Drippy's Head in a heart

Welcome to Drippy Dragon.com the official site of Drippy the Dragon and Mr Jim from Perth Western Australia.

Here at about fun entertainment the Drippy Dragon show is our number one show. It’s also the main one we use for major family events, kindies, pre-schools and anything that might involve under 5’s (Although I regularly perform the show for birthdays up to 8 yr olds and it works great).

The show is made up of short, fun segments that are not only really entertaining and funny, but are designed to let the entire audience participate as well. Drippy is a very cute dragon puppet who is a bit cheeky and mischievous and manages to get Mr Jim doing all sorts of funny things. We sing songs, tell jokes and even make a spectacular balloon sculpture while Drippy creates his own little world of uncontrollable mayhem.

Very often people say to me afterwards that they would not have believed that one person could keep a group of littlies spellbound for 45 minutes and glued to the show. I guess it's why we love to drop in.

drippy dragon with balloons

Video & Information

If you would like to see a little bit of Drippy and Mr Jim in action and find out how the show is presented in your type of venue or event please browse around the rest of the site. There are also some comments from our clients as well as free birthday party invites to download. To contact us please use the links at the bottom of any page or click on contact us to get a quote or more information. Thanks for dropping by, Mr Jim.

You can also be freinds with Drippy on Facebook. Go to facebook by clicking on the small red pic below.