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Last updated 22/09/04

The 2004 Reunion is on! For further information, please go to reunion page.

We started at Doubleview Primary School in 1962 in Grade One and finished Grade Seven in 1968. It was a huge school at the time, over 1000 students! As ex students, we have all moved on in many different paths. Reunions over the years have been very successful and have proved that as a student body, most of us really did like each other! This site is designed to help us keep in touch, reminisce  and see what happened to each other. It can also be used to download pictures that you might like or are missing from your collection.

Some of the graphics are a little large and take a while to download. They could have been made smaller\faster but the print quality of the images would have suffered. The larger files can be printed at a good resolution, and on quality paper look almost as good as the original. Maiden names of the girls have been used in the photos.

Many thanks to those who have contributed material to this site.

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School Song
(How many can still remember it?)

Stout hearts pioneered our country,
Toiled from dawn until the dark,
Fought against great adversity,
Kindled a flame from a spark,
Now our duty is to follow,
Keeping faith with all they gave.
We salute their integrity,
And that spirit we'll save,
You will see us in the hall of fame,
Bright our banner, blue and gold.
Ours will always be a worthy name,
When our story is re-told,
Fortune follows the brave and strong,
Loyalty be our rule.
Lift our voices in joyous song,
Doubleview our school.

Mr John Byrom. ( 1958 )

Please contact Neil Harvey if you can contribute anything of interest eg. photos, articles, your profile.