Eschenwald Ice Dancer

Blaze is Aust Ch Eschenwald Shades O'Grey's sister and is resident in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory where we hope she will star in harness.

Eschenwald Eagles Wing ("Vega")
Sire: A/Ch Icepower Merlin
Dam: A/Ch Iceflo Mywiked Wikedway

Eschenwald Eagles Wing ... Vega won his first Best of Breed at the tender age of 7 months, relegating his old man to Runner Up. A real chip off the old block, he is very typical of the type Quin is producing in his sons. Vega lives with and runs the life of Greg Erceg here in Western Australia.

Eschenwald Baileys Irish ("Bailey")

Another of Quin's sons in his image, Bailey is resident in Tasmania with Melissa Harper.

Eschenwald Blue Hawaii ("Cochise")

Cochise is a litter brother to Bailey. He lives with Charlie and Lisa Pryor here in Western Australia.

Eschenwald TheSoothsayer ("Morgan")

Morgan has graciously allowed Paul Humphries and Deanna Baker of Albany, Western Australia, to cater to her every whim. Here she is playing in her very own personal sandpit!