.1946 aged 16 years. Hid daughter Mary Hurley died 27.3.1950 aged 31 years, her son Thomas died 14.2.1972 aged 27 years, erected by grandson Robert Hurley.
*Penny John of Inch died March 14th 1937 and his wife Margaret nee Slattery died December 29th 1955 also Mary died August 8th 1986, interred in Sydney Australia.
*Quinlan Andrew of Inch died January 26th 1954 also his wife Ellen died May 30th 1964.
Ryan Catherine - Clohessy Place, Bouladuff died 6.12.1997 aged 89 years.

*Ryan Denis died 29.1.1930 aged 73 years, also his wife Johanna nee Carey died 2.1.1938 aged 72 years, Hannah Ryan died 24.5.1940 aged 26 years, Denis Ryan died 8.12.1982 aged 83 years, also Mary Carey died 18.4.1852(62) aged 26 years

Ryan Edmund of Dovea. Here lies the body of Edmund Ryan, who departed this life April 4th 1792 aged 22 years and Elizabeth Ryan of Maghereach died April 26th 1969 aged 67 years.
*Ryan James died March 18th 1941, also his wife Johanna who died November 29th 1961. Ryan Keiran died March 28th 1984 also Ryan Michael died March 8th 1985.
Ryan Jeremiah of Liscrea died January 27th 1917 aged 80 years. John Ryan died July 17th 1934 aged 36 years. Martin Ryan died December 16th 1958 aged 67 years. Mary Ryan died August 29th 1961. Kate Ryan died March 13th 1965 aged 71 years. Tom Ryan died October 26th 1971 aged 72 years also his daughter Mai. James O'Gorman died May 20th 1935 aged 75 years also his wife Bridget nee Shanahan died March 18th 1931 aged 69 years.
Ryan Laurence John died May 7th 1904 aged 73 years also his wife Mary who died December 24th 1919 aged 86 years. Erected by their son Laurence R Ryan, Solicitor of Thurles in memory of his mother and father.
*Ryan Patrick died August 26th 1945, his wife Catherine nee Costello died March 6th 1939, Michael died October 14th 1972 his wife Elizabeth nee O'Neill died April 26th 1969. Kathleen died October 1st 1991, buried at Roscrea. Pat died February 6th 1977 buried at Borrisokane. Gerard died December 23rd 1994. In loving memory of the Ryan Family of Magereach.
*Shortt Bridget, Liscrea Bouladuff died October 30th 1948 also her husband John died September 27th 1956 and their son Jack died February 19th 1997.
Stapleton Bartholomew died March 30th 1829 aged 95 years. Erected by Michael Stapleton of Gurthkelly in memory of his father. Also his grandson Thomas Stapleton died July 19th 1836 aged 29 years.
*Stapleton Seamus - Birchhill Drombane died 22.2.1984 aged 60 years.
*Tierney Thomas of Ballypatrick died February 13th 1931 aged 56 years and his wife Mary died January 30th 1946 aged 73 years and their sons Paddy died July 9th 1972 aged 62 years and Jack died September 28th 1986 aged 72 years.


Telfey Jack Coosane, Bird Hill died 29.2.1979 aged 54 years. Father Michael died 1945, mother Mary died 19.4.1971 aged 77 years. Erected by son at Mountpelier, Ahearne Family O'Brien's Bridge.
Ryan Mary, Coosane Birdhill died 17.7.1967 aged 65 years.
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O'Brien's Bridge

Mount Pelier


Dillon erected by Michael Dillon in memory of Father, Mother and sister Bridget.
Gammell Edward died 24.2.1943, son Thomas died 26.9.1968, wfe Elizabeth died 30.6.1986.
Harte Theresa of Fairyhall died 28.11.1998.
Haugh Martin died 24.12.1970 aged 80 years also his wife Mary died 8.12.1973 aged 71 years.
Howard Bridget of Fairyhall O'Brien's Bridge died 21.11.1972 aged 68 years, her husband John died 17.2.1988 aged 75 years.
Howard John died 11.5.1956 aged 90 years also Ellen Howard died 8.7.1957 aged 78 years.
Howard Marton of O'Brien's Bridge died 17.5.1952 aged 69 years, also Mary Howard died 15.3.1981 aged 70 years.
Healy John died 23.2.1843 aged 3 years, brother John died 14.5.1844 aged 6 months, sons of John and Mary Healy, Stonepark, Portroe, Martha Abbott nee Healy died 11.11.1883 aged 37 years.
Healy Patrick of Mount Pelier died 15.12.1968 aged 76 years also his wife Mary died 5.1.1992 aged 84 years.
Healy Erected by Patrick Healy of O'Brien's Bridge in memory of his father Phillip who died 12.5.1901 aged 50 years, mother Mary who died 11.8.1905 aged 41 years. Healy David born 29.12.1969, died 13.2.1970. Willie Michael, Helen, Mary, Bridget
Hogan Mary of Mount Pelier, died 5.5.1938 aged 59 years, also her husband Martin died 8.1.1950 aged 77 years.McGrath Noel of Portousha O'Brien's Bridge died 3.6.1996 aged 58 years.
McGrath Sean of Portousha, O'Brien' Bridge died 6.10.1992 aged 56 years. Son Sean died Mortlake, London 11.8.1998 aged 39 years.
McGrath John of Mount Pelier died 17.3.1970 aged 59 years also his wife Josephine nee Hogan died 24.4.2000, aged 90 years.
Moloney Catherine, Fairyhall, O'Brien's Bridge died 17.12.1982 also her husband Timothy died 11.11.1965, their son Tom died 10.12.1949.
O'Mahoney Michael aged 64 years.
Poole Bridie died 31.8.1947, also her husband Albert died 6.9.1981, his granparent the McCormack Family.
Ryan Jim and his wife Madge late of Mountguome, nephew Mike Ryan late of Cheltenham. Erected by Mary Ann Cooney nee Ryan.
Ryan Eileen died 2001 aged 67 years, also Christy Ryan died aged 80 years.
Ryan Martin of Mount Pelier, O'Brien's Bridge died 6.3.1986 aged 69 years.
Ryan Patrick of Mount Pelier, O'Brien's Bridge died 8.1.1966, his wife Bridget died 2.1.2002, Patrick aged 9 months, Martin aged 12 months.
Slattery Catherine of O'Brien's Bridge died 2.8.1946 aged 68 years also John Slattery died 16.8.1988 aged 76 years.
Storen Kathleen of O;Brien's Bridge died 16.10.1957 aged 33 years also her husband Phillip died 3.7.1984 aged 69 years.

Killinan old Cemetary 1 mile on the Nenagh Side of Thurles.
Michael Barrett, died Feb 10th 1938.
In sad and loving memory of Mrs Ellen Berkery, Leugh, died 11th May 1922. Erected by her husband John Berkery and her sister Mary A. Gleeson, to whom a grave on each side belongs. The said Mary A. Gleeson, died 30th March 1924
Ellen: See CALLANAN, Andrew, Brittas, Thurles.
Erected by Mary Bowe in loving memory of her husband William Bowe, died 20th June 1886. Also her daughter Bridget, died Feb 1878. Also the above Mary Bowe died 10th January 1916 aged 67 years. Their son William died 17th April 1943 aged 61 years. James Bowe died 14th Feb 1968 aged 93 years.
In loving memory of Edmond Brennan, Glenbane, Holycross, died 25th March 1910 aged 94 years. And his wife Mary died 14th Feb 1916 aged 80 years. Also their sons Edmond died 14th Jan 1912 aged 33 years and John died 7th June 1935 aged 50 years. Also their daughters Johanna Brennan died 6th Oct 1946 aged 76 years. Mary Brennan died 7th Nov 1953 aged 84 years. R. I. P.. Their son Michael died 9th March 1955 aged 84 years. Mary Brennan Holycross died 13th Jan 1972.
See Brit, William below.
In loving memory of Mary Brien of Kilmuckeridge, Co Wexford, who died in Thurles the 11th Feb 1879. For nearly 60 years she was the faithful servant and attatched friend of the late Mrs George Jefferies, New Ross, and of her family.
Erected by William Brit, in memory of his daughter Elen Brit, died in May 1831 aged 8 days.
Erected by Alice Broderick of Maxfort, in memory of her father Joseph Broderick, who died 8th May 1896 aged 96 years. Also her brother Timothy, who died 1st April 1803, aged 22 years. Her mother Johanna (nee Callanan), died 19th March 1907 aged 83 yrs. Her sister Margaret Downes died 18th Nov 1933 aged 74 yrs. The above Alice Broderick died 7th Jan 1937 aged 72 yrs, – Interred in Moycarkey.
Martha: See SYMES, Martha Brownrigg.
In fond memory of Joseph Burke, late of Ballycurrane, Thurles, died Jan 8th 1947, aged 83 years.
In loving memory of our parents Pierce and Alice Burke died Jan 2nd 1900 and March 14th 1932, respectively. Their children Michael died July 24th 1899. James died July 31st 1917 and Margaret. Our Grandparents Michael and Mary Dwyer, Uncle Michael Dwyer died July 5th 1914. Johanna Burke died Sept 1939. Peter Burke died 12th Sept 1944. Joseph Burke died 19th Aug 1977. John Burke died 4th Feb 1980. His wife Mary died 13th June 1982.
Erected by Edmond Butler in memory of his father John Butler who departed this life July the 19th ….. aged 70 May he rest in peace. Amen.
Margaret: See C, Margaret.
Bridget: See Rooch, Edward.
In loving memory of Bridget Byrne, Thurles, died 6th Feb 1900 aged 56 years. Also her husband Terence died 18th May 1907 aged 70 years. Their son Michael died 16th Aug 1884 aged 7 years. Their daughter Mary (nee Byrne) died Sept 10th 1952 aged 81 years. Her husband Joseph Ryan (Mac) died March 24 1954 aged 83 years. Erected by Joseph Ryan.
Johanna: See GRADY, Edmond.
In loving memory of Maria Byrne died 11th July 1954 aged 4 years. And her infant sister Bridget Nov 2nd 1947. Erected by Mickey and Mary Byrne, Loughtagalla. Matt Byrne, Clongour, died 15th Oct 1941 aged 65 yrs. His wife Mary Byrne died 11th March 1945 aged 75 years.
Here lies the body of Marg C…… (als Butler) who died Auguft the 7th 1804 aged 50 years. May she rest in peace. Amen. [This stone is badly weathered and difficult to make out.]
Michael and Nora: See CUSSEN, Michael.
Erected by Andrew Calanan in memory of his father Cornelious Calanan of Aurdbane, who died January the 4th 1797 aged 72 years. Also the above Andrew Calanan who died April the 15th 1832 aged 65 years.
Andrew: See MAHER, Margaret.
In memory of Andrew Callanan of Brittas who departed this life Feb 28th 1864 aged 60 years. Also his daughter Margaret Callanan who died Jan 16 1865 aged 27 years. Here lyes also the remains of John Callanan who died June 9th 1837 aged 70 years. And Bridget Callanan alias Maher wife to the above Andrew Callanan died 7th February 1884 aged 75 years. Ellen Shelly Alis Callanan who died June 20 1885 aged 33 years. Edward Callanan who died June 21st 1900 aged 25 years Ellen Callanan Nee Bourke who died Dec 12th 1901 aged 60 years.
Erected by Andrew Callanan of Thurles, to the memory of her niece Bridget O’Connell (Tiny Hackett) died July 7th 1917 aged 30 years. R. I. P..
Here lies the body of Cornelious Callanan who died March the 9th 1803 aged 72. May he rest in peace.
Cornelius Callanan of Leugh, who died 17th May 1821 aged 45 years. Also his wife Mary Callanan who died 21st August 1805 aged 84 years.
Erected by Cornelius Callanan of Luigh, in memory of his father Cornelius Callanan who died 8th Dec 1891 aged 75 years. Also his mother Honoria who died Nov 1888 aged 80 years. Cornelius Callanan died 3rd June 1926 aged 78 years. Mary Callanan died 5 Nov 1926 aged 72 yrs. Patrick Callanan died 1 Feb 1974 aged 87 years. Cornelius Callanan died 7 April 1952 aged 68 years. Johanna Callanan (nee Loyde) Leugh Bridge died 24th March 1982. Johanna Cass (nee Callanan) died 26th Jan 1949. Hanora Cass died 29th May 1959.
Cornelius Callanan Leugh died 12th Nov 1936. His wife Mary died 24th June 1945 also their sons William died 21 Feb 1899. Martin died in Australia 1947. Andrew died 30th June 1965. Erected by his wife Mary Callanan Egan Jn St Cashel. (On Side Panel) Bridget Callanan died 1 March 1967. Michael Callanan died 9 Oct 1928. Margaret Callanan died 28th Nov 1980.
Here lies the body of James Callanan of Brittas who died July 3rd 1831 aged 58 years. May he rest in peace. Amen. Willie Callanan, Cabra, age 17 died Sept 3 1939. Catherine Callanan, Cabra, age 66 died 31 Jan 1953. William Callanan, Cabra, age 68 died 22 Sept 1954.
Johanna: See BRODERICK, Alice.
Here rests the body of John Callanan of Aurdbaun who died June 27th 1791 aged 32 years. May he rest in peace. Amen. (Small Stone in front) To granny, Nellie Callanan, Ardbawn, died 2nd March 1982 aged 75 years. Rest in peace.
In loving memory of John Joe Callanan, West Gate, Thurles ,who died 19th Dec 1970. And Kathleen Callanan who died 2nd April 1942. Christina (Chris) Callanan died 30th March 1986 aged 77 years. Infant Rachal Callanan died 30th July 1985.
Mary: See MAHER, Denis.
Mary: See KELLY, Edwd.
Michael died 2 Nov 1928 aged 82. Mary (nee Maher) died 10 March 1910. Patsy died 26 Sept 1941 aged 87. Willie died 19 Sept 1942 aged 86. Con died 30 Sept 1940 age 39. Michael died 11 May 1941 age 81/2. Mollie (nee Dougan) died 24th Dec 1974 age 70.
Erected by Michael Callanan of Clougheraley, in memory of his son Denis Callanan who depd this life April 21st 1830 agd 17 years. May God have mercy on his soul. Amen. Also the above Michael Callanan depd this life April 2nd 1835 aged 60 years.
Erected by William Callanan in memory of his mother Johanna Callanan (alias Gorman) died 19th April 1840 aged 50 years. Also her father Denis Callanan died 13th December 1864 aged 84 years. The above William Callanan died 20th April 1898 aged 70. May their souls rest in peace. Amen
Erected by Margaret Carroll, USA, in memory of her loving brother Michael Dwyer, Thurles, died 13th Aug 1925 aged 66.
Carroll, Rossestown. Ned Carroll, his wife Mary His son Michael and his wife Catherine. Their daughters Maggie and Nora R. I. P.. Erected by the Carroll Family, Rossestown.
Erected by William Carroll, Thurles, in memory of his mother Johanna Carroll, who died May 8th 1889 aged 89. Also his father Michael Carroll died July 4 1894 aged 85. And his infant son Denis died aged 14 days. Also in memory of his beloved wife Mary Carroll who died 5th Nov 1898 aged 43 years. Also William Carroll died 16th Oct 1924 aged 80 years. Michael P Carroll died June 4th 1965 aged 76 years. And his wife Mary Carroll died 16th March 1978 aged 76 years R.I.P..
In loving memory of our dear grandfather Maurice Cashman, R.N.. died 29th Feb 1924 aged 88 years. R.I.P.. [See also Griffin, Maurice a flat stone on this grave.]
Hanora: See CALLANAN, Cornelius, Luigh.
Johanna : See CALLANAN, Cornelius, Luigh.
In loving memory of James Caulfield, Stradavoher St, Thurles, died 20th June 1941 aged 60 years. Also his grand daughter Angela McNamara died 17th April 1941 and his wife Margaret Caulfield died 28th May 1970 aged 80. Also their beloved sons Sean aged 41 whose tragic death in New York occurred 17th March 1972. And Seamus died 24th March 1986 aged 64. Grant them O Lord eternal rest. R.I.P. Erected by his wife and family.
In loving memory of Johanna Connaughton, Parnell St, Thurles, died 28th Jan 1918. Her husband Hubert died 27th Sept 1927. Winifred Devanney died 19th Nov 1953. Gerard Connaughton died 12th May 1961. His wife Ellen died 25th Feb 1968. Bertie Connaughton died 11th Jan 1994.
In loving memory of Mary Connell who died 29th June 1924 aged 87 years. Her son Pat died May 1953. Bill died 10th March 1962.
In loving memory of Mary Connors, Brittas, died 4th Oct 1975. Erected by Aeneas Lyne, Brittas.
Erected by William Connors in loving memory of his mother Ellen Connors who died Jan 20th 1908 aged 82 years. The above William Connors died 13th February 1933 aged 82 years. Mrs Annie Connors died 4th Sept 1944. R.I.P..
In loving memory of Michael Cussen, Piercetown, died Oct 1938. His wife Ellen died Dec 1953 and his son Phillip died June 1940. Michael Cahill died 11th March 1974. His wife Nora died 17th Oct 1974.
Mary: See GREADY, Thos.
Molly: See Fogarty, Jack.
Erected by James and Jeremiah Dempsey in memory of their mother Hanora Dempsey alias Maher who died the 14th Feb 1864 aged 44 years. Also their father Darby Dempsey of Cormackstown died the 1st Feb 1886 aged 77 years. Jeremiah Dempsey died Jan 8th 1906 aged 55 years. Mrs Alice Dempsey died 22nd June 1817 aged 65 years. Thomas Dempsey died 10th Oct 1922 aged 33 years. James Dempsey died 17th Jan 1941 aged 94 years. Mrs Margaret Dempsey, (nee Quinlan) Liberty Sq, Thurles, died 2nd Dec 1947 aged 63 years. James Dempsey died 9th Jan 1955 aged 32 years. Jeremiah Dempsey died 1 June 1971 aged 90 years. Francis Ryan, Liberty Sq, died 22nd Jan 1996 aged 82. R.I.P..
Winifred: See CONNAUGHTON.
James: See O’Reilly, Timothy.
Erected by John Dillon of Thurles in memory of his son John Dillon who died April 1st 1866 aged 3 years.
Of your charity pray for the souls of Annie Donovan, Butler Ave, died 22nd October 1961 aged 82 years and her brother Michael McCarthy died 16th April 1955 aged 70 years. Also her husband John died 11 Nov 1915. (Interred in Glasnevin). Their son Geoffrey Donovan died 7th April 1989 aged 87 years. R.I.P..
Mollie: See CALLANAN, Michael.
Erected by Stephen Dunne, Thurles in memory of his children who died at an early age. Also his father James Dunne who died on the 12th Dec 1882 aged 80 years.
Here lies the body of Daniell Dwyer who died Dec 8th 1801 aged 23 years. May he rest in peace. Amen.
Michael: See CARROLL , Margaret.
Michael and Mary: See BURKE , Pierce and Alice.
Erected by John Fanning of Thurles in memory of his wife Margaret Fanning (alias Fitzpatrick) who died September 25th 1864 aged 52 years.
See: O’Gorman, Terence.
Erected by Bernard Fitzpatrick, Main St, Thurles, in memory of his wife Margaret who died November 21st 1914. Also Kate Phelan died 26th April 1926 and the above Bernard Fitzpatrick died 11th June 1932. Joseph D Fitzpatrick died 2nd June 1961. R.I.P.
Here lies the body of Daniel Fitzpatrick, late of Grange who died Jan the 4th 1819 aged 63 years. May he reft in peace. Amen.
Margaret: See FANNING, John.
Margaret: See GRADY, James.
Erected by Anne Fogarty, Killinan, in memory of her husband Thomas Fogarty died 3rd May 1918 aged 56. Also her mother Margaret Leonard died 23rd Sept 1891 aged 73. Bridget Kearns died Feb 1940. Anne Fogarty died March 1944. Ned Ryan died Jan 1966 R.I.P.. (Side Panel) Denis Maher died 19th Feb 1991. R.I.P..
In loving memory of David Fogarty, 1 Bellevue, Thurles died 20th June 1994 aged 63yrs. Also his 3 infant daughters and 2 infant sons. R.I.P. Erected by his wife Aine and sons. (There are two headstones on this grave – See below Jack Fogarty.)
In loving memory of Jack Fogarty, Killahara, died July 1947 aged 72 years. His wife Ellen died 30th Nov 1965 aged 96 years. Their daughters Nan Ryan (nee Fogarty) died 20th Feb 1955 aged 44 yrs. Molly Davy (nee Fogarty) died 21st Nov 1945 aged 42 yrs. Their sons Paddy Fogarty died 9th Dec 1973 aged 62 yrs. Peter Fogarty died 9th March 1983 aged 82 years. Thomas Fogarty died 7th Oct 1984 aged 79 yrs. R.I.P..
Erected by John Fogarty of Leugh in memory of his father James who died May 1898 aged 80 years. His uncle John Fogarty died Octer 1882 aged 60 years. His sister Johanna died Dec 1889 aged 16 yrs. His sister Maggie died Sept 1875 aged 3 years. His mother Ellen Fogarty died 1st March 1912. His brother Daniel died 26th Feb 1928. His brother Laurence died 16th Feb 1947. The above John Fogarty died 15th Sept 1958.
In loving memory of John Fogarty (Thomas), Kilrush, who died 8.2.21. His wife Ellen nee Maher who died 27.9.44. Their daughter Margaret who died 20.8.35. And their sons Thomas died 27.11.1918. Philip died 15.2.1951. Patrick died 28.4.1982. William died 26.7.1991. May they rest in peace. Erected by their daughter Ellen Kent and her family.
Erected by Michl Fogarty of Luigh in memory of his father John Fogarty who depd this life May 1817 aged 59 years. And his brother Edmd died in July 1811 aged 11 years. Also her mother Margaret Fogarty (Als Stapleton) who died Feb 15 1834 age 60 years. Also his sister Ellen Fogarty died Feby 4th 1882 aged 75 years. May they rest in peace. Amen.
In loving memory of Peter Fogarty, Leugh died 12th May 1921 aged 81 years. Also his daughter Mary aged 8 years, R.I.P.. His wife Nora died Feb 1924 aged 84 years. Also his son Peter Fogarty died 27th Jan 1939 aged 87. Erected by his.son Peter Fogarty. R.I.P.. His wife Mary (nee O’Loughlin) died 8th April 1989 aged 84 yrs.
In loving memory of William Fogarty, Abbey Road, Thurles, who died 10th Dec 1949. His wife Mary died 4th April 1943 and their daughter Ellen died 10th June 1923. Their daughter Kathleen died 1st Sept 1987.
Mrs Philip O’Grady: See O’GRADY, Edmond.
In loving memory of Patrick Gleeson Killinan died 18th November 1937 aged 52 years.
Mary A: See BERKERY, Ellen.
Joan: See LONG, Edward.
Johanna: See Callanan, William.
In loving memory of Edmond Grady, Graigue, died March 16th 1895 aged 74. Also his wife Johanna Grady (nee Byrne) died June 25th 1895 aged 60. And his sister Mrs Bridget Maher, Ballytarsna, died Aug 26th 1875 aged 46. Also his son Edmond died June 9th 1894 aged 26 yrs. And his son James O’Grady died 31st Jan 1941 aged 78 years Also his son Philip died 23rd Jan 1946 aged 81 years. Mrs Philip O’Grady (nee Gilmartin) died 26th March 1943 aged 76 years. R.I.P..
Erected by James Grady of Turtulla in memory of his father John Grady who died 11th February 1872 aged 57 years. Also his mother Margaret Grady (alias Flanagan) died 4th July 1873 aged 44 yr. And his brother Thomas Grady died 1 April 1869 aged 19 yr. Also John O Grady who died on the 6th June 1916 aged 58 years Anne O’Grady who died on the 20th September 1916 aged 57 years. Martin O Grady, Dukesland, died 13th Feb 1973 aged 73. His wife Margaret O’Grady died 24th April 1984 aged 85. Their son Gerard O’Grady died 2nd Nov 1939 aged 4. (See also Gready and O’Grady) P.Brien, Cashel
Here lies the body of Michl Grady died 1778 aged 58 yrs. May he rest in peace. Amen. (See also Gready and O’Grady)
Erected by Anne Gready of Gaile in memory of her beloved husband James Gready who departed this life Nov 1st 1872 aged 58 years. Alice O’Grady Gaile died 12th Dec 1918. Patrick O’Grady died 24th Sept 1959. James O’Grady died 4th June 1965. Also Anastasia wife of James O’Grady died 22nd April 1966. Recquiescant in Pace. Amen. (See also Grady and O’Grady)
In loving memory of Maurice Griffin who fell asleep Nov 6th 1979. “What is lovely never dies, But passes on to other loveliness, Remembered always with pride and affection.” Daughters Marie, Claire, Madeline, Bernie and only son Maurice. Sleep in peace. [This stone was laid on the ground on the grave of Maurice Cashman q.v.. It was never erected properly]
Erected to the memory of Johanna Hackett, West Gate, died 27th Sept 1960. And her sister Anna died 12th Oct 1966. R.I.P..
Tiny (Bridget O’Connell): See CALLANAN, Andrew, Thurles.
Erected by Betty Hayden in memory of her father Mic Hayden who died May 16th 1828 aged 50 years. Also his wife Anstis Hayden (alias Mahon) depd June 6th 1838 aged 55 years. And their daughter Mary Hayden died May 1838 aged 35 years.
Pray for the repose of the souls of the following Thomas Hayes of Heath died 28th March 1893 aged 55 years. His wife Bridget Hayes died 26th February 1909 aged 70 years. Their children Michael died March 1901 aged 23 years. Bridget died 22nd Sept 1901 aged 22 years. Johanna Hayes died 27th March aged 55 years.
Margaret: See RYAN, William.
Catherine: See RYAN, Catherine.
In loving memory of Margaret Hickey of Dovea Thurles who died 15th April 1957 and her daughter Margaret (Daisy) died 21st Dec 1958. Also her husband Patrick died 29th April 1959. And her son Michael died 4th Nov 1965. Also his wife Nora died 10th Oct 1987.
See: BRIEN, Mary.
Bridget: See FOGARTY, Anne.
Erected by Edwd Kelly in memory of his mother Mary Callanan died August 20th 1843. Also his sister Jude Carroll died Aug 1813 and his sister Mary Kelly died May 1828. May they rest in peace. Amen.
In loving memory of Cornelius Kennedy, Friar St, Thurles died 28th Dec 1945 and his wife Ellen died 14th March 1990.
Erected by Frederick Kennedy, The Mall, Thurles, in loving memory of his parents Patrick Kennedy died 12th July 1935 aged 88 years also his mother Johanna Kennedy died 13th April 1942 aged 76 years.
Erected by his loving wife and family in memory of Philip Kennedy, Upper Kickham St. Thurles, died 6th July 1940 and his wife Annie died 22nd Feb 1955. Their sons Philip and Gerard Kennedy O M I.
Ellen: See Fogarty, John (Michael).
Ellen: See FOGARTY, (Thomas) John.
In loving memory of James Lanigan, The Racecourse, died 31st Dec 1931. His brother John died 18th Dec 1973. Also his sister Catherine (Kathy) died 17th July 1976. (Mid Panel) John Lanigan, Cuchulain Road, Thurles, died 30th March 1955. His wife Annie died 18th April 1955. Their daughter Mary died 28th Oct 1957. Their grandson John J died 17th May 1964. Their son Patrick (Pakie) died 8th Feb 1986. (Third Panel) Nora M Lanigan, Cuchulain Road, died 6th Aug 1988. Her husband James died 9th March 1992.
Erected by Michael Leahy of Mullaunbrack in memory of his father Thomas Leahy died 24th July 1895 aged 60 years. Also his mother Bridget Leahy died 8th Aug 1908 aged 58 years. And his sister Mary died 22nd July 1903 aged 11 years. Esme Leahy died 7th March 1946 and her husband Michael died 21 Sept 1950 aged 55.
In loving memory of Edward Long, Thurles, founder Tipperary Star Newspaper who died 4th November 1925 aged 52. And his wife Margaret who died 16th October 1957 and their daughter Joan Goode who died 8th February 1958. Their daughter Kathleen C. Long died 28th February 1969. Requiescant in pace. Erected by his devoted wife Margaret.
Margaret: See FOGARTY, Anne.
In loving memory of Mary Loughnane, Croke St, Thurles, died 30th May 1939 and her infant sons R.I.P.. Erected by her husband Martin and grandson Seamus.
Johanna: See CALLANAN , Cornelius, Luigh.
Aeneas: See Connors, Mary.
Erected by Thomas Maguire in memory of his father and dather John Megwire died May 13th 1812 aged 60 years. Catherine Megwire died ….. 26th 1818 aged 17 years.
Bridget: See CALLANAN, Andrew, Brittas.
Bridget: See GRADY , Edmond.
Erected by Daniel Maher in memory of his beloved mother Ellen Maher of Forgestown who died Dec 19th 1894 aged 53 years. Also in memory of his father Laurence Maher who died August 3rd 1895 aged 68 years. Also his sister Bridget Maher who died May 25th 1899 aged 18 years. Also his sister Margaret Shanahan died 20th Dec 1899.
Denis: See Fogarty, Anne.
Erected by Denis Maher in memory of his mother Mary Callanan who died Febr the 16 1808 aged 50 yrs and her daughter Catherine Maher died Febr 21 1808 aged 13 yrs. May they reft in peace. Amen. Also the above Denis Maher died Mar 8 1841 aged 49 years. May he rest in peace. Amen
In loving memory of Denis Maher, Lower Killinan, Thurles, died 24th Aug 1926 aged 72 years. His wife Johanna died 6th Aug 1973 aged 90 years. James Maher, 8 Castle Ave, Thurles, died 27th March 1989 aged 78 years. His wife Bridie, Emmet St, Clonmel, died 11th Sept 1965 aged 43 years. Erected by his wife and family.
Ellen: See FOGARTY, (Thomas) John.
Hanora: See Dempsey.
In loving memory of James Maher, Mullaunbrack, died 27th Aug 1990. R.I.P.. Erected by James Maher, Mullaunbrack.
Here lies the body of James Maher who died June the 14th 1767 aged 58 years. Honora Maher (Als Ryan) who died January the 15th, 1797 aged 78 years. May they rest in peace.
In loving memory of John Maher, Parnell St, who died 13th July 1915. His wife Winifred died 29th Dec 1934. Their daughter-in-law Ann Maher died March 1943, their daughter Bridget died 17th August 1952. R.I.P.. Erected by their family [See also Maher Michael small stone in front of this stone.]
God be merciful to the soul of Judith Maher, who died January the 2nd 1797, aged 67 years. Erected by Tho. Maher.
Kathy Maher: See TROY, Martin.
Erected by Margaret Maher, West Gate, in loving memory of her husband John Maher died 15th April 1933. Her father Andrew Callanan who died 18th April 1935 and his wife Mary (nee Ryan) died 28th Jan 1943. Also her children Michael, Margaret and Francis who died young. The above Margaret died 20th March 1971. Her son Andrew died 17th Sept 1988.
Mary: See Callanan, Michael, Clogheraley.
Erected by Matthew Maher Killinan in memory of his father Matthew Maher who died 18th Nov 1866 aged 80 years. Also his daughter Margaret Maher who died 5th Oct 1886 aged 21 years. Also his wife Margaret Maher who died July 3rd 1893 aged 57 years. And his sister Catherine Maher died 3rd Septr 1866 aged 35 years. Also in memory of the above named Matthew Maher who died April 15th 1894 aged 51 years. John Maher died Nov 7th 1907 aged 95(35) years. Maria Maher died 11th Dec 1939 aged 64 years.
In loving memory of Matthew Maher, Killinan, who died 23rd Oct 1946 aged 79. His wife Maria died 11th Dec 1939 aged 64. Their sons Edward died 7th Jan 1942 aged 32. Thomas died 18th June 1961 aged 46. Matthew died 15th May 1973 aged 68. His brother Thomas died 24th Nov 1966 aged 89. Their daughter Mai Maher died 23rd March 1992 aged 81 years.
In loving memory of Michael Joseph Maher, Ilford, Essex, and Kilrush, a dear husband, dad and Grandad, who died 18th July 1995 aged 63. Though our love on earth has ended, We’er never far apart, The smiling face we loved so well, Forever in our hearts. Rest in Peace. Erected by Breda and Family.
In loving memory of Sean Maher, “St Annes,” Ballinahow, who died 9th Feb 1995 aged 74 years. R.I.P..
Here lies the body of Thomas Maher who died November the 21st 1803 aged 44 years. May he rest in peace. Amen.
Ered by Tos Maher in memory of his father Patrick Maher who depd Oct 24th aged 48 yrs. May he rest in peace. Amen.
Maher Thomas. Erected by Winifred Maher of Killinan in memory of her husband Thomas Maher who died 19th Nov 1917.
His father Cornelius who died 23rd March 1898 aged 71.
His mother Johanna Maher who died April 19th 1911 aged 81 yrs.

His brother Andrew Maher died 15th March 1897 aged 26 yrs.

And Matthew died 18th Sep 1808 aged 51 yrs.
Maher Mrs Mary Ann Maher, Forgestown, died 1st April 1955.
Maher Laurence, Ballinhow, died 19th June 1960.His wife, MARY, died 13th March 1974.Their son, LAURENCE, died 17th July 1969.R.I.P
Laurence and his wife Ellen's headstone, was organised by their son Daniel, who described Ellen as of Forgestown.
Maher Ellen.Erected by Daniel Maher,
in memory of his beloved mother,
Ellen Maher, of Forgestown,
who died Dec 19th 1894, aged 53 years.
Also in memory of his father,
Maher Laurence,
who died August 3rd 1895, aged 68 years.
Also his sister, Bridget Maher,
who died May 25th 1899, aged 18 years.
Also his sister, Margaret Shanahan, died 20th Dec 1899, aged 31.
Also James Maher, who died 18th Sept 1937,
aged 73 years.
William Maher
died 16th January 1952, aged 81 years.
Anstic: See Hayden, Mic
Erected by John Marlin, Mullaunbrack, in memory of his father John Marlin who died Oct 18th 1869 aged 80 years. Also his brother Richard died Oct 5th 1885 aged 63 years and James Marlin died April 17th 1911 aged 80 years. Also his wife Mary died 8th June 1895 aged 53. His daughter Mary Ann died 4th May 1900 aged 24. Also her daughters Johanna died May 1970. Ellen died 11 March 1951. Daniel Maher died 19th Dec 1955. His daughter Bridget Mary died 8 April 1956. And his wife Bridget died 7 Jan 1963. May they rest in peace. [McGuire and Slattery, Thurles]
Meagher Merciful Jesus grant eternal rest to the soul of John F. Meagher, Liscahill Lodge, Thurles, who died 15th October 1947 and his son Richard died 29th March 1922 aged 31 years. Also his wife Anne died 5th Sept 1970. R.I.P..
Erected by Mrs Mary Meehan, Liberty Square, in loving memory of her husband Michael Meehan died 5th January 1928 aged 69 years. And her son Michael died 5th March 1927 aged 36 years. John who was interred at Cashel. Also the above Mrs Mary Meehan who died 13th February 1939 aged 80 years.
See: Maguire, Thomas
Ellie: See RYAN, Ellie
Ellen: See SLATTERY, Edmond.
In loving memory of William Moloney, Sarsfield St, died 28th June 1962. His wife Ellen died 19th Oct 1973. His son William died 17th Jan 1939. And his wife Elizabeth McNamara died 2nd July 1952. Granddaughter Rose Walker, Norfolk, England, died 27th Jan 1991.
In loving memory of my beloved wife Bridget Mulcaire, Derheen, who died 18th April 1912 and daughter Kathleen who died 18th April 1949. Also my parents Michael and Annie Mulcaire and sister Anne. James Mulcaire died 31 Dec 1979 aged 73. R.I.P. Erected by her husband and family.
In loving memory of John Murphy, Abbey Road, Thurles, and Dublin, who died 2nd Dec 1962 and of his deceased parents brother and sister. My Jesus Mercy.
Michael: See DONOVAN, Annie.
Angela: See CAULFIELD, James.
Elizabeth: See MOLONEY, William.
Bridget (Tiny Hackett) : See CALLANAN, Andrew, Thurles.
Erected by Terence O’Gorman of Glenreagh in memory of his son Edward O’Gorman who died 8th February 1882 aged 14 years. Also his son William O’Gorman died 28th Sept 1952 and his wife (nee Feehan) died 11th Jan 1969. Also their son Terence died 20th Jan 1928. And daughter Sarah died 17th June 1970. Also their grandson James O’Gorman died 27th Jan 1948 aged 11 months. May they rest in peace. Amen. [Maguire and Slattery.]
Alice: See GREADY Anne.
Anne: See GREADY, Anne.
James: See Gready, Anne
In ever loving memory of Thomas O’Grady, Archerstown, who died 28th Jan 1932 aged 75 years. Also his son William O’Grady who died 29th Dec 1936 aged 38 years and his wife Johanna O’Grady died 16th Feb 1949. His son Edward died 21st June 1976 aged 74 years. Mollie O’Grady wife of William died 4 Feb 1988 aged 93 yrs. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord. In Memory of Tom O’Grady Captain of the first team of hurlers formed in Moycarkey 1st November 1884 and first team to America 1888. R.I.P.. (See also Grady, Gready and O’Gready)
Gloria in Excelcis Deo. Erecd by Thos Gready of Graigue, in memory of his father James Gready who died June 9th 1807 aged 61 years. Also his wife Eleanor Gready who died April 4th 1827 aged 61 years. Also his much lamented wife Mary Gready (als Daulton) who died Sept 29 1858 aged 67 yrs. The above Thomas Grady died 11th January 1868 aged 80 years. May they rest in peace. Amen. (See also Grady, Gready and O’Grady.)
Erected by John O’Loughlin Thurles in loving memory of his mother Mrs Katie O’Loughlin died 5th May 1924 aged 60. And his father Tho. O’Loughlin died 8th March 1928 aged 75 years. Also his brother Rev Martin O’Loughlin, Duluth, Minnesota, USA, who died 18th December 1938 aged 40 years. R.I.P..
Mary: See FOGARTY, Peter.
In loving memory of Timothy O’Reilly Sergeant, R.I.C., Hall St, Thurles, died 13th March 1945 and his wife Mary Ellen died 13th April 1927. Also their daughter Mary Angela died 1st Dec 1931 and the parents of Mary Ellen O’Reilly. James Dillon died 11th Oct 1930, also his wife Mary died 9th Jan 1939.
In loving memory of William Peters, Clobanna, who died 19th June 1937. And his wife Catherine died 30th Dec 1968. Their son John died 16th Sept 1985. Erected by their daughter.
Kate: See FITZPATRICK , Bernard.
In loving memory of Ellen Purcell who died 17th Sept 1946.
Erected by John Quinlan in memory of his father Timothy Quinlan, who died June the 5th 1827 aged 80 years. May he rest in peace.
Margaret: See DEMPSEY.
Erected by Anthony Quinn of Thurles in memory of his daughter Winifred who died 31st January 1937 aged 27 years. Also the above Anthony Quinn who died 16th February 1949 and his wife Margaret died 12th May 1953. Their son-in-law William Quinn died 18th Dec 1963. Their daughter Julia Quinn died 16th Nov 1979. R.I.P..
Erected by Daniel Quinn of Killinan in memory of his father Darby Quinn who depd this life May 22 1835 agd 80 years. Also his brother John died March 15 1830 aged 21 years. And his brother James depd Feb 21 1844 aged 27 years.
Erected by Sara Quirk in memory of her beloved husband James Quirk, The Mall, Thurles, who died 26th November 1906 in the 90th year of his age. Also pray for the repose of the soul of the above Mrs Sara Quirk who died 19th Nov 1911 aged 78 years. R.I.P..
Erected by Timothy Rahill of Graigue in memory of his father Wm. Rahill who died Jan 10th 1810 aged 68 years. Also his mother Johanna dep Apl 18 1825 aged 88 years. Timothy died Feb 5th 1841 aged 81 years.
Here lies the body of Edward Rooch who died November the 11th 1783 aged 70 year. Also his son and daughter Bridget Byrn died May 27 1839 aged 65 years.
Here lies the body of Catherine Ryan who died March the 25th 1798 aged 51 years. May she rest in peace. Amen. Erected by James Ryan.
Underneath are deposited the remains of Catherine Ryan also Heffernan who dept Feb 23rd 1835(?) aged 35 years. Also her daughter Mary Ryan who depd April 7th 1837 aged 3½ years.
Here lies the body of Daniel Ryan who departed this life the 16th day of August 1785 aged 79. Requiescant in pace.
Erected by Edmund Ryan of Thurles in memory of his dauther Margreat Ryan who departed this life May 31st 1849 aged 10 years. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.
Here lies the body of Edward Ryan who died May the 5th 1796 aged 32 years. May he reft in peace. Amen. Also his son Edmd. Ryan, depd March 21st 1840 aged 44 years. May he rest in peace.
Erected by Ellie Ryan, (nee Moloney) Parnell St, Thurles, in memory of her husband Patrick Ryan died 7th March 1925. The above Ellie Ryan died 22nd Feb 1957.
Francis: See DEMPSEY.
Honora: See MAHER, James.
In loving memory of James Ryan LLD, Solicitor, Innisfail, Thurles, who died 18th May 1927 aged 67 years. His wife Ellen died 13th Jan 1945. John A Ryan died 7th Oct 1954. R.I.P..
Joseph (Mac): See BYRNE, Bridget.
Here lies the body of Margrath Ryan who depd this life Auguft the 23 1793 aged 34. May fhe reft in peace. Amen
Erected by Mari Anne Ryan, The Bridge, Thurles, in memory of her beloved father Patrick Ryan who departed this life Dec 2nd 1844. Also her beloved mother Anne Ryan who departed this life November 12th 1877. Also her dear sister Bessie Ryan who died April 16th 1878.
Mary: See MAHER , Margaret.
Ned: See FOGARTY, Anne.
Nan: See FOGARTY, Jack.
Here lies the body of Wm Ryan of Ardbane who died June 27 1802 aged 86 years. Also Mary Ryan wife of John Ryan who died December 9 1792 aged 30. Also Judith Ryan her daughter aged 12 years who died April 13th 1807. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.
Erected by William Ryan N.S.W. Australia in memory of his beloved mother Margaret (nee Healy) Kilrush, who died 25th March 1880 aged 60 years leaving four sons to mourn her loss. Also his son Timothy who died 20th March 1875 aged 3 weeks. Also Elizabeth Ryan (nee Healy) sister to the above Margaret died 9th March 1884 aged 66 years leaving 3 daughters to mourn her loss. Brother Thomas E. Ryan, Brother Patrick A. Ryan and John Ryan, Mary Hickey, died 1931. Her son Patrick died 1955. James Hickey Kilrush died 14 Dec 1985.
Erected by William Ryan, Thurles, in memory of his wife Mary Ryan who died Dec 1921 aged 41 years. William Ryan her loving husband died Oct 13th 1949.
In loving memory of Michael Sadlier, The Square, died 24th April 1924 also his wife Jane died 20th December 1926.
Margaret: See MAHER, Daniel.
Ellen: See CALLANAN, Andrew, Brittas.
Erected by Edmond Slattery of Ballinahow in memory of his father Thomas Slattery who died 3rd Sept 1873 aged 75 years. Also his mother Ellen Slattery (nee Moloney) who died 4th April 1875 aged 53 years. And his brother Thomas who died 24th Dec 1857 aged 19 years. Also to the memory of the above named Edmond Slattery, who died on the 11th Novenber 1887 aged 39 years His wife Johanna died 27th Sept 1930 Their sons Patrick J. died 16th May 1951. Thomas E. died 29th Jan 1967. Their daughter Kay Slattery died 18th Sept 1969. Requiescant in pace. Amen. [McGuire and Slattery. Thurles.]
Erected by Maggie Stapleton in loving memory of her husband Thomas Stapleton, The Square, Thurles, died 17th November 1916 aged 57 years. And our two children James who died in infancy. Margaret Stapleton died 7th March 1939 aged 73. R.I.P..
Margaret: See FOGARTY, Michael.
Sacred to the memory of Martha Brownrigg Simms dearly loved wife of Sandham Symes of Killinan Lodge, died 17th June 1919.
In loving memory of Martin Troy, 4 St Brendans Terrace, died 3rd Dec 1961 aged 87 years. His wife Johanna died 18th May 1969 and their son Martin died 13th Nov. 1966 aged 34 years. Kathy Maher, Liscahill, died 10th June 1923 aged 87 years.
Rose: See Moloney, William.
Erected by Margaret Wall of Cooleeney in memory of her husband Andrew Wall who dept this life May 30th 1845 aged 75 years. Also his brother Simon Wall who depd this life Feb 19th 1842 aged 82 years and his son Andrew died Dec 29th 1875 aged 70 years. Also his grand daughter Margaret Wall who died 1879 aged 45.
Erected by Denis Walsh of Tubberadora in memory of his sons Philip who died May 24th 1888 aged 3 years. And Patrick died June 10th 1888 aged 7 years. Also Richard and Michael who died young. Also the above Denis Walsh died Nover 2nd 1907 aged 72 years. His wife Bridget Walsh died Sept 1931 aged 88 years. Also his grandchildren Richard who died young and Bridie Walsh died 16th April 1932 aged 19 years. John Walsh, Tubberadora, died 1st Sept 1957 aged 84 years and his wife Ellen Walsh died 2nd Feb 1966. R.I.P..
In loving memory of John Walsh, Slievenamon, Thurles, who died 4th May 1934 aged 65 years. And his wife Sarah Walsh died 24th Nov 1942 aged 76 years. Their daughter Aileen died 28th April 1954.
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