The Australian Indoor-Cricket Federation's

National Master's Championship

Adelaide  1998

Windsor Gardens Indoor-Cricket centre, Adelaide, played host to the 1998 Australian Masters Championships.

As a player, I would like to extend my congratulations and thanks to all the staff at Windsor Gardens for a job very well done.

Once again, this tournament lived up to its excellent reputation as a highly competitive and keenly contested meeting of some of the better, and older, players of indoor-cricket in Australia. Amongst the usual quota of torn muscles and broken bones, the camaraderie and skills once again shone through.

Friendships formed between players from all States must surely be the backbone of this tournament, and I urge all senior players of this great game to give serious consideration to joining us next year.

And to ALL players who participated (yes, even the Victorians ;), my thanks and congratulations.....and we'll see you all again in '99.

The Champions

Over 30 Men


Grand Final: Queensland 134 def. South Australia 50
Player of the Grand Final: Garry Pryde (Queensland) Player of the Series: Brad Zeller (Queensland)
Over 30 Women


Grand Final: New South Wales 147 def. Queensland 96
Player of the Grand Final: Katrina Middlebrook (N.S.W.) *Player of the Series: Joy Voss (Tasmania) Andrea McCauley (South Australia) Katrina Middlebrook (N.S.W.) * A three-way tie!!!
Over 35 Men


Grand Final: Queensland 155 def. Victoria 99
Player of the Grand Final: Laurie Horn (Queensland) Player of the Series: Col Robinson (Victoria)
Over 40 Men


Grand Final: Queensland 133 def. New South Wales 93
Player of the Grand Final: Phil Drescher (Queensland) *Player of the Series: Peter Neville (Victoria) Barry Reynolds (Queensland) * A two-way tie!!!
 All Australian Over 30 Men  			All Australian Over 30 Women
 Rob Boiston  Qld  				Carolyn Dittmar SA
 Lee Cox  SA   					Glenda Hall  Qld
 Ken Farley  NSW   				Andrea McCauly SA
 Ian Gatherer  NSW   				Katrina Middlebrook NSW
 Dave Harwood Qld   				Donna McCrenor Qld
 Colin O'Brien  Qld   				Sally Moffat  NSW
 Gary Pryde  Qld   				Leane Panzram Qld
 Merv Rudrum  WA   				Sue Rose  Vic
 Colin Tuckwell SA   				Joy Voss  Tas
 Brad Zeller  Qld   				Leanne Zishcke Qld
 Coach: Steve Wilson  Qld   			Coach: David O'Keefe  NSW

 All Australian Over 40 Men  			All Australian Over 35 Men
 Jeff Amos  Qld   				Brett Cooper  Vic
 Graham Cannon NSW   				Ross Gregory  Vic
 Phil Drescher  Qld   				Mark Haywood ACT
 Adrian Knell  Qld   				David Hirning  Qld
 Frank Lee  WA   				David Lewis  WA
 Peter Neville  Vic   				Chris Moran  NSW
 Steve Opray  Qld   				Gordon Nicholson Qld
 Jack Pryor  SA   				Darryl O'Sullivan Qld
 Phil Reardon  NSW   				John Rheinberger Qld
 Barry Reynolds Qld   				Col Robinson  Vic
 Coach: Peter Donaldson  Qld   			Coach:   Rod Jenkins Qld

All-Australian Selectors Over 30 Women Over 30 Men Ray Matchett Vic Terry Rankin SA Paul O'Sullivan Qld Warren Jones NSW Bev Johnston Tas Steve Wilson Qld Over 35 Men Over 40Men Rod Jenkins Qld Peter Donaldson Qld Shane Board Vic Peter Neville Vic David Lewis WA Rod Chillcott WA
Full game-by-game results and actual qualifying-round premiership tables will be posted soon....and as soon as I can, I'll have some photos on here.

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