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Bates Joseph born c 1789 in Warrington Lancashire England married Rachel ? born c1785. They had four children
Ellen born c 1815
Margaret born c 1824 married John William Percival Broadhurst
Elizabeth and James
Warrington 1841 Census District 14
Mr Ryland's Yard, off School Lane
Joseph Bate aged 52 labourer Cheshire
Rachel Bate aged 56 Bobbin Winder Cheshire
Ellen Bate aged 26 Fustian cutter Cheshire
Elizabeth Bate aged 8
Warrington 1851 Census - Battersby Lane
Rachel Bate Head Widow aged 66
Ellen Warburton Daughter Widow aged 36 Fustian Cutter
Elizabeth Bate daughter unmarried aged 17 Carder
James Bate Son aged 10 T Loom Weaver
Thomas Warburton Grandson aged 5 Scholar
John Warburton Grandson aged 3 Scholar
Poor relief on March 7/8 1847.
Rachel Bate Ryland's Yard School Lane, Winder , but out of work , her present weekly earnings were one shilling and she was allowed one shilling and six pence parochial relief for three days
Margaret Broadhurst nee Bate aged 23 years was listed as a dependent of Rachel and was earning five shillings and six pence. Margaret Broadhurst's husband was listed as "away".
Elizabeth Bate aged 13 years was earning one shilling and three pence.
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Evans Sarah born c 1828 Birmingham, tried in the Birmingham Sessions on 25 October 1846 for stealing stays and stockings and a shawl and was sentenced for seven years. Arrived in Hobart Tasmania Australia on board the "Asia" on 21 July 1847. Her description being 4 ft 11 inches in height, aged 19, complexion fresh, head oval, hair light brown, visage oval, high forehead, eyebrows brown, eyes brown, nose long, mouth small and her chin as roundish.
Her Ticket of Leave granted on 14 May 1850 and a condition pardon approved on 3 February 1852.
Sarah married John William Percival Broadhurst on 29.10.1849, he was listed as a Porter and she was a spinster. They had two children
Martha born 1851 Hobart Tasmania
Sarah born 1855 Hobart Tasmania
At this stage we don't know what happened to her and her daughters .
High Samuel was born c 1820 and came from Yarmouth, Norfolk, England and married Sarah ? born c 1820 also from Yarmouth, Norfolk England.
They arrived in Melbourne in April 1852 on board the "Calphurnia".
Their son Joseph was born c 1861 at Sandhurst (Now Bendigo) Victoria, married Emma West born c 1862 at St Arnauds Victoria, the daughter of William West and Henrietta Screech, on 12.9.1881 at St Paul's Church Deniliquin. Children;
Joseph born c 1876
Henrietta born 11 August 1882 at Narrandera.
Gertrude Emma born c 1885
Florence May born c 1888
Twin males were still born on 2 June 1891
Emma High nee West died at Daysdale aged 33 years on 19.10.1896 and buried in the Corowa New Cemetery NSW.
The second marriage of Joseph High to Martha Elizabeth Gough took place at The Vicarage Yarrawonga on 5.7.1902, he was a widower, His profession was a labourer and he resided at Mulwala. Martha was a spinster and was born in Fitzroy to Richard Gregory Gough a journalist and Louisa Rebecca Tilley. Children;
Mabel Isabella born 20 March 1903 at Mulwala.
Joseph was listed as a contractor aged 42 years and Martha was 25 years old.
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McBowling Walter married Margaret Broadhurst nee Bate on 9 September 1871 at Adelong NSW. He was listed as a carpenter from Upper Tumberumba now Tumbarumba.
Parish John born c 1824 to William and Betsy Parish and came from Aylesbury England. Tried at the Central Criminal Court in Bond Street London on 7th April 1845 for horse stealing from Mr Jibbott in Bond Street and also for stealing a harness. His description being, a butcher, aged 21, 5ft 11 3/4 tall, he had a fresh complexion, oval head, brown hair, whiskers and eyebrows. His face was oval, forehead medium height, hazel eyes with a long nose . John also had a scar on his right wrist, scar on the back of his left hand and numerous small scars on his left thumb. He was a Protest and and could read and write. He was also listed as married and had two brothers William and James.
John arrived in Hobart on 15.10.1845 on board the "Equestrian", the surgeons report was good. He was given 18 months hard labour and was stationed at Port Cygnet and was a probation pass holder (three classes of passes were issued verying in degree of restriction and wages).
Offences were misconduct when he was a cook in taking fat from two coppers.
John became a provisional pass holder on 8.8.1847, his ticket of leave 28.4.1850 and his conditional pardon was approved 11.1.1853.
On 30.4.1850 John applied to the Government to marry Elizabeth Taylor, one month before they were married at St John's church Hobart Town, Church of Scotland on the 20.5.1850, witnesses were W and E Bunting.
Elizabeth Rachel Parish was born 10.5.1854 baptised as Rachel Elizabeth in St David's Hobart on 30.7.1854, John was listed as a butcher and they were living in Liverpool Street, Hobart. Elizabeth married James Bates Broadhurst.
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 Taylor Elizabeth born c 1826 in Bath England. She was tried at the Wells Sessions on 20.10.1840 for stealing a yard of velvet, a report stated that she had previously been convicted of stealing a gold ring and received one month's goal and stealing money, sentence to six months in goal. Her mother Eliza was still living in Bath, along with two sisters, Emma and Mary Ann.
Her description was given as being 20 years of age, a laundress, house and parlour maid 5ft 1 1/4 inches tall, sallow complexion, oval face, dark hair, high forehead, grey eyes with brown eyebrows, a small nose and round chin. She was also pock marked, was a Protestant and could read and write.Elizabeth was sentenced to ten years and arrived in Hobart on 21.7.1847 on board the "Asia 7".
Other sentences she received were for being out after hours, she was admonished 11.9.1848. In 1849 she was absent without leave and was given two months hard labour which she served in the female factory at the Cascades. Also received 6 months on board the "Anson", a convict women's ship moored on the Derwent River.
Elizabeth was granted her Ticket of Leave 16.9.1851, revoked on the 5.4.1853 and granted a conditional pardon on 21.6.1853. She married John Parish.
West Robert John born c 1831 Somersetshire England and his profession was a Tailor. He married Henrietta Screech born c 1831 in Devonport England. When their daughter Emma was born on 4.11.1861 they were living at Carrapooce Creek, Australia.
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Cullen George born c1791 was convicted for stealing glass and tried in Dublin on 23.11.1825. His description was, aged 34 years and could read and write, married with two children, native place Wicklow and his trade was coachman. John was 5ft 41/2 in, complexion pale and sallow, eyes grey, hair brown, Scar on left chin over left upper lip.
He arrived in Australia on the "Regalia" on 5.8.1826, employed by HH McArthur and lived at Vineyard Cottage, Parramatta. John received his Ticket of Leave 22.6.1837
John aged 42 married a Johanna Walter aged 28 at the Parish of Parramatta on 27.7.1835 by Samuel Marsden.
Children: Ann Cullen born 19.2.1836 and baptised 13.3.1836. Parents given as George, Coachman and Johanna. Another entry shows Ann Cullen born 19.2.1836 and baptised 14.3.1842, parents George Cullen and Joanna Preston.
Mary Cullen born 1.1.1839 and baptised 14.3.1842, parents George Cullen and Joanna Preston.
George Walter Cullen born 17.2.1842 and baptised 14.3.1842. George married Mary Anne Sims, born 14.1.1847, the daughter of George Sims and Elizabeth Mullally, on 17.10.1870 at Cooma
Children: Elizabeth A born 1871 and married Joe Haywood.
William born 1874
Arthur born 23.12.1879.
Edward born 1883
Mary born 1885
Charles Edwin born 16.3.1893 married Rose Hart
John George born 18.7.1897 at Parramatta and married Ann Amelia Eldridge born 25.12.1889.
Ann was the daughter of Edward Eldridge and Ann Gates.
Children: Linda Eileen and married William Casey, Grace Vera, married Joseph Morgan and Bert Miller, Dorothy May, married John Shaw, Pearl Daptheen married Bob Crow, Sidney Richard. Three other children.
Johanna Cullen born 25.9.1848, parents George Cullen, labourer of Concord and Johanna Preston
George Cullen of Concord died aged 54 years and buried 9.4.1849. Occupation was given as a carter.
Johanna Cullen remarried John Wilkes of Burwood on 6.5.1853 at St Patrick's church Parramatta by Nicholas Joseph Coffey.
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Eldridge Jeremiah born Seven Oaks, Kent England was convicted of stealing at the Kent Assizes on 30.7.1832, sentenced to life. Arrived in Australia on the "Asia" in 1833, he was listed as being a farm labourer, 5ft 21/2" tall, fair ruddy freckled complexion, brown hair, grey eyes. His Ticket of Leave was granted on 8.10.1841 and Conditional Pardon on 19.1.1850. Jeremiah was allowed to stay in the Queanbeyan district. He later moved to the Monaro and owned a property called "Woolway" near Dry Plains.
He married Mary Ann Freebody, the daughter of Simon Freebody and Susannah Miles on 6 December 1850 in Woolway Monaro Cooma.
Children: Mary Ann Eldridge born 15.12.1849 and married John Nuss. Their children were John Albert, Annie Isabella Georgina, Henry Arthur, Ada Mary, Edwin Ernest, Sarah, Evelyn Ethel May and Adelina .
Jeremiah Eldridge born 13.9.1853 in Cooma and married twice, firstly to Mary Ann Stewart and their children were William Edward, Sarah, Florence and Ethel and secondly to Sarah Jane Lomas, children were Marjorie Emily, Beatrice Mary and Arthur Lomas.
Thomas Eldridge born 2.6.1855 in Frying Pan Adaminaby. Married Agnes Amelia Barrett, daughter of George Barrett and Ann Jackson Arundell on 27.4.1887. Children were Clara Ann, Isabella Jane, Edgel Charles, Ada May, Stanley Harold, Alice Victoria, Aubury Thomas, Elsie Muriel, Leslie Hopeton, Thomas Clarence and Raymond.
Elizabeth Eldridge born 4 .7.1858 at Frying Pan Creek Cooma.
John Simon Eldridge born 28.6.1860 at Adaminaby married Dorothea Koellner in 1893 and their children were Ernest Charles and Reginald John.
George Eldridge born 5.6.1862 at Adaminaby and married Ada Evans. They had a son George.
Susannah Eldridge born 3.4.1864 and married Albert Constance on 7.1.1891, they had a son Herbert Albert.
Louisa Emma Eldridge born 8 .6.1866 and married Arthur Watkins and their children were Elizabeth Ann, Alice Amelia, Ada May, Ida Muriel and Elsie Irene.
Charles Henry Eldridge born 3.2.1874 in Cooma and married Mary Elizabeth Williams on 14.12.1910, a son Harold.
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Freebody Jonathon married Ann Walls in c 1765 at Edmonton England.
Known children were:
Sarah bapised 3.5.1767 at St Andrews, Enfield.
Simon (Sion) Clarkson baptised 3.5.1767, married Mary Wells.
Simon was convicted for stealing a sheep worth 13/- in London on 11.7.1787 and was transported to Australia on the "Surprise", arriving in Sydney from Portsmouth on 26.6.1790. The "Surprise" was part of the second fleet along with the "Neptune" and "Scarborough", of which almost one third of the convicts died on the voyage. Mary Wells was born in York, England and arrived in Australia as a convict on the "Royal Admiral" on 7.10.1792.
Children were, Ann (Nacy) born 22.12.1796 and married Daniel Hanchard.
Simon Jnr. born c 1798 and married Susannah Miles (Myles) on 19.6.1820.
Children: Simon, Elizabeth, Robert, Susannah, Edward, Mary Ann who married Jeremiah Eldridge (See Eldridge Family), John, Sarah, Joseph, Martha and Emma.
Mary Ann born 1800 and married Daniel Search on 2.1.1826 at Willberforce.
John born 1803 married Mary Ann Kirvin and then Sarah Connelly.
Sarah married John Hoskinson.
Margaret (daughter of Ann - Nacy) married John Green.
Robert (son of Ann-Nacy) baptised 16.7.1817.
Timothy baptised 20.4.1766.
Peter Thomas baptised 7.5.1769.
Magdalon Loyd baptised 29.4.1770.
John baptised 12.4.1772.
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Gates John and Mary nee Robinson were married 2.2.1821 at Easby near Richmond England. They had a son Henry who was christened on 24.5.1837 at Richmond near Leyburn.
Henry Gates arrived in Australia on the ship "Grand Trianon", which sailed from South Hampton arriving in the colony on 23.8.1858, he was aged 21 years and was a labourer from Richmond Yorkshire Parents listed as John and Mary, father John living in Richmond and mother deceased. His brother Edward was already in the Colony and living at Twofold Bay and he paid one pound for his passage
Henry married Amelia Mitchell of Bega the daughter of Edward Mitchell ( from Cornwell England) and Ann nee Kendall on 7.5.1864 at Back Creek Children;
William born 18 .12.1865, Thomas born 3.7.1867, Ann born 6.8.1872, Joseph born 1876, James born 1879, Alice A, Elizabeth born 1885 and Florence A born 1888.
Henry also conducted church services when a minister wasn't available and he died on 23.1.1911 aged 73 years and Amelia died 1.6.1927 aged 82 years.
O'Neill (Neill) (Neal) Matthew married Margaret nee Dewan and came from Fethard County Tipperary Ireland
Children: Ellenora Neill born 26.11.1809
Patrick Neill born 1 .3.1812
Michael Neill born 17.10.1814
Catherine Neill born 24.4.1817
John Neill born 3.4.1819
James (Jacob) Neill baptised 12.5.1822
Thomas Neill born 14.4.1825
Matthew Neill born 20.10.1827
Edmund Neill born 29.12.1829
Catherine Neill born 24 .9.1831
Simon Neill born 25.10.1835
Simon, Edward and Matthew came to Australia on the "Commodore Perry" and met up with another brother Patrick already living on the Monaro and married Mary Frances Stopp the daughter of George Stopp and Ann nee East on 7 .5.1860.
Children: Margaret born 23.2.1861, married Michael Casey.
Mary Jane born 9.1.1863.
Mary Anne born 17.8.1864 married Edward Carney.
William Matthew born 4.7.1866.
Simon Patrick born 6.6.1868.
James Joseph born 22.7.1870.
Edward George born 23.3.1872.
Joseph John born 30.3.1874.
John Thomas born 4.7.1876.
Frances Ellen born 9.6.1878 married Stephen Lucas.
Ann Mary born 4.8.1881 married John Talbot.
Ada Jane born 13.9.1883 married William Bourke
Sarah born 3.3.1886 married James MacGuire
Thomas Michael born 16.3.1888 married Mary Bridget Berkley.
Simon first took up land at "Thoco" then later returned to Buckinderra where they remained until 1877. After selling this property he lived at Frying Pan near Adaminaby.
Simon died on Thursday 23.7.1918, buried at the Old Adaminaby Cemetery. Frances Mary died 23.9.1926 and also buried at Old Adaminaby Cemetery.
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Rees Joseph married Mary Roach and lived in Milford Haven Wales. They had a son William.
William Rees married Johanna Casey on 14.6.1868 by Father CB Quinn and witnesses were James and Elizabeth Chalker.
Stopp Jacob lived in Islip Oxfordshire England and married Mary. They had a son George born 1814 and married Mary East, born 1815, the daughter of Joseph and Mary East. They were married in Islip England and had 7 children
George and Ann Stopp came to Australia in the ship "James Gibbs" on the 9.6.1849 with four of their children, Mark aged 12 years, George aged 9 years, Frances (Fanny) aged 6 years, and Emma aged 1 year.
Francis married Simon O'Neill from Fethard, Tipperary Ireland .
Ann Stopp died on 18.7.1879 aged 64 at Dry Plains, buried in Cooma.
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 Burgess William Luke was born at Westfield near Brede, Sussex and was a labourer, he married Ann Cramp on the 30.10.1807. They had a son William born 1811 who married Mary Ann Leadbeater in England.
William Burgess was selected as a Bounty Immigrant to work for Charles Campbell owner of a property at Limestone Plains near what is now known as Canberra. He arrived in Sydney on the "Augusta Jessie" on 11.10.1837 aged 26 years, engaged as a farm labourer by C Campbell Limestone Plains for a wage of 25 pounds per year. There is no mention of his wife. We assume that she followed him later. Children born were;
Luke Henry born 1839, John, Sarah who married Henry Larkham, Harriet married John Carpenter and Eliza who married James Hillier. The remaining five children listed as deceased.
Mary Ann Burgess died at North Yass on 23.2.1876 and was aged 70 years, buried at the Church of England Cemetery Yass.
William Burgess died at Yass River on 22.8.1876 aged 67 years.
Luke Henry Burgess married Maria Jane Tate, born 26.7.1842, the daughter of William Tate and Ann Parker, on the 5.12.1864. they had ten children;
William Henry Alfred born 20.9.1865.
John James born 30.9.1866 married Martha Ellen.
William Luke.
Maria Ann born 21 .8.1869 married Matthew Grieves.
Sarah born 24.8.1870 married Henry Radke.
Esther (Ettie) born 4.12.1872 married Robert Grieves.
Alfred born 20.12.1874 married Caroline Shaw.
Edward born 26.10.1876 married Florence Chinnery.
Rachel born 19.12.1877 married Albert Millyn.
Emma born 3.9.1879 married Leo Coplan.
Harry born 12.9.1881 married Emma Stewart.
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Cox John born 18.12.1845 and married Jane Crossley who was born 28.12.1846, Throsby's Creek Burrowa, at St Clement's Church Yass in 1865. John was listed as being a Carrier by profession. They had 10 children;
Elizabeth Cox born 1.11.1865, married Henry Davis , Martha Jane Cox born 14.7.1867, Mary Ann Maria Cox born 7.8.1869 married John Howell, Ester Ada Eliza Cox born 14.12.1871, Emma Rose Etta Cox born 4.4.1877 married George Worthy, John Frederick Cox born 26.7.1879, Jeremiah William Cox born 21.10.1881, Frances Emily Cox born 17.10.1884 and Irina Bridget Cox born c 1898.
John Cox died in 1907.
Jane Cox nee Crossley died 9 July 1922.
Crossley Jeremiah was born in Yorkshire England 16.8.1811. He was sentence on 4.4.1831 for seven years for larceny. Left England 26.1.1832 on board "John" and arrived in Sydney 8.6.1832. He served as a convict under Governor Burke and was assigned to George Macleay at Camden. Jeremiah received his Ticket of Leave on 10.5.1838.
He married Sarah James, the daughter of Samuel James and Ann Bean on 25.5.1840. They first resided at Seven Hills, moved to Throsby's Creek, Burrowa, then to Kangiara and finally to Wargeila. They had 15 children. Jeremiah died on 1 .8.1884 and Sarah died 18.2.1909. 
Monteith Robert John, son of James and Anne sailed from Liverpool to Australia on board the "Matoaka" on 19.10.1856 and arrived in Sydney 22.1.1857, his native place was listed as Carrigens County Donegal Ireland, farm labourer. He was sponsored by Matthew Grieves at Mr Hardy's Yass, paying £5 for his passage. Robert married Emma Smyth. He later became a goaler at Wagga Wagga NSW where he remained until his death 4.3.1876.

Goodwin John married Sarah Seymour and had a daughter Amy Margaret Goodwin who married Arthur John Williamson, the son of Thomas Pye Williamson and Esther Passmore. All listed as coming from the Goulburn area. John Goodwin was a brick maker by trade.
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Passmore John born on the 16th December 1804 in the Parish of St Catherine's Dublin and was christened at Neath Street Dublin by the Rev. Father Gahan. He married Elizabeth Ward on October 1836 in Sydney. Their son John James Passmore was born 17th January 1830 at Murray's Flat near Goulburn. He married Elizabeth Walsh who was born on 14th December 1843 Queenstown, At Goulburn. John James Passmore died on 17th October 1915 at Burrinjuk near Yass.
Pye Joseph married Mary Marsden who was born in 1735, the daughter of William and Ann Marsden. They had a son John born 12.3.1769 and was baptised on 2.5.1769.
John was sentenced at Warwick to 14 years when he complained about the treatment of young boys in a factory. He arrived on the "Brittania" in October 1791. John married Mary Phillips who was also sentenced at Warwick and arrived on the "Mary Anne" in July 1781, in December 1791. John did well in the colony, after his farming activities he became the publican of the "Lamb and Lark" at Baulkham Hills.
Thomas was the son of John Pye and Mary Phillips, and he married Ann Humm , the daughter of Daniel Humm and Mary Hook on 31.7.1821 at St John's ?. Their children were, Thomas born 1833 and married Mary Rigney on 25.7.1855, James Andrew born 1832 and married Sarah Baxter, Sarah Susannah born 17.8.1837 and married David Campbell Williamson, John Daniel Dunsworth born 1841 and married Bridget Rigney.
Joseph and Thomas owned a lot of land and lived at the family homestead "Bunnamagoo", Campbell's River, Bathurst.
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Smyth (Smith) Rebecca daughter of William Macleay and Letitia Miller born c 1803. On the Assisted Immigrants List her native place was listed as Glen Dermot County Derry. Rebecca married Alexander Smyth and children of the first marriage were:
Letitia Jane born c 1828 and married Robert Monteith at Yass in 1852 Robert was from Donegal Ireland and was the goaler at Wagga NSW. He was trained in the Irish Revenue Police , Rebecca born c 1831-2, William born c 1832, Eliza born c 1836, Alexander born c 1840 and James born c 1842.
Rebecca then married Walter Grieves in 1853 in Tyrone before immigrating to Australia on the "Mangerton" leaving Plymouth on 22.4.1855 and arriving here on 29.7.1855 with all the above children and a Matilda Grieves . At this time, Margery and Eliza Grieves were living in Kent Street in Sydney. Also her daughter Rebecca who married Matthew Grieves (Walter's Son) were living in Yass.
Rebecca Snr died at Bango near Yass on 25.6.1883 aged 80 years and had been in the Colony for 28 years.
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Tate William was born in London on 5 .1.1813, his father was a carpenter and his mother's christen name was Esther.
He was transported to Australia on 22.10.1833 sentence for 7 years. William arrived in Sydney on the ship "Surry" on 17.8.1834. His Certificate of Freedom was issued in 1841 after which he settled in Goodradigbee where he rented a farm from John Terry. William married Ann Parker at Yass on 29.3.1843. Ann was the daughter of Charles and Maria Parker and in the early 1800's Ann lived in Westminster London. Ann immigrated to Australia on the ship "Alfred" aged 18 years, a lady's maid.
William and Ann had 7 children;
Maria Jane born 26 July 1842.
Esther Phoebe.
James Alfred Ann Rachel.
Caroline Louisa.
A son and died in infancy.
William Tate died at his home in Church Street Yass on 18.3.1886 aged 73 years. Ann died on 4.6.1911 at Yass.
Worthy George was a master tailor from St Jame's Square in London before coming to Australia. Here he married Jane Farrell in St David's Church, Hobart Tasmania on 15.6.1835. They had a son George who was born 11.10.1836 and christened 31.10.1838. George Jnr moved to the Yass area and purchased land at Gundaroo, which he called "Worthwell", married Miss Frances Thornbutt the adopted daughter of Mr John Butt of Murrumbateman and the daughter of the late Inspector Robert Thorne, who was the head of Police at Wymouth, England.
George and Frances had 9 children;
George married Emma Rose Etta Cox and they had 8 children, George Foster, Lewis Leslie, Gordon Gregory, John Joseph, Horace Henry, Roy Ronald, Ada Isabel and Florence Rosetta.
Phillip, Ada, Ellen Frances, Ann, Jane Priscilla, Ethol, Alice and William
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