Here in Western Australia and elsewhere in the country there is a myth being perpetuated that there is a rare recognised breed called the "Siberian Snow Wolf". Such a breed DOES NOT EXIST and is the tool of unscrupulous people to drag in the gullible puppy buying public.

Wondering what "Siberian Snow Wolves" were, we rang one advertiser "breeder" who advised us that they were actually white German Shepherds which were registrable as Snow Wolves and you can exhibit them in the show ring in another State of Australia but just not in Western Australia. When we advised them that the whole of Australia runs under the same set of breed standards, that a breed called "Siberian Snow Wolves" is not a recognised breed either anywhere in Australia or overseas, and that they were giving false information to the public laying themselves open to prosecution, we were sworn at and hung up on.

Acquaintances have since been asked to identify "wolves" which turned out to be crosses between Alaskan Malamutes and/or Siberian Huskes and "snow wolves", and because of our connection with Siberian Huskies, we have been asked on several occasions by people who want to know what "siberian snow wolves" are because they have met people who have them and they are wondering if there is a connection.

The colour "white" is a disqualification under the breed standard of the German Shepherd Dog. As such, white GSDs can only be registered in Australia on the "associate" register (ie not on the main pure bred register) and as a disqualified colour they should NEVER be bred from.

"White Shepherds" are not a recognised breed here in Australia. The decision not to recognise "White Shepherds" was made on 3 May 2001 by the Australian National Kennel Council.

Folks, its obvious these people are just after money and care nothing about the damage they are doing to the reputations and preservation of the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd Dog breeds. Please do not support them.

This page is produced in an effort to educate and protect the puppy buying public.